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Presentation Secrets


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A short intro for the book Presentation Secrets.

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Presentation Secrets

  1. PresentationSECRETS a book by Alexei Kapterev
  3. I live in Moscow and I teach at theMoscow University’s business school
  4. 4 year s ago I pub lisheda pr esen tation Slideshare on
  5. As se TV! en onW hich became one the world’s most popular presentation about presentations (funny, yes)
  6. B ut letme makea small confession...
  7. Back then Iwasn’t reallymuch of aguru myself
  8. I was justmaking myfirst steps
  9. But when “Death by Powerpoint” went viral, lotsof people came to me asking for helP!
  10. I had nochoice butto becomean expert
  11. Q: So, 4 years later, do we still suffer from Death by Powerpoint? YES.A:
  12. Most presentations still have:Incomprehensible Lousy Sleep-inducing structure slides delivery
  13. TypicalstructureYou cannot summarize the argumentNo answer to the question “why bother?”No story arc — just tons of facts
  14. Typical slides (it did get a bit better, but still…)Too much text and dataAesthetics? What’s “aesthetics”?Pictures for the sake of pictures
  15. Typical delivery Talking to the mic, not to the audience Mo-no-to-ny-mo-no-to-ny-mo-no-to-ny Scripted, canned… inauthentic
  16. What is still wrong?
  17. Bad presenters share either of the 2 extreme beliefs: orIt’s voodoo magic, You can do it you have to be by following born with it “3 simple rules”
  18. areOK, presentationsdifficult(This is true and I’m notgonna lie to you on this)
  19. It m ight SEEM likeyou have to become: Scriptwriter YOU Designer Actor
  20. But afterdoing it myself I’m convinced:EVERYONECAN DO IT
  21. 4 RULEIt’s just NEVER PRESE a matter of 1. Don’t e“simple rules”. 2. Use san 3. Avoid uFor example… 4. Always
  22. The rule“Use pictures not words”often leads to irrelevant,cheesy slides
  23. So I suggest adopting3 PRINCIPLES (not rules):Focus Contrast Unity
  24. Focus Contrast Unity Our attention is limited, so weshould FOCUS only on few things and leave out the rest.
  25. Focus Contrast UnityWe can truly understand facts only in CONTRAST to other facts.
  26. Focus Contrast Unity By working from a SINGLE UNIFIED METAPHORyou achieve internal consistency.
  27. Theory pracTice Now, principles are easy. Applying them is hard.Let me give you some examples.
  28. Structure 1st point 2 nd point GOAL 3 rd point 4 th point Ideally, a presentation should haveONE GOAL supported by 3-5 KEY POINTS.
  29. Slides LARGE BIG STATEMENT PICTURE • Much • Smaller • Supporting KEY INDICATOR • Points A slide should have a CLEAR FOCAL POINT, something it is “about”.
  30. Delivery A presenter has to GUIDE the audience’s attention, making sure they can FOLLOW.
  31. Structure The story must describe both solutionsand PROBLEMS — otherwise it’s POINTLESS.
  32. Slides Best illustrations COMPARE or show things CHANGING.
  33. Delivery Great presenters ENGAGE * the audience. * En•gage [enˈgāj]: 1. occupy, attract, or involve 2. enter into conflict or combat
  34. Structure Solution + Intro Call for action Problem —The S-curve is a CLASSIC PATTERN of CHANGE. What’s the overall pattern of your story?
  35. Slides This font works with this object This font works with this objectWhat’s your OVERALL DESIGN METAPHOR? For this presentation it’s a whiteboard.
  36. Delivery Improvise Rehearse Both improvisation and rehearsal areINDISPENSABLE if you want to look authentic.
  37. OK, principles areimportant, but thisbook is NOT aboutthe principles.It is mostly aboutILLUSTRATIONS,EXAMPLES, CASES.
  38. I believe that bystudying examples youlearn to APPLY thoseprinciples CREATIVELY —and this is the secretof GREAT presentations.Get your copy ofPresentation Secrets ALEXEI KAPTEREVon