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Taiwan Startup Stadium: The First Two Months

Taiwan Startup Stadium is here! Though an official grand opening will be held after renovations are completed at Zhongshan Soccer Stadium in Taipei early next year, TSS has already moved in to its temporary HQ and begun launching its domestic and international initiatives, including Accelerator Bootcamp for startups applying to overseas accelerators, community outreach with local Taiwan startup ecosystem partners, and international outreach opportunities for startups.

Here's what the first two months at TSS have looked like!

Taiwan Startup Stadium: The First Two Months

  1. 1. The First Two MonthsMay/June 2015
  2. 2. Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS, 台灣新創 競技場) was created under HeadStart, an initiative of Taiwan’s National Development Council. The mission of TSS is to encourage & support Taiwan’s startups to reach global markets, and to connect international entrepreneurs with Taiwan’s growing startup ecosystem. About TSS In early 2016, TSS will officially open after renovations are completed at the former Zhongshan Soccer Stadium at Flora Expo Park. The connection between sports & startups is deeply embedded in TSS branding, recognizing the importance of competitiveness, persistence, teamwork, and speed. Stadium rendering: Google Earth
  3. 3. Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) brand announced, name & logo unveiled Pre-Launch TSS website & social media launch 4/21, attracting 1000+ Facebook fans in 24h
  4. 4. TSS opens temporary HQ, begins 2015 programming May: A New Home Recruitment begins for first program: Accelerator Bootcamp
  5. 5. 10 teams complete 2-week TSS Accelerator Bootcamp, incl. mock applications & interviews by Kai-fu Lee & Wayne Huang June: Programs Kick Off TSS announces ROCK the MIC, will select 4 teams to exhibit at RISE Conference 7/31-8/1
  6. 6. Year One Focus: Building Global Trajectories Accelerators Work  with  overseas  accelerator  partners  &  build   programs  to:   • Increase  #  of  applicants   • Increase  %  of  teams  accepted   • Reduce  $$  burden  of  overseas  stay Mentors Connect  Founders  League  &  Industry  Advisors   with  startups  to:   • Share  overseas  experience   • Offer  go-­‐to-­‐market  guidance   • Provide  industry  expertise  in  diverse  areas Investors / Angels Collaborate  with  local  and  international   investment  partners  to:   • Attract  &  inject  new  funding  sources   • Achieve  higher  hit  %   • Increase  deal  sizes
  7. 7. 2015-2016 Programs Direct programming will fall under 8 key areas, and will be rolled out gradually over 2015 and 2016 leading up to the grand opening of TSS at Zhongshan Soccer Stadium. Additional Year One objectives include international marketing & PR on behalf of both TSS and the Taiwan startup ecosystem as a whole.
  8. 8. „Coach teams to apply for 10+ accelerators in U.S., Europe & Asia
 through 2-week Accelerator Bootcamp „USD $20,000 subsidy to sponsor 90-day overseas immersions „Opportunities to join international roadshows *Exclusive support LOI signed with most partners above Top U.S. Accelerators Asia Accelerators Accelerators Top U.S. Accelerators Europe/Asia Accelerators
  9. 9. 54 Teams Applied 10 Teams Completed Bootcamp
  10. 10. Mock Interviews with Wayne Huang & Kai-fu Lee Bootcamp Programming Learning from Accelerator Partners & Alumni
  11. 11. • Networking Workshop • Final 3 Live Pitch & Onstage Interviews Bootcamp Closing Night
  12. 12. Bootcamp Squad 1: Ready to go global!
  13. 13. „ Raise investment attention/awareness toward TW start-ups „ Bridge technology/product synergies among portfolio companies Early stage institutional investment partners NDC national fund partners (US$104M for 5 VCs, more to come) Investment Partnerships
