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Deal Toys | The Corporate Presence


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Deal toys, also known as tombstones, deal cubes, Lucites, acrylic blocks, financial tombstones---and dozens of other combinations and permutations of these terms---have for decades proven to be an enduring means of celebrating successful transactions for investment banks, and the broader financial community.

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Deal Toys | The Corporate Presence

  1. 1. Deal Toys | The Corporate Presence
  2. 2. Softbank - Dealtoy
  3. 3. Michelin - Custom Deal Toy
  4. 4. Facebook IPO – Custom Dealtoy
  5. 5. The Process of Pouring Lucite
  6. 6. Manufactured in our North American Factory
  7. 7. Heinz – Deal Toy
  8. 8. HSBC - Custom Deal Toy
  9. 9. Request a Quote!