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Write A Press Release that Gets Attention from Reporters


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Every author dreams of having their books reviewed in top newspapers and magazines. Achieving this dream starts with writing a killer press release. If those benefits weren’t enough to get you interested in writing a press release, do you realize Google posts links to press releases in search results? In fact, many of my clients have found their press releases on the first page of Google when they searched for their keywords!

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Write A Press Release that Gets Attention from Reporters

  1. 1. Write a Press Release that GETSATTENTION Reporters fromDownload! FREE writing tools!
  2. 2. A press release can open doors to the media. Do you realize Google posts links to press releases in search results? A well-written press release can grab a reporter’s attention and get them to feature you and your book in an important piece or story.
  3. 3. How to write and format a press release like a pro? What information must you put into a press release in order to get maximum exposure and results? Read on to LEARN MORE! >>>
  4. 4. Press Release Pictures Your press release should show your book cover and your portrait. The pictures should be high resolution and in color.
  5. 5. Write a Strong Headline A strong headline for your press release is important for two reasons: • It grabs the reporter’s attention • It grabs Google’s attention So, how do you write a good headline?
  6. 6. Be Interesting Use startling facts and figures. → Be Funny Puns and jokes could be an effective headline if you do it right. → Be Helpful Promise readers you will offer useful tips and ideas. →
  7. 7. Don’t use the kind of clickbait headlines you see on the internet! You won’t believe what this star from the 70’s looks like now!X Girl walks down street… What happens next will SHOCK you!X
  8. 8. Get this FREE Headline Generator Tool! Find the perfect headline for your project a little bit faster. Use it to help you come up with great headlines for press releases, blog posts, articles, and more!
  9. 9. New KEYWORD book by KEYWORD Expert AUTHOR NAME helps Target Audience Achieve BENEFIT A nearly foolproof way to write an effective headline to help Google place your press release on page 1! Note the . Follow this model:5 Key Points Example: New COMMUNICATIONS book by MARKETING Expert MARY DOE helps Accountants GET MORE CLIENTS Use Effective Keywords
  10. 10. Keyword phrase. When someone is looking for new book on your topic, there’s a good chance they will see your press release. New by MARKETINGCOMMUNICATIONS BOOK EXPERT MARY DOE helps ACCOUNTANTS GET MORE CLIENTS 1 | 5 Key Points
  11. 11. Keyword phrase that people would search to find someone like you. You might find your next client has found you by accident when they searched Google for this term. New COMMUNICATIONS BOOK by MARKETING EXPERT MARY DOE helps ACCOUNTANTS GET MORE CLIENTS 2 | 5 Key Points
  12. 12. That’s your name. It will help you when people are Googling YOU to find out if they should hire you. 3 | New COMMUNICATIONS BOOK by MARKETING EXPERT helps ACCOUNTANTS GETMARY DOE MORE CLIENTS 5 Key Points
  13. 13. This positions your key audience. They search for books that help them. Use their key term and you can create a connection. 4 | New COMMUNICATIONS BOOK by MARKETING EXPERT MARY DOE helps GETACCOUNTANTS MORE CLIENTS 5 Key Points
  14. 14. This is the benefit. People are motivated to read more if they see that there’s a benefit for them. 5 Key Points 5 | New COMMUNICATIONS BOOK by MARKETING EXPERT MARY DOE helps ACCOUNTANTS GET MORE CLIENTS
  15. 15. Write the Opening Paragraph Write an opening paragraph that is fact based and promotes the author and the book while giving a benefit to the reader. They could also include links to the book’s Amazon page and to your website.
  16. 16. Write the Content What is the book about? Who is the book for? This will help reporters determine if the book fits their audience’s needs. Next, show how the book will help them. Put these benefits in the form of a question. That’s because people search Google with questions.
  17. 17. Write Your Bio The reporter wants to know who you are and what makes you credible. Be sure to include your credentials that will show the reporter you are someone who is to be trusted. Reporters need to know that your book is written by someone who has the experience and expertise to write a book that their audience should know about.
  18. 18. Call to Action Yes, you can make an offer in a press release. You can write messages that help the reporter and the reader. For example: To receive an editorial review copy, reporters can email (Notice the wording here. It does not mean that average readers can get a free copy. It’s for reporters.)
  19. 19. Testimonials Why not have an outside authority back you up? Testimonials give more credibility to the book.
  20. 20. Include Publishing Data This information contains the essential publishing information about your book. Book title ISBN Publication date Author Publisher Price Number of pages Format: print, ebook, audio book Where can the book be purchased? Contact person’s name, email and phone number Website for book
  21. 21. Press Release Format Outline A press release has a distinct look and feel. If your press release doesn’t look like a press release, the reporter will think you are an amateur and will throw it away.
  22. 22. Press Release Format Outline Book cover and author portrait Contact information Headline Dateline and first paragraph Book Content About the Author Call to Action Testimonials Book Publishing Details CLICK HERE FOR FULL PR SAMPLES!
  23. 23. Now that you know the fundamentals, here are more helpful points to remember: Ÿ Offer them tips from the book. Ÿ Be cautious about the use of sports jargon such as ballpark figures, dropped the ball, or covering all the bases. Ÿ Avoid jokes, sarcasm, slang, and confusing negative questions such as “So, you’re not going to do that, are you?” Ÿ For better intercultural communication, a final word of caution: “Do not judge someone’s intelligence by his or her lack of fluency in English.”
  24. 24. If you follow these tips on writing your press release, you’ll have a good chance to capture the attention of reporters and readers alike. Good luck! PUBLISHING.COM Click here to learn more! Visit our blog