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IMDA Digital Marketing 9 Dec2009


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Bayberry Consulting's Presentation on Digital Demand Generation to the Irish Medical Devices Association at a seminar in Galway in December 2009

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IMDA Digital Marketing 9 Dec2009

  1. 1. Digital Demand Generation 10 December 2009
  2. 2. Agenda! •  Introductions – who we are" •  The relevance of digital marketing to IMDA members" •  Context - a 3-phase approach" •  Why the focus on Digital Demand Generation?" •  The Digital Marketing tool set" •  Bringing it all together – B2B Demand Generation" •  Wrap-up!
  3. 3. Who we are, what we do! •  Strategic consulting and business advisory focused on growth ! •  Marketing, sales, and product management" •  Focused on complex technology sales " •  International experience" •  World-class clients – e.g. Misys, Tsys, Elavon" •  Recognised expertise – Forrester, Gartner, Irish Software Asssociation" •  Medical Device sector experience – Heartsine, Ircona etc." •  We work fast and deliver value early and often"
  4. 4. Digital Demand Generation for Medtech firms! Strategic Objectives! •  Need for scale – scaling revenue, scaling profitability, geographic reach" Sales environment! •  Complex technology products" •  Complex sales processes" •  Finite promotional budgets and resources " Challenges! •  Not sure which promotional spend produce sales/results" •  Not always confident in sales forecasts" •  Sales process is unpredictable" •  Sales success depends to an extent on individual sales staff" Want to ….! •  Increase repeatability" •  Improve ability to forecast" •  Enter new markets "
  5. 5. We suggest you address these issues through…! •  An ʻoutside-inʼ understanding of your customers, not ʻinside outʼ view typical of B2B technology firms" •  A repeatable process to market, sell and deliver needs-oriented solutions to the market" •  Effective enablement of your sales team (including distributors) as the first step in the process" •  Creation of a ʻdemand generationʼ machine that feeds these sales teams" •  An emphasis on digital marketing to generate this demand" •  Developing well thought-out processes to qualify and manage the demand so it converts to sales!
  6. 6. Questions you should ask …! •  Do you know influencers and decision makers in the buying process for your product and do you reach them early enough?" •  Are your marketing methods geared towards how corporate buyers or end- consumers use the Internet for medical research?" •  Is your product proposition aligned to the needs of consumers and influencers?" •  Is your product marketing driven by a product expert or the market needs?" •  Do you know the decision influencers in the buying process?" •  How to justify marketing spend in a cost-conscious market?" •  Will prospects recognise themselves when they read your collateral, see your advertisement campaign or visit your website" •  Where else will they get information about you?" •  What do you want them to do next?"
  7. 7. Know Your Buyers and Influencers! Routes to Market! •  End-use markets: patients, doctors (hospitals, private, clinics)" •  Channels: direct-to-doctor, medical supply companies, distributors, hospital buyers (& group purchasers), OEM channels" Influencer Dynamics! •  Whatever the market, itʼs usually highly niche " •  Peer-to-peer endorsement is often key to acceptable" •  Patients are often secondary influencers" Impact on Content! •  Identify your buyer personas" •  Be information rich, feed your infuencers" •  Continuing Medical Education, eLearning, become a thought-leader" •  Donʼt depend on tradeshows"
  8. 8. Our recommended approach! 1. Sales 2. Demand 3. Lead Enablement! Generation Management Focus for today’s seminar
  9. 9. Digital Demand Generation! Preparation Execution Results i  Buying Process – analyze the buying process and improve its outcome to drive growth; make yourself easier to buy from; gain earlier entry to the sales cycle, become a needs influencer i  Select Demand Generation tool-set - Choose the methods you’ll use to amplify messages and gain mindshare – focus on online tools i  Set specific objectives and metrics – e.g. number of opportunities to generate this quarter, based on how many opportunities needed to hit revenue targets; i  Pick target segments/accounts: Identify where you think those opportunities will come from i  Prepare demand generation program, emphasizing online methods – web-site, search engine marketing, email marketing, online PR and social media, content i  Capture and categorize contacts automatically, move them smoothly through the buyer process
  10. 10. Digital Demand Generation! Why the focus on digital demand gen?! Your prospective customers will find you before you them. •  The majority of technology firms selling complex products succesfully use digital marketing •  Even in a small, tightly defined market, if your customer doesn’t find you he will find your competition •  The first place a prospect looks after contact is your web-site. What’s on your site that would encourage them to move to a positive buying decision?
