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Altmetrics Day Workshop - Internet Librarian International 2014

Altmetrics in the Academy - Implementing strategies in the library for better academic engagement, dissemination and measurement

Workshop abstract:
Altmetrics are increasingly gaining support and interest as an alternative way of disseminating and measuring scholarly output. Championed by early career researchers, librarians and information professionals, Altmetrics are to research as MOOCs are to learning. Like MOOCs most still do not understand their potential or how they could fit with or replace existing modes of delivery and assessment.
The first half of the workshop will help delegates gain an understanding of what Altmetrics are and how they can fit within academic library services. The second half of the session will deliver case studies, tools and techniques to help LIS professionals encourage better usage of Altmetrics.

10:00: What do you want from the day? What are your experiences of Altmetrics
10.40am: Altmetrics: an overview or Altmetrics and the day/where are we now?
A history, roadmap, how it fits in

11 am: Altmetrics within institutions: data, IR integration/other tools/library catalogue integration
what data is there? coverage of articles/datasets/other research outputs, mendeley demographic data
case studies of uses
examples of IR integration/motivations
primo/summon/other ones..
altmetric for institutions - integration with existing platforms
free explorer (and we’ll explore the data using this later)

11.30 Break

12.00pm Altmetrics in the Academy - getting academics and librarians on board
12.40 Brainstorming session: Value in Altmetrics: what questions do people have around this? what are their biggest concerns?

13.00 Lunch

2 pm: Getting familiar with the tools - practical session experimenting with the Altmetric explorer - half an hour (set tasks - eg create a list, pull out the most interesting mentions)
Good practice, guidelines, tips
2:45pm: At the coal face - experiences of a researcher using Altmetrics in practice
3.30pm: Break
3.45 pm: Getting mobile, how using mobile apps can help you engage more with Altmetrics
4.05 pm What’s on the horizon? What does the future for scholarly dissemination and impact.
4.40 wrap up and questions

