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Is this a good font?

Five simple things to consider when selecting a typeface.

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Is this a good font?

  1. 1. Is this a good font? Five simple things to consider 
 when selecting a typeface Alexei Kapterev
  2. 2. The world is full of bad signs, posters, resumes, and, yes, 
 presentations. Part of the problem are the fonts people use. 
 Professional signs in Brush Script? What is it, the 1950’s?! Here are five things to consider when selecting a font.
  3. 3. Is the typeface on the “100 best Typefaces of all times” list? 
 Or maybe on another “The best of something” list? Did it won 
 any design awards? Does it have a Wikipedia page? Avenir Charter DIN Futura Big Caslon Gill Sans Georgia Helvetica PT Sans 1. Acclaimed fonts are safer Definitely good fonts Web Search: *fontname* awards | Wikipedia: *fontname*
  4. 4. 2. Avoid overused fonts Might it be the case that there’s too much of this font already? 
 Is this a default typeface in a popular software suite? 
 Yes, some fonts are both iconic and overused. Calibri Times Arial Helvetica Myriad Segoe Script Definitely overused Kinda overused Web Search: *fontname* + overuse
  5. 5. Bad Somewhat problematic fonts 3. Avoid most hated fonts Is the typeface on some “Never use those fonts” list? 
 Or maybe it’s one of those “10 cheesy fonts to avoid”? If it’s on more than one of those lists — exercise caution. Comic Sans Bradley hand Impact Monotype Corsiva Papyrus Party LET Web Search: *fontname* avoid
  6. 6. 4. Is it used by the pros? Check the website, it’s a great collection 
 of typographic design. Is the typeface even there? What do 
 the experts say? Comic Sans 13 results including 2 staff 
 picks and 1 blog post 9 results, mostly ironic Probably a decent typeface Use with caution FontsInUse: *fontname*
  7. 7. Quirky, hard to read fonts are ok for headers and logos, 
 but not for the main body text. Rockwell Very distinctive 
 but poor readability Decent readability, 
 interesting look Lucida Sans Excellent readability 
 but slightly boring 5. Is it hard to read? Web Search: *fontname* hard to read
  8. 8. And, finally… Most “bad” typefaces aren’t really bad. 
 They’re just inappropriate for the context. Even a Brush Script sign might look good. But, alas, that’s another story. Smith Jones FUNERAL DIRECTORS &
  9. 9. +7 495 764 1898 Presentation skills ALEXEI KAPTEREV