  11. 11. Digital Demand Generation! Why the focus on digital demand gen?! Paid search (Google pay-per-click) works for complex technology
  12. 12. Digital Demand Generation! Why the focus on digital demand gen?! •  The key benefit is scale" •  Scale in demand generation, scale in revenue growth" •  Relying on direct sales, telesales and other traditional methods imposes limits on growth" •  Digital B2B demand generation can be scaled up effectively, at relatively low cost" •  Can automate most of the initial steps" •  Easy to measure what outputs you get for each dollar input" •  Can optimize the lead qualification processes so that best use is made of your sales team" •  Can automate follow-up of ʻlow scoreʼ leads that would normally be discarded – 20% to 30% of these can be driven to sales quality over time"
  13. 13. Digital Demand Generation! Preparation Execution Results Sales! Digital Demand Generation 1. Revise 2. Generate content 3. Launch 4. Start Email 5. Generate PR website based on to attract visitor Google pay-per- Marketing and online PR buyer analysis, registrations click ads campaigns add landing pages 6. Post to Corporate 7. Launch Search 8. Hardcopy Mail to 9. Telemarketing Blog and Social Media Engine Optimization selected contacts qualification of warm activities leads
  14. 14. The tools available! ‘Offline’ Online •  Print Ads •  Web-site •  Direct Mail •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) •  Telesales •  4  PR Pay-per-click Google •  Events/Tradeshows •  Email marketing •  PR •  Online ads •  Telemarketing •  Online PR •  Brochures •  Social Media •  Flyers •  Webinars •  Newsletters / bulletins •  eNewsletters Use a mixture, but emphasize online tools
  15. 15. Digital marketing! 1.  Your Website 2.  Google pay-per-click advertising 3.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4.  Online PR 5.  Email Marketing 6.  Social media marketing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs etc.)
  16. 16. Digital marketing! 1. The web-site 4  The most important marketing tool you have 4  A sales lead generation machine 4  Drive visitors to your site 4  Get them to take “Most wanted action” 4  Home page is the 4  Either ‘Buy Now’ (B2C) or ‘capture contact details’ (B2B) most important page 4  Structure, text 4  Give visitors plenty of things to click on 4  Make downloads and ‘buy now’ offers prominent 4  Look at competitor sites for comparison 4  Check out, other template sites
  17. 17. Digital marketing! 1. The web-site
  18. 18. Digital marketing! 2. Google pay-per-click (PPC) 4  Quick way to get traffic to a site 4  Tell Google which search terms you want to be found for 4  E.g. show my ad when someone searches for ‘graphic design donegal’ 4  Only pay if someone clicks on my ad 4  Create specific ‘landing’ page for the ad 4  Avg. 50c per click, can set maximum daily/ weekly budget 4  Can lock down by geography, time, day
  19. 19. Digital marketing! 2. Google pay-per-click (PPC) 4  Set yourself as a business advertiser (2 mins) 4  Tell Google the words you want to be found for – ‘keywords’ 4  Write the ad that will appear 4  Tell Google how much you’re willing to spend per day/month 4  Ad only shown when someone searches for your word 4  Don’t pay unless they click on your ad Success factors for Google PPC 4  Keywords you choose – make sure people are looking for them 4  Ad text – does it make people want to click 4  Your ‘landing page’ – make sure it’s matched to the ad, and that there’ some kind of “call to action”
  20. 20. Digital marketing! 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4  You want to get found without paying Google all the time 4  ‘Organic’ or natural search results 4  How do you get to the top? 4  Main element – good ‘content’ – information 4  A site that people find useful
  21. 21. Digital marketing! 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4  On Page – stuff you put on your web-site 4  Off Page – links from other people/sites to you On page Off page
  22. 22. Digital marketing! 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – On Page 4  First, choose your “key words” Page Title 4  Then for each page . … URL Header tags Text, internal links, bold Page description text
  23. 23. Digital marketing! 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Off Page 4  A link: 4  Anchor text: software systems 4  Links should be from other good sites 4  To get links, provide information/content that people think is valuable and should be shared
  24. 24. Digital marketing! 4. Online PR 4  PR is the most cost-effective form of marketing 4  Generate €1000s worth of coverage 4  Seen to be more credible than standard ads 4  Some basic rules – ‘Man bites dog’, Inverted Pyramid, ‘who, what, when, where and why’, include a photo etc. 4  But … now also has an online element 4  Should ‘optimize’ each press release so that (a) it highlights particular keywords and (b) has embedded links that link back to your web-site 4  Should also issue to Twitter, RSS feeds, blog, other sites etc. as part of your PR release process (more later …) 4  Test using graphics, video embedded in releases
  25. 25. Digital marketing! 5. Email Marketing 4  Do not spam 4  But do regularly email contacts who have ‘opted in’ to Email communications 4  91% of internet users use email 4  Cost effective, broad reach 4  First, build your list 4  Next, draft your email Reply 4  Keep it short Visit 4  “Call to action” 4  Test every element 4  From & Subject – determine whether email is deleted or SPAM opened 4  Certain words will attract spam filters e.g. ‘Free’
  26. 26. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing
  27. 27. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing 4  Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yammer, blogging, video…. 4  Interactive rather than one way communication 4  Now everyone can contribute, write, edit, shoot video, record audio 4  People/customers can talk back, engage, ask questions 4  Generate interesting stuff people want to see, read, hear 4  You’ll get more web traffic, visitors, business 4  Three modes : Publish, Share, Network
  28. 28. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing Blogs 4  Why? Lets your prospects know what it’s like to work with you before they become customers 4  Allows readers to provide feedback 4  Can paste in YouTube videos, SlideShare slides Approach 4  Decide who you’re targeting 4  Mix of entries – news, opinion, video, photos, informative 4  Basic, medium and rich posts, light & heavy 4  Strong headlines 4  Pick a posting schedule
  29. 29. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing Video 4  Video yourself, a colleague, a customer 4  Home-made is good 4  Relate to your business – e.g. “how to use the latest version of our product” 4  Post it on YouTube 4  Link to YouTube from your website, blog, Twitter ….