Altmetrics Day Workshop - Internet Librarian International 2014

  1. 1. Altmetrics in the Academy Implementing strategies in the library for better academic engagement, dissemination and measurement
  2. 2. Who we are part 1
  3. 3. 10.00 Welcome and introductions 10.10 What do you want from the day? What are your experiences of Altmetrics? 10:30 An overview of Altmetrics - what, why, where? 11.30 Break 12.00 Altmetrics in the Academy - getting academics and librarians on board 12.40 Brainstorming session: Value in altmetrics: what questions do people have around this? what are their biggest concerns? 1.00 Lunch
  4. 4. Do you use any of these?
  5. 5. And these?
  6. 6. Do you recognise these?
  7. 7. An overview of Altmetrics - what, why where?
  8. 8. The dissemination and communication of research is changing Presentations and seminars Funding and ethics applications Academic books Journal articles and posters Term papers and essays Meetings and conferences Correspondence Open access Supplementary data Online reference managers Press Post-publication peer-review Social media Blogs
  9. 9. Traditional metrics struggle to reflect this - Slow to accrue - Focus mostly on published articles Published June 2014: Starting to impact the behaviour of academics
  10. 10. Development of altmetrics ● to complement, not replace traditional metrics ● help people understand how research is being received and used, and by who ● not intended as an indicator of quality ● can help provide further evidence of engagement and ‘societal impact’ ● give credit for research outputs other than articles
  11. 11. So, what are they?
  12. 12. And who provides them?
  13. 13. Altmetrics at Altmetric ● data quality and curation ● valid, relevant sources ● intuitive user interface ● customer support ● community engagement
  14. 14. Sources of attention
  15. 15. Policy documents ● AWMF - Association of Scientific Medical Societies ● European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ● Food and Agriculture Organization ● GOV.UK - Policy papers, Research & Analysis ● Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ● International Monetary Fund (IMF) ● Mental Health Foundation (UK) - NEW ● NICE Evidence ● UNESCO ● World Health Organization (WHO) More being added each week…
  16. 16. Aggregating attention Follow a list of sources (manual curation) Search for links to papers (automated collection) Collate attention (disambiguation) Display data in “Altmetric details pages” Reporting Collecting
  17. 17. Digging in to the data
  18. 18. Demographics Twitter data from bio’s Mendeley data based on who has saved the article to their library - anonymised
  19. 19. The Altmetric score and donut ● developed to give an at-a-glance summary of the attention work has received ● not an indicator of quality of the research! ● useful when looking at data for lots of articles at once
  20. 20. Context
  21. 21. Implementations
  22. 22. Publisher uses
  23. 23. And funders...
  24. 24. Librarian access ● Free Altmetric Explorer accounts ● Search for data on any article, from any publisher ● Share with researchers or admins
  25. 25. “Can I see the data for authors and work just from my institution?”
  26. 26. Altmetric for Institutions
  27. 27. Explore your institution
  28. 28. Reporting - save search filters - set up automated email alerts - export to excel, or reports on individual articles - API output - set up direct links into other systems
  29. 29. Who can use the data?
  30. 30. Institutional repositories - free donut badge embeds - just 2 lines of code: - helps encourage deposits - collates attention from all versions - let us know your domain!
  31. 31. Discovery platforms Free primo plugin available In discussion with ProQuest re: Summon
  32. 32. Researchers
  33. 33. Details pages alerts
  34. 34. Impact Story
  35. 35. New tools: Kudos
  36. 36. Researcher feedback
  37. 37. They’re still fairly new... - ongoing review, HEFCE - project to create standards, NISO - looking towards Horizon 2020 and next RAE in Australia
  38. 38. Concerns about gaming and misinterpretation ● part of the reason that we make sure all of our data is auditable ● and don’t show things like Facebook likes ● systems in place to flag up suspect activity ● beware siloed usage data
  39. 39. But at the end of the day...
  40. 40. Ways to keep up to date - ImpactStory newsletter - Altmetric blog - Plum analytics blog - Regular webinars - Follow #altmetrics hashtag on Twitter
  41. 41. Image CC BY Cheryl Foong
  42. 42. Altmetrics: A new role for library and information professionals Image CC BY mkhmarketing
  43. 43. Who we are part 2
  44. 44. It’s not just Altmetrics that’s hot MOOCs Open Access Impact Big Data
  45. 45. The research process Have an idea Search for research Filter and review the research Measure and discuss the research Publish and disseminate the research
  46. 46. The research process and you Have an idea Search for research Filter and review the research Measure and discuss the research Publish and disseminate the research LIS Professionals host, catalogue and search published research LIS Professionals carry out systematic and literature reviews from search results LIS Professionals experts in measurement, bibliometrics, work in neutral role LIS Professionals experts in publishing and communication. OA, Social Media, blogging
  47. 47. Where the LIS professional fits in Appraising Impartial Flexible Helpful Networked Centrally based
  48. 48. Every researcher is different An early career researcher who uses a social media every day, mostly for their personal life wants to use social media and altmetrics within their professional setting. They have an idea of the basics, but are also concerned that their line manager who is an older, established academic might perceive the use of such tools as not constituting as work. How do you resolve that?
  49. 49. ● Find evidence which peers are using altmetrics ● Show them tools and shortcuts that highlight this is real work with real outputs - Tweetdeck, IFTTT, altmetric bookmarklet ● Those who have established altmetrics companies are often early career researchers wanting to get more from their work. ● They may have datasets or other outputs they wish to share ● It could have the offset of bringing the senior academic on board ● Explain it can be a way to build social ties - with publishers, potential collaborators, fund holders, bloggers and journalists
