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How to Negotiate, Part 1: Learning the Basics


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Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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How to Negotiate, Part 1: Learning the Basics

  2. 2. THE COMMUNICATION GROUPHow to NegotiateAs CQ (expressive and receptive This allows for a transparent start andcommunication intelligence) is a guide to then more than likely a fair result.getting what you want, and at the sametime helping others get what they want, it Here is an example to help illustrate these basics of howreally is also a recipe for effectivenegotiation. I believe it is rather to negotiate:imperative to start with an understanding Client says: “I want XYZ.”of how to negotiate with yourself. My response would be: “Fantastic, as we can do1. What is your intention? that. However, what is your budget?”2. What are you willing to give up? Client might say: “Well, I want to see what your budget is to make a decision.”Once these two questions have beenanswered,I find all else starts to fall into My response to that, and feeling, is always: “Why wouldplace. I thentryand find out: we start with the unknowns or a guessing game?3. What is the intention of the „other‟? Help me understand the budget and I can help you4. Where they are willing to start at, or give immediately see whether we are the right fit or not. Thatup? way neither of us wastes a moment of time.”THE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  3. 3. THE COMMUNICATION GROUP If the client is someone who will philosophically fit then they getmy sentiments immediately. If not,theypretty much aren‟t a good fit.Now, if they have no idea what tobudget, that is an entirely differentstory. In that case, I‟d help them understand various budget options basedon similar case studies. I feel this sameapproach works for me in nearly everysituation, whether it‟s negotiating withmy godchildren, or family, or closefriends, or even myself. It really doeswork. Try it out. Be well. -cTHE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  4. 4. CONTACT THE COMMUNICATION GROUP 131 Greene Street Suite 3b New York City, NY 10012 NY o: 646-873-7664 SF o: 415-864-1431 Twitter: @TCGagency OUR COMPANIES: TCG: SocMe Academy: Social Presence: 7 In Motion: http://7inmotion.comTHE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012