  30. 30. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing Twitter 4  What: Listen, Tweet, Respond 4  Why?: Traffic to your website, inbound links, leads, sales 4  How: 140 character “tweets” 4  E.g. press release headline 4  Can also insert links to stuff you like/find interesting 4  Follow others e.g. customers, influencers 4  Make your tweets useful e.g. links to web-site, video, news item 4  Tweet about good stuff your business is doing 4  Customer service
  31. 31. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing LinkedIn 4  Business or private 4  Use your network to promote what you do 4  Search for contacts at particular companies 4  Join new groups with shared interest 4  Create a group and encourage people to join 4  LinkedIn ads – very targeted (role, location) 4  Tip: build out your profile info
  32. 32. Digital marketing! 6. Social Media Marketing Facebook 4  Why do you care? -over 200 million active users 4  Lots of your customers 4  3rd most trafficked website Facebook 4  Get found, promote your stuff, 4  Try Facebook ads connect with others 4  11 targeting factors 4  Get started: Set up a personal 4  Includes location, age, birthday, sex, profile first workplace, education and interests 4  Join networks 4  So, could run ads to women only in 30 4  Set up a business page second to 40 age bracket in your area to test 4  Put links to your facebook pages on the results emails, web-site, …. 4  Facebook ads
  33. 33. Digital Demand Generation! Preparation Execution Results Scale, Visibility, Awareness, Sales •  Scale - in demand generation, scale in revenue growth •  Scale - Repeatable, scalable, demand generation and sales processes •  Visibility - visibility of how prospects move through your buying process •  Visibility of upcoming RFPs, tenders at an earlier stage •  Awareness of company amplified in the Networked marketplace •  Awareness of company in the market as a thought leader and a needs-influencer •  Sales - Increased number of opportunities, inclusion on more shortlists, improved conversion through new approach Final stage in the process is still based on human interaction – the sale will always be made face to face
  34. 34. 3. Lead Management! Lead Management
  35. 35. 3. Lead Management! Agree definition of qualified lead! Initial contact details, not meeting basic criteria, bogus Score = 1 information, no real interaction Contact details valid, company details valid, but low Score = 2 expectation that it will become a lead Details valid, lead is of interest, but doesn’t meet all Score = 3 criteria for a Sales Qualified Lead Lead meets all the criteria specified to be a Sales Qualified Score = 4 Lead Hand off Lead meets all the criteria specified to be a Sales Qualified To Sales Score = 5 Lead, plus we have indication that they are seriously engaged and/or have shown interest in Information Mosaic
  36. 36. 3. Lead Management! Start ‘closing the loop’ Google Web Events Email Telesales Score = 1 Not a fit Score = 2 Nurture 2s and 3s Score = 3 Handoff to Sales Returned Prospects Sales- Score = 4 generated leads and Score = Score = 5 existing 5 clients $€£
  37. 37. Recap – why Digital Demand Generation? Makes business sense 4  More cost effective – you can see what you get for your money 4  Greater impact – you can market to 1000s for same price as 100s 4  Scale – you can automate significant parts of the demand generation process 4  Greater impact - you can look like IBM for little outlay 4  Competitive imperative – your competitors are doing it Buyer behaviour 4  Companies purchasing processes are changing 4  More people involved in the purchase decision, takes longer – a complex B2B sale 4  Start research by looking on the web, not at tradeshows or waiting for vendor to call them
  38. 38. Bringing it all together! 1. Sales 2. Demand 3. Lead Enablement! Generation Management Focus for today’s seminar
  39. 39. Wrap-up! Useful Resources 4 4 4 4 4 – Analyst Laura Ramos 4  Larry Chase’s “Web Digest for Marketers” 4  Newsletter - “Who’s blogging what” Suggested books 4  “New rules of marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott 4  “Email marketing for dummies”
  40. 40. Contact us at:! ^ Email: !! Tel: ! + 353 1 282 7103! Email: !! Mobile: + 353 87 850 4941! Email:! Mobile: + 353 87 6468390! Email@! Mobile: +353 86 383 8981! Visit us at!