  50. 50. Every researcher is different A senior academic asks the question; ‘is Altmetrics a good use of my time?’ They a couple of decades into their career, possibly a professor and have several published papers in a high impact, peer-review journals. They are thinking about engaging with social media and Altmetrics but are not sure whether it would actually benefit their career at this stage. How do you resolve that?
  51. 51. ● Academics like to debate their areas of expertise - explain that on social media there is a conversation taking place right now about their research with some of their peers involved ● Show evidence that altmetrics are a good indicator of future research and hot topics ● Breath life into old research - show how altmetrics gives them new and interesting metrics on their existing papers - where globally a paper is being talked about or saved ● Explain how this can fit in with the growing impact agenda
  52. 52. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation
  53. 53. ''All mankind is divided into three classes: Those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move''. Benjamin Franklin
  54. 54. Getting academics to the waterhole Images CC BY Whatleydude Kyknoord
  55. 55. #Understand ● Their way of working - long periods doing the same thing ● Their concerns Pressure to publish research ● Their fears May not be used to Social Media or technology for that matter ● How busy they are ● What they can get out of Altmetrics and what you can do to help them Image CC BY Glen Edelson
  56. 56. #Demystify ● Explain that Altmetrics are not about Justin Bieber’s Tweets to his Beliebers ● That using tools like Altmetrics, Mendeley, Twitter and ImpactStory will show them where their research is reaching globally ● Help build case studies to show what is out there ● Show junior researchers and students that their research and profile will benefit Image CC BY Sarah
  57. 57. #Train Image CC BY Sarah ● Bite size sessions ● Workshops ● Video tutorials ● Webinars ● Hangouts Image CC BY Michael Young
  58. 58. #Champion ● Look to see who on your campus uses technology and social media ● Take them for a coffee ● Get them to present a session on how they use it Image CC BY edwin.11
  59. 59. #Network ● Seek out natural allies Impact and research support, open access advocates, MOOCsters, library and information professionals, technicians, learning technologists, communications and marketing Image CC BY Bruno Girin
  60. 60. #Practice
  61. 61. Social Media/Altmetric Case study ● Took over Chair of our Communications and Impact (CIG) group in Feb 2014 ● Wanted to get more staff using social tools to improve research impact and engagement ● Staff want EVIDENCE ● that it works Image by: West Midlands Police: used via CC BY-SA 2.0
  62. 62. Project! ● Agreed to develop a small group of staff who were not currently using social media to promote their research ● Gave training in Twitter ● Regular emails to inform and encourage ● Curated Twitter List to monitor their activities
  63. 63. Results! ● All of them are now tweeting at least once per fortnight ● All have gained 30+ followers ● Some are much more active, writing own tweets, MT-ing, etc. ● But! Lots of them just retweet :0( ● But then again, its early days :0) ...Next, I begged, borrowed and stole their PPTs and Posters...
  64. 64. Slideshare! ● do a companion, comparative study on Slideshare ● Slides of posters and conference PPTs currently on web pages also uploaded to SlideShare ● Half tweeted, half not ● Compared views for each ● half of ‘trial’
  65. 65. Results! ● All slides/posters have had over 35 views in 5 months ● 70% have over 100 ● Tweeted ones have average of 166 ● Non-Tweeted ones have average of 55 views ● So these things work in ● tandem with eachother! MICHELLE PORUCZNIK ANIMATED GIF SOURCE:
  66. 66. Brainstorming session Value in Altmetrics: What questions do people have around Altmetrics? What are their biggest concerns? What is missing from Altmetrics? What are you doing already?
  67. 67. Lunch
  68. 68. Afternoon Agenda 3.30: Break 3.50: Ehsan continued… 4.00: Getting mobile, how using mobile apps can help you engage more with Altmetrics 4.20: The Altmetric Explorer 4.30: What’s on the horizon? What does the future for scholarly dissemination and impact? 4.45: Wrap up and questions
  69. 69. Getting mobile, how using mobile apps can help you engage more with Altmetrics Image by David Lytle:, used via CC BY 2.0 ● The working day is busy enough already ● Your mobile device is with you most of the time ● 1 or 2 minutes per day (on a commute?) could reap benefits ● Twitter is an obvious win for the time- pressed, but what else?
  70. 70. The Altmetrics Home Screen! Twitter: tweet links, retweet, start discussions, promote yourself and what you do- your ‘brand’ BBC News: a great source of news stories- if one relates to your research areas, move quickly! Tweet it, and your research papers- make the link in people’s minds.
  71. 71. The Altmetrics Home Screen! Podcasts: Listen and learn, not just about other’s research, but how to talk about it in lay terms, for a podcast audience Camera/Photos: You never know when an opportunity to get a shot that could be used with a blog post/podcast will arise- be ready!
  72. 72. The Altmetrics Home Screen! Blogger: Blog on the go! Dictate content and add images via blogging apps, save and publish later if needs be- get that idea down! Hootsuite: post to multiple social networks in one! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, and use auto-schedule, to avoid pre-work ‘blackspots’ on social media
  73. 73. The Altmetrics Home Screen! LinkedIn- post to ‘groups’ for targeted impact- can post same things you’d tweet, but with more characters to play with! audioBoom! (formerly audioBoo): record short audio-yourself or things around you, and share, embed, etc-podcasting ‘lite’
  74. 74. 3 things you can do 1. Find what works for you 2. Be patient and keep trying 3. Look on social and altmetric sites and see whether they have app versions
  75. 75. Altmetric Explorer: Tasks to try 1. Which article published in the Lancet has seen the most attention in the last week? 2. Find 3 DOIs for articles published by your researchers - and then search for them in the Explorer 3. How many articles mentioned in the last year and published in the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology have been mentioned in a policy document?
  76. 76. What’s on the horizon? What does the future for scholarly dissemination and impact
  77. 77. New era for peer review?
  78. 78. (Last Accessed 14/10/2014)
  79. 79.
  80. 80.
  81. 81.
  82. 82.
  83. 83. Wrap up and questions
  84. 84. Thank you For more information @catherinelucy @andy_tattersall @beakybeecroft @ehsanwlv @altmetric @scharrlib