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VR/AR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning

Augmented Reality? Virtual Reality? What do they have to do with eLearning? When powered by xAPI, these futuristic technologies open our eyes to next-gen learning and training possibilities. Industry experts Chad Udell, Managing Partner of Float, Hugh Seaton, CEO of Aquinas Training, and Melissa Milloway, Sr. Learning Experience Designer at Amazon, join Yet Analytics to take a look at how AR and VR are currently being used by eLearning designers and L&D professionals to gain never before captured insights from tracking these digital experiences with xAPI.

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VR/AR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning

  1. 1. VR/AR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning A discussion on next-gen learning and training with Chad Udell, Hugh Seaton and Melissa Milloway
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda ● Introduction to xAPI and AR/VR ● Chad Udell, Float ● Hugh Seaton, Aquinas Training ● Melissa Milloway, Amazon ● Moderated Discussion ● Panelist Takeaways intro chad hugh mel q&a takeaways Welcome! Thanks for joining us!
  3. 3. What is xAPI? xAPI is experience data, a combination of activity, learning, behavior, and performance data. By unifying data from across organizational data sources, insights into engagement, learning effectiveness, information use, and team behaviors can be identified and applied to improve business outcomes. intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  4. 4. How is experience data collected? Experience Data is collected using the Experience API (xAPI), a standardized Actor — Verb — Object data format. This interoperable data structure allows you to activate information across tools and technologies where Experience Data is created in real-time. intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  5. 5. How is experience data collected? Because xAPI is designed around activity-based data collection, xAPI data can provide high-resolution insights into specific learner activity. For example, watching a video is actually a summation of many, much more granular, actions. This information can show us how engaging or valuable an experience is for a learner. intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  6. 6. What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital elements to your live view, often through a camera. Ex. Pokemon Go, Snapchat and Quartz intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  7. 7. What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience in a fully digital environment. VR is a new experience in a digital world disconnected from the physical world. Ex. Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  8. 8. What about Mixed Reality? A mixed reality (MR) experience combines AR and VR allowing users to interact with real-world and digital objects at the same time. Ex. Microsoft HoloLens, Upskill Skylight, JARVIS intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  9. 9. Why does it matter to eLearning, L&D and HR? intro chad q&a takeaways Read the full report here. hugh mel
  10. 10. So what does AR/VR look like? Not like this. intro chad q&a takeawayshugh mel
  11. 11. With this level of engagement! More like this! intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  12. 12. And more collaborative with others! Even at work? intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  13. 13. Chad Udell Realities 360 AR Event App Melissa Milloway “Scenes Around Seattle” xAPI Cohort Hugh Seaton Virtual Reality Micro-Simulations intro chad q&a takeawaysmel Let’s hear from the experts! hugh
  14. 14. Chad Udell Managing Partner intro chad q&a takeawaysmel Realities360 AR-Enabled Event App hugh
  15. 15. Our Expertise ● Management team former Accenture, 20 plus years experience in enterprise software, doing both OTS and custom implementation ● Numerous Industry and Client awards for excellence in design ● Curriculum Designers, ATD Certified Instructors in Mobile Learning ● Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) Trainers in Mobile Design for Augmented Reality ● Faculty for over 10 years at Bradley University in Interactive Media ● Awarded eLearning Guild Guild Master, recognition for contributions to the industry - Chad Udell ● Author of Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training - Chad Udell ● Editor and Authors of Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success - Chad Udell and Gary Woodil, Dr. Ed.D. (contributing authors from the Float team) ● Author of The Mobile Learning Edge - Gary Woodil, Dr. Ed.D. 15 intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  16. 16. How can event apps be better? What makes them not fun to use? What’s with all the extra features? Why are they not better integrated into the live event experience? Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph on Unsplash intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  17. 17. Why haven’t people explored this yet? What can happen when you combine them? How can they enrich the experience? How can xAPI and AR work together? Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  18. 18. Let’s build a better conference app. Let’s embrace the newest learning tech and bring it to an interested audience. Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash - intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  19. 19. An AR event experience combined with xAPI for iOS and Android 1. Contextual 2. Simple 3. Relevant Download it now… play with it immediately. Introducing Float’s Event AR App intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  20. 20. 20 1. AR Viewer 2. Flexible Media Playback 3. Session List 4. Event Map 5. User Agenda 6. Check ins 7. Expo/Public Area List 8. Reminders 9. What’s Next? intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh Core App Features
