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Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION• IPC is a process of both persons creating and sharing meaning simultaneously. Source- receiver Encoding- Competence decoding ELEMENTS Message Ethics Channels Noise Contexts
  3. 3. Partner A : Since I’ve moved to Kampar, this is my first time having McDonald’s here. I am really sick of having delivery food and Chinese food everyday.(Source and encoder)Partner B : If you like to eat McDonald’s, I will bring you here anytime you want. I’m willing to be your loyal driver.(Receiver and decoder)
  4. 4. Partner A : (Smiling) (Nonverbal: facial expressions) Huh? Are you happy to see me putting on more weight and look like a pig?Partner B : (Laughing) Then, I have to call you Piggy instead.
  5. 5. Partner A: (Pinching Partner B) (Nonverbal: Touch communication) How dare you call me like that!! I don’t care. I want you to teach me play basketball. (To learn) I want to lose weight. Okay?
  6. 6. Partner B: (Yawning) Ouch…It’s painful. Okay! Okay! So, can you stop pinching me? (Nonverbal: Paralanguage) I will teach you tomorrow morning. Make sure you’re well prepared tomorrow. Don’t run like turtle when you’re dribbling the ball and I’m quite sure that you are unable to jump when you’re shooting the ball because of your heavy body. Ha Ha. (To play)
  7. 7. Partner A:(Looking at partner B, showing her angry face and started to be silent)(Nonverbal: eyes contact, facial expressions and silence)[ 3 minutes later ]
  8. 8. Partner B : Hello.. Why are you so quiet already?Partner A continued to be in silence.Partner B : Opps.. I’m sorry. Don’t get angry with me. I’m so sorry. I’m willing to accept my punishment. (To relate)Partner A : I can’t hear what you’re talking about.(Noise)Partner B :( Holding partner A’s hand and trying to hit on his hand)Beat me! Beat me!(To relate by nonverbal message)
  9. 9. • Able to express our feelings, opinion and understanding correctly towards each other.• Face to face is more effective than CMC• Inevitable, irreversible and unrepeatable.• Sustains relationship
  10. 10. Principle of irreversible Choose right contextBecompetence