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Competency Modelling


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“Crisp, clear and actionable” is how Think Talent's competencies and indicators have been defined by one line manager from a client organization.

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Competency Modelling

  1. 1. Competency Modelling Our Approach
  2. 2. Our Approach Competency Mapping Competency Contextualiza tion Competency Validation Competency Creation An holistic approach to create a robust framework which keeps both current and future business context in mind + Design of Assessme nt Center Assessme nt Delivery Train the Assessors Scalability, Simplicity & Usability: Key implementation elements across three phases Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Assessment Framework 1 2
  3. 3. … that would entail specific details Methodology • Broadly speaking there are two approaches to mapping competencies: • Through the BEI / repertory grid techniques • Through a process of job and role analysis Tools & Techniques • Study of role documents • Understanding Business plan and context • Meeting with Business Leaders • Interview Role Holders (Top Performer & Average) • Calibration of competency requirement • Group Process with Role Set members Validation • Validate the competency framework internally • Benchmarking competency framework externally and from TT repository
  4. 4. 4 Step Process Understand the Organization and Business Environment Important to understand the business and environment factors, since competencies will need to be displayed according to the needs of the business and environment. Done through a Diagnostic study Define the Jobs and Roles for the Organisational Universe Second stage is defining jobs and roles, which entails: • Identifying the different jobs • Determining the unique jobs • Writing job descriptions for unique jobs • Creating role statements for key roles Determine appropriate job / role determinants for the organisation 3 Detailed analysis of job and role statements done to arrive at the key parameters that represent the jobs / roles as determinants, in terms of dimensions such as: • Universal determinants • Level determinants • Functional determinants etc. etc. 1 2 Map Competencies; Define and Describe them and list Proficiency Levels 4 Competencies are captured in the form of a definition, a description, behavioural indicators and proficiency levels
  5. 5. Breaking Down the Steps 1. List all positions for purpose of Competency Mapping. 2. Prepare/collate the Position descriptions for all these positions and understand structure. 3. Identify the Future business needs and capture the Future business scenario of organization through Depth Interviews with Top Management. 4. Understand the Organization strategy as envisaged in the Business Plan. 5. Determine the Organizational Competencies for Organization. 6. Validate the Competencies with the Top Management Organization Level Identify the Role Set Members for each position. Role Level 1. Identify the Role Set Members for each position. 2. Develop the Role Definition for the position. 3. Map the Jobs related to this role. 4. List the KPA’s and the tasks for the role and classify them as Knowledge, Skill & Attitude. 5. Determine the Technical /Functional and Behavioural Competencies for the position from Knowledge, Skill & Attitude. 6. Determine the Functional and Dysfunctional Behaviors exhibited for each competency. 7. Define & Determine the Proficiency levels indicators for each competency. 8. Validate the Competencies and proficiency levels with Role Set members.
  6. 6. Sample Process Flow Position Role Definition Map related Jobs to Role KPA Tasks K S A Technical Competencies Behavioural Competencies I II III IV I II III IV FYI DFYI Role definition Reports KPA & Task Reports List of roles which can take over in case of any eventuality • Business Plan • Strategy Document • Future Business Needs • In-Depth Interview with Top management • Discussion with Role Set members • Position Description • Organization Structure I II III IV Organizational Competencies Revalidation of Position Descriptions • Competency Dictionary - Competencies Definitions, and Proficiency levels • List of Essential, desired and Futuristic competencies
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