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- We introduce WeARHand, which allows a user to manipulate virtual 3D objects with a bare hand in a wearable augmented reality (AR) environment. Our method uses no environmentally tethered tracking devices and localizes a pair of near-range and far-range RGB-D cameras mounted on a head-worn display and a moving bare hand in 3D space by exploiting depth input data. Depth perception is enhanced through egocentric visual feed-back, including a semi-transparent proxy hand. We implement a virtual hand interaction technique and feedback approaches, and evaluate their performance and usability. The proposed method can apply to many 3D interaction scenarios using hands in a wearable AR environment, such as AR information brows-ing, maintenance, design, and games.

- T. Ha, S. Feiner, and W. Woo, “WeARHand: Head-Worn, RGB-D Camera-Based, Bare-Hand User Interface with Visually Enhanced Depth Perception,” ISMAR (S&T), pp. 219-228, 2014.

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  1. 1. WeARHand
  2. 2. • Hand-based interaction Concept video, Meta and Atheer VUZIX EPSON INTEL GOOGLE
  3. 3. Fiducial markers on hand B. Thomas et al., VR 02 V. Buchmann et al., CG&IT 04 Sensors on wrist D. Kim et al., UIST 12 G. Park et al., HCII 14 Fixed camera setting S. Corbett-Davies et al., VR 13 T. Piumsomboon et al., IVC 11 Predefined hand posture T. Lee et al., ISWC 07 Image/camera coordinate-based M. Tosas et al., ECCV Workshop 04 P. Mistry et al., SIGGRAPH ASIA 09 Leap Motion VR Development, 14
  4. 4. Object behind a hand appears to be in front Object behind a hand cannot be seen
  5. 5. without tethered tracking devices • Depth perception a semi-transparent proxy hand Semi-transparent proxy hand Virtual hand is rendered in local reference coordinates Distant object
  6. 6. Color image point clouds Hand and 3D 3D hand position segmentation and detection RGB-D cameras capture color and depth-map images User wears HWD with near and far-range RGB-D cameras Hand and camera pose Commands Hand gestures generate manipulation commands Local reference coordinates are set in real space Visual feedback for hands and environment User’s hand movement Display Start End
  7. 7. Near-range RGB-D camera Long-range RGB-D camera Detect hand and close-up occlusion Support occlusion and shadowing of more distant objects y z Origin Physical world ≠ Camera virtual world Determine correct scale relationship
  8. 8. Hole filling Largest contour extraction Radial-shaped weighting Distance-transformed image Palm
  9. 9. Ideal Image coordinates Observed Image Camera coordinates coordinates Back-projection 3D hand position based on real-world coordinates Real hand Virtual hand 1 2 3D hand position in camera coordinates Virtual hand 4 Rendering 3 Virtual hand mapping (푥, 푦) XI YI Xc Yc Zc (푥푐 , 푦푐 , 푧푐 ) (푥푤, 푦푤, 푧푤) Yw Xw Zw
  10. 10. 1. Image to camera coordinate system s 푥 푦 1 = 퐾 푥푐 푦푐 푧푐 1 = 푓푥 0 0 0 푐푥 0 푓푦 푐푦 0 0 1 0 푥푐 푦푐 푧푐 1 = 푓푥푥푐 + 푐푥 푧푐 푓푦푥푐 + 푐푦푧푐 푧푐 푥푐 = 푥 − 푐푥 )푧푐 푓푥 , 푦푐 = 푦 − 푐푦 )푧푐 푓푦 , 푧푐 = depth map value Ideal Image coordinates Image coordinates Camera coordinates Back-projection 3D hand position in camera coordinates (푥, 푦) Xi Yi Xc Yc Zc (푥푐 , 푦푐 , 푧푐 )
  11. 11. 2. Camera to world coordinate system 푃푊 = 푥푤 푦푤 푧푤 1 = λ푇푊푡표퐶 −1 푥푐 푦푐 푧푐 1 Correct scale relationship between physical and virtual worlds λ = 퐷푣푖푟푡푢푎푙 = 푐푎푚푒푟푎 푡표 표푟푖푔푖푛 푖푛 푣푖푟푡푢푎푙 푠푐푎푙푒 푢푛푖푡푠 퐷푟푒푎푙 = 푐푎푚푒푟푎 푡표 표푟푖푔푖푛 푖푛 푟푒푎푙 푠푐푎푙푒 푢푛푖푡푠 Camera coordinates 3D hand position based on real-world coordinates Xc Yc Zc (푥푐 , 푦푐 , 푧푐 ) (푥푤, 푦푤, 푧푤) Yw Xw Zw Virtual world scale ≠ Physical world scale
  12. 12. 3. Virtual hand mapping AR version of VR hand interaction technique, HOMER* 푃푉 = 퐶 + 휔 ∙ 퐷푊 ∙ 퐷푂푏푗 퐷퐼푛푖푡 ∙ 푃푊 − 퐶 푃푊 − 퐶 Distance Direction Gestures generate input commands with user’s bare hand: Virtual hand 푃푊 Yw Xw Zw 푃푉 Camera Real hand 퐶 Grasping state (visible hand, but no visible finger) Releasing state (visible finger) Distant object Virtual hand HOMER * D. Bowman et al., “HOMER: Hand-centered Object Manipulation Extending Ray-casting technique,” I3D 1997
  13. 13. • Semi-transparent visualization for hand Environmental occlusion Shadow Distance HWD Grasping * S. Zhai et al., “Investigating The ‘Silk Cursor’: Transparency for 3D Target Acquisition,” CHI 1994.
  14. 14. • Occlusion, semi-transparent grey shadows, and guidelines • Voxels of distant physical objects in the environment are transparently rendered with relatively larger voxels • Semi-transparent grey shadows • Horizontal and vertical virtual guidelines Dynamic environment
  15. 15. <-#Frame
  16. 16. * * * * * * * * * *: p<0.05
  17. 17. • •