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Free & Cheap Stock Photography: 13 Free or Cheap Stock Photography Sites for Your Blog


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Photos on your blog can add visual appeal, but the cost of stock photography can add up fast. Here are 13 resources for free or cheap stock photography for any blogger’s budget.

One of the best ways to spice up any blog is with good photography. But if you’re posting, once, twice or three times a week, those blog photos can get expensive.

If you’re looking for good, affordable, legal stock photography for your blog, you do have some options. I recently needed an image for a blog post on creating the perfect blog post (I know: pretty meta, right?) and fell down a rabbit hole, looking for a cheap photo for the post.

Here’s what I found from doing some research on a dozen or so different stock photography sites that have a blogger’s budget in mind.

In trying to give you a fair comparison, I had to balance the following:

Some sites offer individual downloads, some offer subscriptions, and some offer both. I noted this as best I could below.
Some offer bulk pricing. I used a budget of $100 to come up with a cost per credit.
The smallest web-friendly versions differed from site to site.
The quality and desirability of the photos weren’t always equal.
My idea of what makes for an attractive photo will differ from yours. But mine is correct.
Because of all this, although I wasn’t comparing apples to oranges, I was comparing Macintoshes to Granny Smiths.

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Free & Cheap Stock Photography: 13 Free or Cheap Stock Photography Sites for Your Blog

  1. 1. FREE & CHEAPSTOCK PHOTOS13 Free or Cheap Stock Photography Sitesfor Your Blog
  2. 2. Pond5 – The World’s Stock MediaMarketplace Sample Cost: $1.95*
  3. 3. YAY Images – Great Images at BudgetPrices Sample Cost: $1.95*
  4. 4. iStockphoto – Royalty Free StockPhotography Sample Cost: $1.95*
  5. 5. Dreamstime – Stock Photos andRoyalty Free Images Sample Cost: $1.95*
  6. 6. 123RF – Royalty Free Stock Photos Sample Cost: $1.95*
  7. 7. Bigstock – Images for Everyone. Sample Cost: $1.95*
  8. 8. Fotolia – Royalty Free Images, Photos,Vectors and Videos Sample Cost: $1.95*
  9. 9. Media Bakery – Millions of CuratedStock Photos Sample Cost: $1.95*
  10. 10. Shutterstock – Stock Photos,Illustrations, Vectors & Videos Sample Cost: $1.95*
  11. 11. Depositphotos – Stock Photos,Illustrations and Vector Art Sample Cost: $1.95*
  12. 12. Stock.xchng – The Leading FREEStock Photo Site Sample Cost: $1.95*
  13. 13. Flickr / Creative Commons AttributionLicense Sample Cost: $1.95*
  14. 14. Your SmartPhoneResults are infinite, the cost is free (after cost of phone/tablet), and you can run your picture through an editor like Instragram and get fantastic results.
  15. 15. Thanks! Questions? Rich Brooks 207.619.0099 @therichbrooks * For more information on sample costs, bulk discounts and subscriptions, be sure to check out: