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Intro to xAPI: Perspectives from Across the Organization

Take an intro to xAPI from the perspective of different stakeholders in the learning and development ecosystem. See how leveraging xAPI data with the Yet xAPI Learning Record Store can improve outcomes for individual learners, instructors, instructional designers, managers, and organizations.

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Intro to xAPI: Perspectives from Across the Organization

  1. 1. Intro to xAPI: Perspectives from Across the Organization Margaret Roth • Chief Customer Experience Officer Yet Analytics • August 17, 2017
  2. 2. Modern day aspects of the corporate L&D space Current realities and challenges that xAPI can help us take on and set learning & development teams up for success.
  3. 3. The rapidly evolving L&D landscape… Fragmentation and specialization in learning technology ecosystem Adoption of a blended learning experience Open access to information 5-gen workforce Need to innovate & pivot quickly ROI transparency and accountability
  4. 4. …creates new challenges for L&D professionals. Lack of data interoperability creates opacity within the learning ecosystem Employee retention hinges on availability of career progression and learning opportunities Corporate governance and budget processes demand direct ROI accountability Systems are constantly increasing in complexity, causing technical debt to skyrocket
  5. 5. Making the most of the modern L&D landscape How xAPI can help organizations optimize the opportunities inherent to this new ecosystem.
  6. 6. Leverage high- resolution experience data Ø Customize learning curriculums at the individual level Ø Optimize learning content and experiences across the entire team, centered around performance KPIs Ø Enable highly agile and adaptable learning curriculum design and implementation
  7. 7. Activate information through interoperable data structure Ø xAPI data is activity data Ø xAPI data is captured in a standardized Actor – Verb – Object format Ø Store, visualize, and analyze xAPI data in a Learning Record Store (LRS) Margaret Watched Video Actor Verb Object
  8. 8. Capture experience data across your learning ecosystem Ø Collect experience data from different systems through xAPI integrations and bridges Ø Capture the complete profile of the learner experience Ø Connect patterns and trends across learners and programs to make decisions and improvements
  9. 9. Connect systems with a modular data infrastructure
  10. 10. Make the most of your Experience Data with an xAPI LRS 1 2 3 Data interoperability solves for fragmentation of systems, tools and services. Eliminates tech debt associated with existing L&D technology Future-proofs your L&D infrastructure, ensuring ongoing interoperability and prepares your organization for the next leap forward in training, micro- learning and performance technology
  11. 11. An xAPI-powered experience from the L&D perspective Visualizing experience through interactive dashboards providing each role with the data they need to make decisions in real-time.
  12. 12. The Experience: New Team Member Onboarding
  13. 13. We are responsible for a new team member onboarding program. We are responsible to: Ø The new team members Ø The instructor Ø The team leader Ø Our manager Ø Our business needs We have data from: Ø LMS Ø CMS & Learning Objects Repository Ø Mobile E-Learning Survey Ø Quiz App Ø Messaging App Ø Help Support Forum Ø Micro-learning Content or Games Ø HRIS & Other Systems Ø Measure learning activity Ø Measure resource use Ø Understand engagement Ø Create learner profiles Ø See learning pathways Ø Understand competency development Ø Identify problem content and opportunities for program improvement Ø Demonstrate impact & ROI We want to:
  14. 14. The New Team Member Goal: “I want to understand what opportunities may be open to me based on my experiences.” Data Tracked: ØLaunches and Completions ØContent Usage ØPerformance Scores ØMessaging Interaction ØActivity, Decisions, and Game Results ØForum Access ØSearch Terms ØComments
  15. 15. Learner Dashboard Ø What does my activity tell me about the way I learn? Ø What’s a good fit for me? Ø What opportunities are available to me as I enter into my career? Ø What are the competencies I need to demonstrate in order to get ahead?
  16. 16. Learner Activation with xAPI Ø Compare and assess individual performance to average. Ø Automatically track activity patterns to identify opportunities for growth. Ø See progress and achievements in real-time.
