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Negative effects of Facebook Use


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How Facebook affects you personally (Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, CyberStalking, Narcissism, Schizophrenia) and professionally (FB profile checked by boss before hiring)

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Negative effects of Facebook Use

  1. 1.  Facebook and it’s increasing importance  Reasons NOT to trust Facebook  Privacy Loopholes  Privacy Breach  Conspiracy Theory  How Overuse and Careless Use of FB Leads to:  Personal Problems  Professional Problems  Take-Aways
  2. 2. FACEBOOK- QUICK FACTS  Social Networking Service started in 2004.  Founders: Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates Eduardo Saverin,Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and Chief Executive of Facebook, Inc.
  3. 3. As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users with 2.5 million new users being added every day.
  4. 4. The Ramu Rampage  Quintessence of how: • careless sharing of information (and/or) easy manipulation of Facebook can cause national-level crisis.
  5. 5. “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” - Albert Einstein
  6. 6. Reasons Not to Trust Facebook Privacy Loopholes  The C.E.O. has been accused of indulging in selling off user private information  FB repeatedly describes its corporate culture as “the hacker way”
  7. 7. Evolution of Privacy on Facebook
  8. 8. Privacy Breach  Girls, in particular, fall prey to malice unleashed by ex- boyfriends or random stalkers.  Fake profiles, hate groups and defamatory pages easily created by downloading the profile pictures.
  9. 9.  As of 2012, 83 million fake accounts.
  10. 10.  Conspiracy Theories - Facebook is CIA-Funded Data-Mining Project Reasons Not to Trust Facebook
  11. 11. Bangladesh Government closely monitors Facebook  FB Ban on May 29, 2010 over satirical images of the PM - perpetrator sentenced to 7 years imprisonment
  12. 12. Personal Detriments Due to Over-Use of Facebook  CyberPsychological Disorders -Narcissism -Depression -Delusion/Schizophrenia  Procrastination  Stalking  Relationship Problems  Privacy Breach -Blackmail -Maligning
  13. 13. CyberPsychological Disorders: Narcissism  Research from Western Illinois University revealed Narcissism is associated with those who have large numbers of Facebook friends  More self-absorbed and self- centered.  Gives birth to fakeego.
  14. 14. CyberPsychological Disorders: Schizophrenic Delusion
  15. 15. CyberPsychological Disorders: Depression
  16. 16. Procrastination  People tend to overestimate the importance of Facebook
  17. 17. Relationship Problems Due to Facebook  A great platform for relationship deceits  Fuels jealousy and suspicion in romantic relationships
  18. 18. Relationship Problems Due to Facebook  Divorce attorneys say Facebook flirtations are frequently cited in their cases.  One in five divorce cases were filed due to Facebook related issues
  19. 19. FACEBOOK
  20. 20. Offensive posts “letoffsteam”via socialnetworks Non-cooperative teamwork
  21. 21.  Browsing facebook after university/office reduces study time. 6 billion minutes a day on facebook.