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Psychology of colors in a logo design


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Colours affect the psychology of customers and can determine the success of a brand. An unappropriate logo color can put off customer and give the wrong signals. For more info go to
or to !

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Psychology of colors in a logo design

  2. 2. Red Logo Designs A mexican food restaurant with a logo of red chilli for spiciness, Red Bull for energy and Red Door Desserts for sensational, passionate desserts.
  3. 3. Green Logos Green logos stand for nature and environment. Examples are the logos of Animal Planet and Body Shop which produces all natural products
  4. 4. Blue Logos Blue logos stand for air (like Jet Blue Airlines), for calmness and serenity (like Dream Foundation) and for dependability (like for Windows)
  5. 5. Pink Logos Pink is the most girly color of all. Pink stands for feminism and funkiness as evidenced by many fashion designers!
  6. 6. Multi-Colored Logos Colorful logo denote creativity, artistry, fun loving personality like the famous logos above!
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