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Intro to the TechSoup Canada donations program


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Presented with the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network, January 28 2014

Published in: Technology
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Intro to the TechSoup Canada donations program

  1. 1. Talking Tech with TechSoup Canada OVCN Learning Network January 28, 2014 with
  2. 2. Speakers Tierney Smith, Program Manager at TechSoup Canada Joyce Hsu, Communications Coordinator at TechSoup Canada
  3. 3. A Few Things You Might Not Know About TechSoup Canada
  4. 4. Our mission is to help nonprofits use tech  We want to… Make technology more affordable for nonprofits  Help nonprofits make better decisions about technology  Help nonprofits to use technology more effectively  We’re a small team of 7 staff based in Toronto
  5. 5. We create and curate tech resources @techsoupcanad a techsoupcanada m/ techsoupcanada
  6. 6. We’re part of a global network  60+ countries served worldwide  $3.9+ billion worth of technology donated  200K+ nonprofits reached
  7. 7. Upcoming Events (Online) Tuesday, February 11th How a Good CRM Implementation Can Propel Your Nonprofit Thursday, February 20th Office 365 for Nonprofits
  8. 8. Quick Overview of the Donations Program
  9. 9. How it Works Microsoft Nonprofit TechSou p Canada Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Adobe Symante c ReadyTal k Sumac Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit
  10. 10. Registration  Any nonprofit, charity or library in Canada can register  Registration is free  Typically takes 2-10 business days 
  11. 11. Eligibility  Each donor partner (Microsoft, Adobe, etc) has their own eligibility criteria  “What type of organizations do we want to support?”  Log in to check your organization’s eligibility Organization Type Eligibility Activity Code Budget
  12. 12. Requesting Donations  Request donations as often as you want  Similar to buying products online from Amazon  Admin fee 4-10% of retail value  Each donor partner has an “allotment”  Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30) • Adobe • Symantec • Dharma • ReadyTalk • Intuit • Sage • … 2-Year Cycle • Microsoft • 50 licenses from 10 “title groups” • 5 server products One-Time Donations • Citrix • Huddle • Shopify • Sumac • Microsoft Get Genuine
  13. 13. OVCN members are already active $1,000,000 saved to date!
  14. 14. Pro Tips for the Donations Program
  15. 15. Follow the cycle: Order in June & July  Majority of donor partners limit the number of products you can request between July 1st and June 30th  Your allotment with these donor partners reset on July 1st  E.g., Adobe allows four individual products OR one Creative Suite per cycle (July 1 to June 30) Cycle Resets! Cycle start!
  16. 16. Order whenever you want! You can also order as many times as you like, as long as you’re within your allotment  E.g., you can request four orders of Adobe Acrobat in one order, or spread it out – as long as you are ordering no more than four in one cycle OR
  17. 17. Microsoft 2-year allotment cycle 50 50 50 50 50  10 title groups  50 Licenses per group  Max. 5 Server Products in total Cycle End Cycle Start Calendar Year 1 Calendar Year 2 50 50 50 50 50
  18. 18. Check your Microsoft allotment  You can check how much you’ve already ordered by visiting “My Microsoft Donations Centre”
  19. 19. Download your software All of our software donations & discounts are downloaded  No discs will be shipped  Check your email – contains all the info you need
  20. 20. Tips for installing Microsoft software 1. Check Your Email to get the info you need for VLSC 2. Log into VLSC (or sign up for a Microsoft Account) 3. Select “Downloads and Keys” 4. Download the product you ordered from VLSC 5. Burn your download to a DVD 6. Install your program! To view detailed instructions, visit How to Install Microsoft Software under TechSoup Canada’s Help & Support section
  21. 21. But what can I DO with it all?
  22. 22. The Popular Stuff Microsoft  Analyze your data (Excel)  Take meeting notes & organize action items (OneNote)  Share files (SkyDrive Pro) Adobe  Create fillable PDF forms  Graphic design & photo editing  Layout for documents, posters, etc.
  23. 23. Servers & Security (for your IT staff) Microsoft Server products Symantec (computer & network security) Red Earth (email security) Mailshell (spam filtering) Alpha (database development)
  24. 24. Finances: Quickbooks & Sage Sage 50 is fully bilingual Quickbooks includes a nonprofit edition In both cases, the Payroll module is extra
  25. 25. Tracking Donors & Contacts Using CRMs Sumac is one of many CRMs that allow you to track interactions with donors and volunteers.  Track Volunteers: Record their expertise, preferred tasks, qualifications, availability, etc.  Track Donors: Last gift amount, events attended, last letter received, what mailing list are they on, etc.
  26. 26. Collaboration: Huddle  Share files securely outside your organization  Manage file changes, approvals & comments  Track tasks, schedule meetings & manage discussions  Great for working with boards, committees and volunteers 
  27. 27. Online Meetings: ReadyTalk & Citrix Meet with remote staff, donors and volunteers online saves time and allows everyone to join. You can share screens, take polls, conduct Q&As, allow attendees to use phone or their computer (headset and microphone) to participate.  Citrix  ReadyTalk
  28. 28. Payment Processing: Dharma  Accept on payments online with lower rates (compared to PayPal & others)  Discount on creating custom donation pages for your website  Accept payments in person at events
  29. 29. Online Stores: Shopify  Create an online store  Sell products, get donations or manage very simple events/webinars (that can be presented as a product)  Easy to set up & manage Need more ideas? Check out our blog 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use An Online Store  blog/10-ways-nonprofits-can-use-an-online-store
  30. 30. Bonus: More Nonprofit Discounts Get email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, file storage, calendars and more in the cloud. E1 plan is free and E3 is discounted for nonprofits. You can manage your donors, volunteers, members and more with this CRM. Charities get 10 free licenses to Salesforce. Send email newsletters and campaigns to large groups of people without being blacklisted as spam. Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to most nonprofits.  Want more?
  31. 31. Questions? Comments? @techsoupcanada