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Open Educational Practices in Service of the Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation at OpenCon United Nations on October 23, 2018 at UN Headquarters, New York City

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Open Educational Practices in Service of the Sustainable Development Goals

  1. 1. OPEN in service of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES Special Advisor to the Provost on Open Education Kwantlen Polytechnic University Rajiv Jhangiani, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash Article 26 “Everyone has the right to education.”
  3. 3. Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash Article 26 “Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages.”
  4. 4. Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash Article 26 “Technical and professional education shall be made generally available”
  5. 5. Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash Article 26 “higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit”
  6. 6. Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning
  7. 7. Creating Sustainable Futures 4 micro-courses w/microcredentials
  8. 8. MINISTÉRIO DA EDUCAÇÃO FUNDO NACIONAL DE DESENVOLVIMENTO DA EDUCAÇÃO SECRETARIA DE EDUCAÇÃO BÁSICA EDITAL DE CONVOCAÇÃO 01/2017– CGPLI EDITAL DE CONVOCAÇÃO PARA O PROCESSO DE INSCRIÇÃO E AVALIAÇÃO DE OBRAS DIDÁTICAS PARA O PROGRAMA NACIONAL DO LIVRO E DO MATERIAL DIDÁTICO PNLD 2019 A União, por meio do Ministério da Educação (MEC), representada pela Secretaria de Educação Básica (SEB) e pela Secretaria de Educação Continuada, Alfabetização, Diversidade e Inclusão (SECADI), em cooperação com o Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Educação (FNDE), com base no art. 208, VII, da Constituição Federal de 1988, na Lei nº 9.394/1996 e no Decreto nº 9.099/2017, faz saber aos interessados que se encontra aberto o processo de aquisição de obras didáticas no âmbito do Programa Nacional do Livro e do Material Didático (PNLD). 1. Do Objeto 1.1 Este edital tem por objeto a convocação de editores para participar do processo de aquisição de obras didáticas destinadas aos estudantes e professores dos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental (1º ao 5º ano) das escolas da educação básica pública, das redes federal, estaduais, municipais e do Distrito Federal e dos professores de educação infantil das escolas da educação
  9. 9. “ESD does not only integrate contents such as climate change, poverty and sustainable consumption into the curriculum… It asks for an action-oriented, transformative pedagogy, which supports self-directed learning, participation and collaboration, problem- orientation, inter- and transdisciplinarity and the linking of formal and informal learning. Only such pedagogical approaches make possible the development of the key competencies needed for promoting sustainable development.”
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Critical pedagogy…takes seriously the educational imperative to encourage students to act on the knowledge, values, and social relations they acquire by being responsive to the deepest and most important problems of our times. Henry Giroux, On Critical Pedagogy Photo by Aashish R Gautam on Unsplash
  12. 12. Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash @thatpsychprof