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Burglar alarm ppt

u can find The Working Principle on You Tube. click the link given below:

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Burglar alarm ppt

  1. 1. Project On Burglar Alarm ByO You tube : Angel SynthiyaO FB: synthiyaislam@gmail.comO University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
  2. 2. ObjectiveO Burglar alarms are automatic home monitoring devices to monitor and alert in case of a burglary attempt at that place - house or a commercial place.O Our objective is to ensure security of property using our device.
  3. 3. ComponentsO 9V battery with snapO LDRO Variable resistance 100K ohmsO Resistance 470 ohmsO LEDO IC 555O Breadboard
  4. 4. Components
  5. 5. Circuit Diagram
  6. 6. Simplified Circuit Diagram
  7. 7. Working Principle
  8. 8. Practical Circuit
  9. 9. ConclusionO Home security is rapidly growing field and there are new & improved burglar alarms popping up everyday.O With rapid advancement of technology the filled is turning out to be an area full of scope and new changes can be made to make it’s more efficient.O It has years to come, because security is of prime importance to one and all.
  10. 10. Thank You!!!