  17. 17. The New Team Member Outcome: “Now I can choose the right content and track my experiences against the competencies that I’ll need to get where I want to go.”
  18. 18. The Instructor Goal: “I need to understand the dynamic learning trends and patterns among my students.” Data Patterns: ØTime of Activity, Duration, and Habit ØCommon and Uncommon Content Usage ØCorrelations between Scores and Activity Pathways ØDigitally Introverted or Extroverted ØDecision Making ØCommon Needs & Problem Areas
  19. 19. Instructor Dashboard Ø What does my class profile suggest about the appropriateness of the content and instructional strategy? Ø Can I identify learners based on trends in their learner pathway? Ø Can I identify who will require intervention or enhanced content? Ø Is the instructional design contributing to learning growth?
  20. 20. Instructor Activation with xAPI Ø Monitor learner performance and trends. Ø Apply insights to improve instructional content and make appropriate interventions. Ø Align activities via xAPI with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) demonstrative of ROI in instructional objectives.
  21. 21. The Instructor Outcome: “xAPI helps me to capture and visualize learning experiences in a way that’s manageable and actionable.”
  22. 22. The Team Leader Goal: “Knowing the experiences, strengths, and capabilities of our team will increase our success.” Data ”un-quantified” without xAPI: ØCommon Prior Knowledge ØSimilar Interests ØLevel of Capabilities ØCommunication Patterns ØEngagement Patterns ØCollaboration Patterns ØScenario Experiences ØTeam Member Adaptability ØNeeds
  23. 23. Manager Dashboard Ø Which of my team members is best suited for which role? Ø If something goes wrong, who can I count on? Ø Can understanding my team’s experience better prepare me for challenges we will face together? Ø Can my team’s experiences be used to provide guidance to other teams?
  24. 24. Manager Activation with xAPI Ø Create a data-driven feedback loop between learners, content creators, and managers. Ø Track activities for each team leader to provide a data repository of common activity and experience patterns in our organization. Ø Use that data to inform decisions across teams to improve outcomes.
  25. 25. The Team Leader Outcome: “Now I can check to see if everyone on my team is up-to-speed. And I have more confidence in our ability to do our jobs efficiently while building a culture my team loves.”
  26. 26. Provide your team with the data they need to make decisions in real-time.?
  27. 27. Driving critical insights and ROI with xAPI Bringing data from across the organization together in one place, so that learning and training can more effectively demonstrate impact.
  28. 28. xAPI will power your org’s Experience Graph,…
  29. 29. …link learning experience directly to performance & career pathing,… Replicate Replicate the right behaviors and learning curriculums across teams to achieve measurable performance improvements. Leverage Leverage the experience graph to map out individual development plans, specifically targeting skills gaps associated with desired career progression. Understand Understand changing performance and deploy just-in-time interventions. Understand how formal and informal learning opportunities fit into your functional competency model. Identify Identify top and bottom performers and determine the learning content and behaviors that led to their success or failure. Link Link all of your employees’ experience data to your organization’s key performance indicators and competency model.
  30. 30. …so you can demonstrate the value of L&D investment with theYet xAPI LRS. Provide direct evidence of training & learning investment impact on individual, team and corporate performance and outcomes. Optimize deployment of learning tools and experiences to maximize ROI. Decommission or revamp learning experiences that are not achieving results.
  31. 31. See how the Yet xAPI LRS solution will scale at your organization: Cloud, On-Prem & VPC deployments available.
  32. 32. Ø Winner, Nielsen Data Visionary Award at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Ø Winner, Best of E-Learning 2016 Excellence Award Ø Ranked #1 LRS by the Craig Weiss Group Delivering Human Capital Analytics Across Industries “I have worked with Yet for over a year and they have been an amazing partner.” — Ralph Morales, Director of Innovation Incubations, HP,Inc. Chief Technology Office
  33. 33. Experience intelligence in human capital analytics. Margaret Roth • • 443.256.3673