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Slamming Fraud Detection

Published in: Marketing
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Idmec cia-tpv share

  1. 1. Dude, this door to door sales gig is tough. I haven’t closed a sale all week. Go ahead! Convince him to pretend he’s a real customer to fool TPV by saying he agreed to switch!
  2. 2. This agent 99. I closed another sale! Customer is Ima Victim. Address is 423 Elm St. in Hoboken. Telephone numbers …….
  3. 3. Lost Customer Lost Revenue Lost Trust Bad Press Regulatory Fines Internal Legal Cost Internal Operations Cost
  4. 4. • The door-to-door agent closes the sale • The customer name, address, telephone are transmitted to an independent third party verification (TPV) agency • The TPV agent calls the customer and collects personal information known only to the customer • The agents system makes a secure API call to authenticate the customer’s identity • A voice recording documents agreement to the sale • Fully verified sales are provisioned for service • Identity authentication failures are routed for special handling
  5. 5. IDMEC Ideal Direct Marketing Execution Consultants Tom Atkinson, President (IDMEC) (713) 828-6396