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Get the Facts on Why We Need Youth Sports Character Programs


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Get the Facts on Why We Need Youth Sports Character Programs

  1. 1. Why is Sports Charter Important? Get the FACTS. Get The Facts on Why Kids Need It Now
  2. 2. Athletics provide opportunities for young people to learn life skills for success. Successful Sports Character programs make the most of through hands-on teachable moments that celebrate: integrity, coachability, perseverance, positive attitude, respect, and the ability to work well with others. So, what are the obstacles kids face today that derail good character skills?
  3. 3. 54% of teens are afraid of auditioning or “trying-out” in order to be a part of something.
  4. 4. 40% of teens are afraid of peer pressure or not fitting in with people at school.
  5. 5. 33.7% of teens are stressed out over test taking.
  6. 6. 91% of teens have been a victim of bullying. 3% admitted to having been a bully and now regret their actions.
  7. 7. 5% said they were bullied because they were “poor”. 4% said they were bullied for having physical or learning disability.
  8. 8. 75.5% of teens worry about poor academic performance or not getting good grades.
  9. 9. Charles Barkley proclaimed he wasn’t a role model, yet kids still ranked famous athletes among the most “admired people” in their lives (73%) — second only to their parents (92 %).
  10. 10. Kids View on Athletes 74% of kids believe it is common for sports figures to yell at a referee or official. 62% believe it’s okay to taunt or “trash-talk” an opponent.
  11. 11. 52% understand the use of banned substances to get an edge on the competition. 46% condone taking cheap shots or hitting an opponent.
  12. 12. 24 % of kids surveyed said it isn’t necessary to study hard and finish school if you are successful at sports. 34% also believe sports stars received special treatment if they break the law….
  13. 13. Isn’t it time for youth to have a fresh mindset on what good character really means?
  14. 14. At The C.A.R.E. Foundation, is dedicated to making an impact on Youth Recreation and Sports Character Programs
  15. 15. Contact us today on how you can help. CARE-FOUNDATION.ORG Thank you. Resource Information Study says kids emulate athletes Stage of Statistics about Teens and Fear, Statistics about teens and bullying _and_Teenagers.aspx