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Secret to Successful Patient Education Results


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Learn the secret to successful patient education and how to incorporate it into your care team workflow. This presentation is derived from the Patient Educators Update Episode 39 with Fran London MS, RN, author of No Time to Teach and Chuck Jones with Synergy Broadcast and MMDS the Medical Media Delivery System, Video on Demand for Patient Education.

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Secret to Successful Patient Education Results

  1. 1. Secret to Successful Patient Education Results How to Build Patient Knowledge
  2. 2. Here’s the Problem ● Patients only understand 50% of what their doctor tells them. ● 60% of patients don’t understand an upcoming procedure or treatment.
  3. 3. Contributing Factors 1. Most patients don’t understand basics of biology or general medicine. 2. Doctors uses jargon and medical terms. 3. Doctors may speak too quickly. 4. Patients may be anxious, embarrassed or very emotional and not able to focus.
  4. 4. What’s the Secret? Layering or building the patient’s knowledge one step at a time.
  5. 5. Medicine is Complex ● This makes it more difficult for the patient. ● They must absorb intellectual information, learn new skills and deal with an emotional component in a very short time. ● Health professionals must be sensitive to this and work as a team to help the patient.
  6. 6. Our Memories Fail Us ● Very few remember everything. ● Key...grab onto little bits of information and build on that. ● Care Team must do mini assessments with each patient interaction to see where they are and move them closer to the goal.
  7. 7. Use Teach Back Questions ● Do you know why you are in the hospital? ● Tell me what you know about... ● How would you explain this to your (spouse, friend, brother, sister...) ● How do you feel about your situation? ● What are your biggest concerns about ___? ● What would you do if _____ happens?
  8. 8. Integrate into Care Team Workflow 1. Documentation. 2. Have an education record for every patient. 3. Care Team members must update progress and issues with every interaction. 4. Review progress often to ensure patient stays on track.
  9. 9. The Secret... ● Find the patient’s base of knowledge using teach back. ● Build on their knowledge by helping them learn using discussions, handouts and video. ● Document issues and progress. ● Communicate with Care Team. ● Discharge a Happy Patient!
  10. 10. Brought to you by... Patient Educators Update and Synergy Broadcast Systems 800-601-6991 Medical Media Delivery System for Video on Demand Patient Education