  21. 21. The app’s use case and features are easy to access and engaging. It’s AR focused, lightweight and simple to use. A Quick Video intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  22. 22. Heavy Usage during the event – Hundreds of app downloads, over 13,000 interactions recorded during the conference. Feedback was positive - App was easy to use, fast and brought a new dimension to the conference. Was this this the largest single event xAPI cohort for non DoD? Jury is still out. Outcomes and More Info... intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  23. 23. Follow these steps to log in: 1. Go to 2. At the bottom, click ‘Have an Account? Log In’ 3. Enter the login credentials Email Address: Password: YetAnalytics! 4. Click ‘Realities360-Production’ to enter the LRS Contact us at to learn more or visit See the Realities360 App Data in the Yet Analytics Learning Record Store intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  24. 24. It’s clear that xAPI is primed and ready to be used at scale with live events and AR experiences. We’ve published a case study on our site with lots more details. Next steps: Markerless AR and publishing an AR xAPI Profile. Where can we go from here? intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  25. 25. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh Bringing Learning to Life with Virtual Reality Micro-Simulations Hugh Seaton CEO
  26. 26. Background Much of training is about how we “perform:” ● Public speaking ● Meeting moderation ● Negotiation ● Sales ● Delivering Feedback ● And More intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  27. 27. Immersive, Authentic Learning Virtual Reality Offers Authentic learning: ● Able to experience what is being trained ● Non-verbal communication ● Modeling the frameworks & ideas based on the performance of others intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  28. 28. Two Step Practice Skills Demonstrated in VR Skills Practiced in VR intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  29. 29. Feedback ● Gaze Tracking ● Voice Analysis (“Um” & “Ah”) ● Heartbeat ● Time spent ● Completion of content intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  30. 30. Incredible Flexibility Built using WebVR Essentially a new website each time - we can readily produce thousands of personalized versions. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  31. 31. xAPI We’re tracking lots of fuzzy stuff. xAPI makes it possible to gather this into meaningful representations. Examples: 1. How much should you look people in the eye? 2. How much is a given learner improving their engagement with the team? 3. How much does a given learner need to improve their pacing? intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  32. 32. Feedback & xAPI Across hundreds of learners, we can begin to automate feedback. Improvement of performance requires: ● Focused practice ● Immediate feedback ● Specific, actionable feedback Prior to xAPI, this was possible, but always in a siloed, one-off way intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  33. 33. xAPI works with others The whole point is we can now share unstructured, behavioral data so others can use it. Data that systems already create, modified to work with LRS & other xAPI-enabled systems intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  34. 34. Pre/Post xAPI { "action" : "opened", "chid" : "0", "cid" : "-KjB4M5LSrF76C_HOPGe", "details" : 0, "email" : "", "mid" : "-KnUr-nVQQw7JkmllujI", "nid" : "-KmwurXUMJdmz8YrGIuQ", "org" : 1, "time" : 1498404359391, "timestamp" : "Sun, 09 Nov 2017 21:38:14 GMT", "uuid" : "149F1ECC-9B89-4476-9BD6-A84464E25240" } "id": "5a03cda8-8321-4500-a50f-e1ea5f20e7a1", "actor": { "name": "Hugh Seaton", "mbox": "" }, "verb" : { "display": "opened" }, "object": { "objectType": "Activity", "id": "-KmwurXUMJdmz8YrGIuQ", "definition": { "name": { "en": "Opened Notification" }, "type": "", "moreInfo": "-KjB4M5LSrF76C_HOPGe" } }, "timestamp": "2017-11-09T21:38:14.772Z", "stored": "2017-11-09T21:38:14.772Z", "version": "1.0.0" } intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  35. 35. Remember it is still early days! intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  36. 36. Virtual Reality is Unique We can track everything, because VR is 100% rendered. If an action, an expression, a tone is conveyed to, or from the learner, it went through a computer. So we will find a way to analyze it. This means everything from how you enunciate to how many “Ums & “ahs” to how much you gesture could all be analyzed, and feedback offered. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  37. 37. Virtual Reality’s Uniqueness Is Made Viable by xAPI SCORM cannot handle VR. When we are able to measure an arbitrary set of in-training actions, we can continue measuring, iterating and improving as we learn to use VR for training. We don’t know if gaze will help us. Or galvanic skin response. Or perhaps we’ll learn to track gestures, or verbal tone. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  38. 38. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh “Scenes Around Seattle” Fall 2017 xAPI Cohort Project Melissa Milloway Senior Learning Experience Designer, Amazon
  39. 39. Time for Q&A! What do you think? intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  40. 40. Where is this all going? A final word. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh
  41. 41. What next? Go explore an LRS for yourself — Get a Yet xAPI LRS Sandbox — Register for beta access to the Yet Adapter — The Yet Adapter allows non-technical users an easy way to upload spreadsheet data and to transform it into xAPI data which can be sent to any Learning Record Store. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh Thank you to our panelists and attendees!
  42. 42. intro chad q&a takeawaysmelhugh ● Winner, Nielsen Data Visionary Award at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 ● Winner, Best of E-Learning 2016 Excellence Award ● Ranked #1 LRS by the Craig Weiss Group Contact us at: