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The Ratio of Garbage Enzyme


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The Ratio of Garbage Enzyme

  1. 1. The Processing of Garbage Enzyme
  2. 2. Black Sugar       Kitchen Wastes    Water Fermentation for 3 months Ratio Of Making Garbage Enzyme : l kg /300g : 3 kg/900g : 1 0 litres/3 litres
  3. 3. Wet kitchen wastes Fruit Skin, Vegetable and etc Materials for Making Garbage Enzyme
  4. 4. Brown Sugar / Jaggery ( 10% of water )
  5. 5. Reminder <ul><li>1. After mixing the brown sugar into the water, add in the kitchen wastes. Let it ferment for 3 months. </li></ul><ul><li>2. During fermentation, the cover needs to be opened to release the gas. Remember to close back . </li></ul><ul><li>3. After 3 months, extract out the water and leave only the sediment. The sediment can be dried to become fertilizer or may leave it for next fermentation. </li></ul>
  6. 6. 请注意 Reminder 4. Enzyme will never expire. The longer you keep, the stronger it becomes. 5. The power of the Enzyme will be enhanced when water is added to it. 6. Garbage enzyme is only for external use. Any more QUESTIONS?
  7. 7. Garbage Enzyme with mould on top White color microorganism in Enzyme is - B complex Yeast and Vitamin C Yeast can use for making roti or bread
  8. 8. If every household recycles their garbage into Garbage Enzyme, the Ozone layer will be protected. Mankind can live in toxic free environment and enjoy non-toxic food.
  9. 9. Duty of the Enzyme : <ul><li>催化 Catalyst </li></ul><ul><li>分解 decomposes chemicals </li></ul><ul><li>转 化 Transforms and Changes </li></ul><ul><li>toxic substances into non- </li></ul><ul><li>toxic substances </li></ul><ul><li>重 组 Composes and combines </li></ul>