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New business plan


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New business plan

  1. 1. Presentation onA New Business Plan
  2. 2. IntroductionMd. Tanvir Hossain (UG01-23-10-012)A.S.M. Sayem (UG01-23-10-021)Syed Ashraful Imran (UG01-23-10-008)Tasnim Akter (UG01-23-10-014)Hisham Bin Mustafa (UG01-23-10-018)
  3. 3. Business Plan: Introduction• Product Name: Synchronodes• Organization Name: Ampere Inc.• Name of the Principals: Md. Tanvir Hossain ASM Sayem Syed Ashraful Imran Tasnim Akter Hisham Bin Mustafa
  4. 4. Business Plan: Introduction• Type of Business: Partnership Business• Type of Company: Foundation Company comprising of around 100 employees, expecting a minimal revenue of Tk. 20lakhs per annum• Product Purpose: Automated Power Controller through sensor or detector to save electricity
  5. 5. Electricity Sector in Bangladesh Bangladesh per capita generation is 220 KW hr which is comparatively lower than other developed countries in the world Nevertheless, Bangladesh is progressing through a phase of development where automation is the key to its economy and business Installed electric generation capacity: 6,658 MW Only three-fourth of which is considered to be available Only 47% of the population has access to electricity
  6. 6. Electricity Sector in Bangladesh Installed capacity (Feb 2011): 6,658 MW Derated generation capacity: 5,480 MW Generation: 3,900-4,300 MW Maximum generation (Feb 2011): 4,699 MW Peak demand: 5,800 MW Access to electricity: 47% Per capita generation: 220 KW hr Surveys show nearly 14% of electricity is consumed unintended, i.e. as waste
  7. 7. Problems in the Sector Corruption in administration High system losses Delays in completion of new plants Low plant efficiencies Erratic power supply Electricity theft Blackouts Shortages of funds for power plant maintenance
  8. 8. Projected Electricity Demand and Supply (Yearwise)
  9. 9. Need RecognitionAs Bangladesh is not generating electricity upto the mark, there must be a way to reducethe crisis all over the country; there must be anew way for saving electricity which is wastedunnecessarily
  10. 10. Idea GenerationSaving the wasted power in a way so that itcan be distributed to other places andmoreover the project must be affordable todominant group of customersUsing a system that can automatically controlthe redundant consumption of power
  11. 11. New Product Development• Using sensors such a way that would ideally switch on/off a room’s power supply if someone passes through it• It would have control upon all sorts of light, fans, air-conditioner, refrigerator and other appliances• Customers shall have other option if they require not to use this service during specific time
  12. 12. Ampere Inc.
  13. 13. Why Synchronodes? Power Saving up to 14% Shrinking unintentional wastage of electricity Lessening Electricity bill Reduce power crisis and load shedding Saved power can be delivered elsewhere Social and Economic benefit of Bangladesh
  14. 14. • Mission: Saving unnecessary consumption of Electricity• Vision: Generating and distributing power all over the country with proper stability• Slogan: “It’s all about wise electricity”• Logo:
  15. 15. PEST Analysis Political Ampere Inc. company and its employees are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the country Obey the current government and regularity agencies It’s all about wise electricity
  16. 16. PEST Analysis EconomicThe company pays heed to the consumers’ buying power, and thus it will keep its product price at an affordable rate It’s all about wise electricity
  17. 17. PEST Analysis SocialAmpere Inc. is committed to providing branded products and services which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality, and which are safe for their intended use keeping social concerns into account It’s all about wise electricity
  18. 18. PEST Analysis TechnologicalThe firm will work on the basis of sound science and technology, applying rigorous standards of product safety It’s all about wise electricity
  19. 19. Market Segmentation Residence and Corporate and Office Buildings Social Class, Standard of Living and Income Target Customer: Upper and Middle Social Class Service Pack 1 Service Pack 2 Service Pack 3 Units: <400 Units: 400+ Units: 2000+ Tk. 10,000 -12,600 Tk. 17,000 -20,000 Tk. 30,000 +
  20. 20. Why would customer buy? Service Pack 1 saves around Tk. 720 of electricity bill monthly, according to the rates of Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited Service Pack 2 saves above Tk. 1000 of monthly electricity bill Service Pack 3 saves above Tk. 4500 of monthly electricity bill
  21. 21. How will it work? Placing Lasers/ Infrared/ Detector/ Sensor on both sides of a door or pass way Fixing it at a straight line and keeping a height of at least 3ft from the ground
  22. 22. How will it work? Connection to Power Supply As someone intersects the active lasers, the receiver will send impulse to the connected appliances, thus turning it off or on consecutively
  23. 23. Production Plan: Requirements Energy Saving Bulbs 220V/ 240V Transformer 12V DC (battery) Capacitors (2200µF) JK Flip Flop IC (7473) Laser Lights/ Infrared/ Detector/ Micro-controller Motion Sensor Cable & Wire Sockets and Plugs Circuit Board
  24. 24. Company’s Operation Take Order (Directly/ Websites) Provide required product according to room designs Setting up the circuit After-sale Service Warranty (2years) Hotline (01711AMPERE)
  25. 25. SWOT Analysis: Strength• New Business Idea• New Technology• Purposeful & Affordable• Significant change in Power Sector• No Competitors• Low Labor Cost• Low Operational Cost
  26. 26. SWOT Analysis: Weakness• Open to all risks and threats• No substitute product• No alternate option• Technological disabilities• Sole Marketer• No Network• Company at its initial stage
  27. 27. SWOT Analysis: Opportunities• First time in Bangladesh• Widespread in all regions of the country• Competitive Advantage• Monopoly Business• Economic Benefit• Social Benefit• Eliminate electricity mishaps from the country
  28. 28. SWOT Analysis: Threats• Possibility of rapid market capture by competitors• Government involvement• Narrow market segment• Young Innovators and Management• High Start-up costs
  29. 29. Marketing Plan• Pricing: Market- skimming Strategy• Distribution: Local Dealers Own Outlets• Promotion: Advertising (TVCs, Billboards, Newspapers) Viral Marketing Online Marketing• Control: Feedback (Direct Customers, After-sale Service )
  30. 30. It’s better to light up the party room while keeping the others darker for ghosts…!!! It’s all about wise electricity
  31. 31. We understand very well…the one you need… It’s all about wise electricity
  32. 32. Financial Plan (upon assumption)• Population(Dhaka): 2.5 crore• No. of Families: 500,000 (approx.)• Market Segment: 40% of 500,000= 200,000 (Social Class)• Customers we expect: 7% of 200,000=14,000• Assuming we sell 30 products per month Service Pack 1 Service Pack 2 Service Pack 3 10 pcs @ 10 pcs @ 10 pcs @ = Tk. 5,70,000 Tk.10,000 Tk.17,000 Tk.30,000
  33. 33. Financial Plan• Revenue: Tk. 5,70,000 per monthWe pretend that 35% of expenses go by as Cost of Production and more 20% is the marketing and misc. expenses We assume to take the benefit of tax holiday at the initial stage of our business• Profit: 45% of Tk.5,70,000=Tk.2,56,500 /month• Profit/year: Tk.3,078,000
  34. 34. Future Outlook and Plans• Stabilize electricity sector of Bangladesh• Capture all the districts within short time• Plan to provide Synchronodes to all houses, offices, organizations, institutions, business, etc.• Assure moderate power consumption• Work on other sectors related to power and energy• Co-branding (if necessary)• Innovation
  35. 35. Illuminating Bangladesh It’s all about wise electricity
  36. 36. Illuminating BangladeshVisit us: www. It’s all about wise electricity