  14. 14. *Exclusive support LOI signed with all partners above Corporate Partnerships TSS corporate partners have signed on to provide needed services & support to startups
  15. 15. 1:1 advisory + office hours + founders talks Mentorship
  16. 16. • Alvin Woon – Founder, Co-founder, Plurk (international) • Bruce Chen – Co-founder, Installments (Silicon Valley) • Chaming Chang & Jamy Lin – Chairman & GM, Sunfun Info/iPartment (China, Taiwan) • Charles Chin – Co-founder & CEO, WritePath (international) • Ching-Mei Chen – Co-founder, PicCollage (Taipei/international) • Chris Lin – Co-founder & CEO, KKBOX • Cjin Cheng – Venture Partner, 500 Startups (international) • Duck Hsieh & Dave Chien – Founder & Co-founder, Gixia • David Chiou – CEO, Groundhog Technologies (international) • Jake Lin – PebbleWatch (Silicon Valley) • Jeff Kuo – Co-founder & CEO, Gogolook (Asia) • John Fan – CEO & Co-founder, PicCollage (San Francisco/Taipei) • Kai Huang – Co-founder & CEO, RedOctane/Guitar Hero (Silicon Valley) • Kevin Chen – Founder & Executive Director, Eliv International (Southeast Asia, Taiwan) • Mark Sung – Founder & CEO, Zillians (international) • Max Huang – Partner, International Date Line Capital (China, Taiwan) • Paul Wu – Founder, Gmobi (Southeast Asia, emerging market) • Peter Yen – Co-founder & CEO, Pinkoi • Royce YC Hong – CEO & Big Head of Design , IPEVO (U.S. market) • Steven Ho – Founder & Chairman, Nine-Yi Capital (Asia, Taiwan) • Victor Shen – Co-founder & Ex-CTO, Ubitus • Victor Wu – CEO, Vpon (Taiwan, China) • Wayne Huang – Founder & CEO, Armorize (Silicon Valley, Taiwan) • Weiting Liu – Co-founder & CEO, Codementor (international) • Wretch Chien – Founder, (Silicon Valley) Mentorship: Founders League
  17. 17. • Akio Tanaka – Co-founder & Managing Partner, Infinity Ventures (Pan Asia) • Ben Tsiang – Co-founder, CNEX / Co-founder, SINA (greater China) • Bryan Yao – Co-founder & COO, Fast Track Project Management Services • C.K. Cheng – U.S. GM, Acorn Pacific Ventures (Silicon Valley) • CY Tan – Leads the PayPal and Braintree • Jerry Yang – Partner, Hardware Club • Kai-Fu Lee – CEO & Founder, Innovation Works (Greater China) • Lee-Feng Chien – MD, Google Taiwan • Matt Cheng – Founder & Managing Partner, Cherubic Ventures • Phil Chen – CCO, HTC • Pijan Wu – Partner, LCS Law Firm (Taipei & international) • Ping Chu – Co-Founder, Forward Taiwan (entrepreneurship) • Rose Tsou – SVP & MD, Yahoo! APAC (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia) • William Bao Bean – Investment Parner, SOS Ventures (China & pan Asia) • Yee-Ming Tan – Co-founder, Forward Taiwan (leadership coach) Mentorship: Industry Advisors
  18. 18. Premier Mao Visit „ Received updates on TSS programming „ Special guest: Dave McClure of 500 Startups
  19. 19. 5/20 TSS at Bnext MeetTaipei 5/1 TSS Mentors Mixer 6/13-14 TSS & Hackathon Taiwan 6/26 Investors Mixer Community Outreach 6/1 Web Summit Founder Mixer @TSS
  20. 20. International Outreach TSS at Echelon Asia 2015, Singapore
  21. 21. Attracting Overseas Entrepreneurs Landing  Support  @TSS • Entrepreneur visa (1+2 years) • Working space • Recruiting support • Links to startup ecosystem • Networking • Local entity registration, legal, financial service set-up support Why Taiwan? „ $$$ Funding. NDC national fund injecting US$400M into early stage investment thru global VC partners „ Engineering talents. Solid training, global stack, stable/loyal (ref: Google Taiwan 300+ ppl team driving global Chrome & Android development) „ Plan ahead for IoT. Long hardware reputation & complete ecosystem here (ref: Tesla, Pebble Watch, GoPro have built parts of their products in Taiwan. Nest is now setting up its first & only Asia center in Taiwan recruiting Nest Labs talents http:// „ Lower burn rate: rent, payroll, living costs, world’s best national health insurance plan
  22. 22. More information Taiwan Startup Stadium @Startup_Stadium @startup_stadium Taiwan Startup Stadium or 台灣新創競技場