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Apache UIMA and Semantic Search

my introduction to Apache UIMA and Semantic Search at 2nd IKS Workshop in Rome 13th November 2009

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Apache UIMA and Semantic Search

  1. 1. Apache UIMA & Semantic Search Tommaso Teofili
  2. 2. Apache UIMA - what is it? Unstructered Information Management Architecture Architectural Framework to manage (eventually large) volumes of unstructered data Former IBM Alphaworks project donated to ASF Currently an Incubator podling ( ) Apache UIMA is an Oasis standard ( )
  3. 3. Apache UIMA - how? Many pluggable reusable components (described via XML) Analysis Engines (primitive or aggregates) Asynchronous scaleout (JMS, Apache ActiveMQ) Flow controllers Type systems
  4. 4. Apache UIMA - what is NOT? It’s not a semantic search tool inherently the “Lucas example” the semantic search package for UIMA is not open source! ( )
  5. 5. UIMA & Semantic Search Metadata generation engine for CM systems Data enrichment Linked data Jeopardy (see faq.shtml#24 ) Let’s see...
  6. 6. RE Market Analysis & UIMA Macpi: a real estate market analysis tool developed at DIA Webpipe (crawling and wrapping data) Apache UIMA Spring framework Knowledge extraction Extract metadata with Apache UIMA to build our search
  7. 7. Apache UIMA & AlchemyAPI AlchemyAPI from Orchestr8 services wrapped as UIMA AEs Named-entity recognition, word disambiguation “Barack Obama” is Exploiting linked data enriching free text with DBpedia, GeoNames, Freebase URIs Plugging with other UIMA AEs providing you with a reusable component to deal with Linked Data
  8. 8. UIMA & Semantic Search it’s demo time!