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Life, librarianship and everything

My talk from the NLPN Manchester event #NLPNOPEN.

All images CC-0.

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Life, librarianship and everything

  1. 1. AND EVERYTHING @ned_potter #NLPNOPEN
  2. 2. Things I wish I’d known a bit earlier.
  3. 3. You, the New Professionals, happy in your field
  4. 4. Me, trying to be as much like you as possible, but clearly in no way a new professional
  5. 5. This is the date I could last call myself a New Professional.
  6. 6. I’m using term to mean someone new to the profession – within 5 or so years of joining – and NOT necessarily someone with the qualification.
  7. 7. The difference between librarians with the degree and librarians without the degree is rarely the degree.
  8. 8. A Quick confession – library buildings are really nothing to do with what excited me about IBRARIANSHI P (Last month I went on my first ever tour of a library – at least voluntarily…) LIBRARIANSHIP
  9. 9. What I love about LIBRARIANSHIP is the community. It is sharing, supportive, and communicative. LIBRARIANSHIP
  10. 10. What I love about LIBRARIANSHIP is the community. LIBRARIANSHIP These days it’s a very fragmented community, but that’s okay. You just need to FIND YOUR FRAGMENT
  11. 11. I don’t think librarians can save the world.
  14. 14. do something you weren’t going to do already…
  15. 15. JOIN TWITTER
  16. 16. Use the SEARCH box Cannibalise Give it time…
  17. 17. If you follow these four accounts Twitter WILL be interesting, challenging and useful to you as an information professional
  19. 19. If you’re taking career risks (rather than creative risks) go for IMPACT
  20. 20. It’s really important to learn from positive experiences Write them down if need be!
  22. 22. Get your fingers in several
  23. 23. But don’t modify your baa to suit the flock…
  24. 24. People get stuck on the idea that you need to build a brand. Brand is a by-product.
  26. 26. MENTOR FIND A
  27. 27. JUST ASKIt’s amazing how much people get when they just ask for it. It doesn’t always work, of course – but it’s always worth a try.
  28. 28. And the restREST AND THE
  29. 29. And the rest
  30. 30. Sometimes it takes strength to say no.
  31. 31. It’s easy to get addicted to opportunities. Others will come! Imagine you’re advising someone else…
  32. 32. ANDREW OSWALD Professor of Economics University of Warwick
  33. 33. For this reason, I formed Opportunities Anonymous: an informal self-help group of about a dozen close colleagues in my networks who are addicted to saying yes. The group acts as a forum in which to confess the opportunities that we are currently considering and to get feedback on them. Surprisingly, perhaps, it is very easy to see why other people should turn opportunities away… Click here to read the full article on workload survival
  34. 34. Give yourself a break…
  35. 35. Give yourself a break… (Like you’d give someone else a break.)
  36. 36. Perhaps librarians need to spend less time giving themselves a hard time about things which don’t matter, and more time setting higher standards for ourselves on the things that do matter?
  37. 37. AND
  38. 38. Don’t underestimate how focused interview panels are on local impact. No one cares if you’re a rockstar.
  39. 39. Rarely do people ask you at interview about your extra-curricular activities in librarianship. Those become useful if they help you show you can do the specific role they’re interviewing you for.
  40. 40. (Download the job spec of the job you want and start assembling all the skills you need.)
  41. 41. “You can’t arrive in the rehearsal and be any good unless you’ve done a lot of work beforehand. You can’t be good in the rehearsal unless you can think on your feet. So you can’t come in with a plan, but if you don’t come in with anything you’re dead!“
  42. 42. Library careers can work a bit like this too. You often can’t expect to follow a plan – but it’s good to have some idea where you’re going. Even though the way you get there will change, and the destination might change too.
  43. 43. Images are Creative Commons Zero, sourced via Pixabay, Pexels, and Gratisogpraphy #NLPNOPEN #NLPNOPEN #NLPNOPEN Images are Creative Commons Zero, sourced via Pixabay, Pexels, and Gratisogprahy
  44. 44. Images are Creative Commons Zero, sourced via Pixabay, Pexels, and Gratisogpraphy #NLPNOPEN #NLPNOPEN #NLPNOPEN Images are Creative Commons Zero, sourced via Pixabay, Pexels, and Gratisogprahy