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An Open Letter


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Live human study CONTRAINDICATED These clinicians need counselling, PR not CR of CPR

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An Open Letter

  1. 1. "Ariadne auf Naxos" Opera by Richard Strauss; Libretto Hugo Von Hofmannsthal Bacchus sings: Hear me, mortal one who stands before me, Hear me, you who wish to die. Ariadne sings: Does nothing remain of Ariadne but a breath? Comment Bacchus god of inebriants "consume too much of anything, you die acute respiratory failure" Ariadne's thread of wisdom, which Theseus used to slay the Minotaur "but a breath" Stop feeding your women and children to the Minotaur as it eats your very souls. SAVE LIVES “Let’s get some air, you look a little green around the gills” “Patty now completely blue around the gills, quietly slid under the table and EVERYONE PRETENDED NOT TO NOTICE” An Injustice Against Humanity: Toronto Public Health is doing a live human study CJPH 2013;104(3)e200-4 that is WELL KNOWN to increase morbidity & mortality, also increases cost to the health care system (permanent brain and/or all organs damaged, lack of oxygen). Increases drug use and abuse a loss of trust in health care providers, addictions and harm reduction workers. Took this training Sept. 2, 2011, told the trainer it was contraindicated then. Bet your last nickel nurses and doctors at TPH will give rescue breaths only to family or friends. An inmate on death row gets more consideration. Lethal injection prisoners are intubated, if the Governor calls to give a reprieve the oxygen gets turned on. The inmate wakes up in a week or more. They are not tortured to death with chest compressions. When a person assaults or murders someone, all scream. When an institution does the same, not a peep? Basic first aid info, never chest compressions for acute respiratory failure (poisoning, drug OD, stroke, diabetic coma, bee sting ad fin item). Have complained too many medical authorities, talked many times to the doctors, nurses and staff at TPH getting nowhere. The authorities tell me “go after TPH” and say nothing? They are living in a state of pure guilt as the dissonance gets larger protecting this. TPH your children know what you are doing is wrong. Loss of trust in parents can lead to drug use and abuse. Harm reduction workers tell me “Don’t rock the boat, we do things different in Toronto.” Apparently so, ship hit an iceberg is heading straight to the bottom as the band plays on.
  2. 2. Know of a 14 year old juvenile onset diabetes case, two unconscious choking victims plus poisoning (drug OD) deaths. Responders were just doing as TPH instructed, unconscious (coma- heart beats); cyanotic (blue pallor- proves heart beating); laboured breaths (Cheyne:Stokes respiration- proves heart beating); miosis (pin point pupils- proves heart beating) GIVE CHEST COMPRESSIONS. How many more maimed or killed? 49 min. to 53 min. CPR guidelines hyperlinked, EXPERT ADVISORS Dr. Peter Selby; Deb Matthews; Kathleen Wynne & Dr. Eric Hoskins. Response Dr. Selby (attached + my LinkedIn for original), no reply from politicians to date. CAMH admits Naloxone may not work, give rescue breaths, ASAP. Watch 1st minute then 4 min. 40 sec. Patient cyanotic (blue) heart is beating, PR not CR of CPR. Killing his boyhood friend with chest compressions. Video Waterloo Region Crime Prevention, you just heard testimony of a crime!! For the good of the patient, not for the good of the protocol, the medical directive nor the live human study. Follow consensus rescue breathing, then you may give Naloxone, continue rescue breathing until patient breaths adequately on their own. You’re the only place in the world that teaches this contraindicated-malpractice, nonsense. TPH training webinar Slide 31 Login any alias user name & email. Why do they want that info? TPH training video NO MENTION OF RESPIRATORY ASSIST ANYWHERE, CHEST COMPRESSIONS IS ASSAULT 30,000+ children poisoned a year in Ontario and TPH is teaching people how to kill them. Comment #8 BMJ “Doc2Doc” Went to the Canadian Press two weeks later this print article shows up in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton and Ottawa. From print article TPH quote "If they can't wake them up and they have signs of overdose -- blue lips, they're not breathing or their respiration is very slow -- then they call 911, administer one dose of the Naloxone and do chest compressions.” "It usually works fairly quickly," says Hopkins. But if the overdose victim doesn't regain consciousness within a few minutes, the person armed with a kit is advised to hit the person with a second dose.” CTV news was the only place that added a video clip. Video quote respiratory assist was only stopped when the patient breathed adequately on their own. Correct as per all medicine.
  3. 3. fatal-drug-overdoses-for-opiate-abusers-1.1691063 Drugs Falling into the Wrong Hands – or Not? Naloxone Use by Non-EMS Personnel Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD (Tulsa and OKC) What about the well documented opioid overdose mimics that paramedics have trouble with – stroke, hypoglycemia, seizures, et cetera Response click comment box eagles-conference-part-1/ Forgot to mention my friends are making themselves SICK teaching this. Read and see comment Orders at TPH if someone OD’s in the office, CALL 911 ONLY. Question “Don’t want to be seen killing them with chest compressions, respiratory assist may raise some eyebrows, and no naloxone?” So they watch a person dying and wait for EMS. TPH has oxygen, a full crash cart and medical professionals on site. What about the overdose mimics stroke, diabetic coma etc. respiratory emergencies wait for EMS? Talked to TPH after the Mayor admitted smoking crack “Guess this live human study can’t end till someone kills the Mayor with chest compressions if he smokes and or drinks to much?” Response “Heehee that’s about it Gary hehee” sick puppies. Went to the Mayor’s office down the street comment “TPH is not in my jurisdiction” Shook my head “Guess I have to go to Montreal or Windsor?” Not placing blame, just change this protocol. Stop needless suffering for we all suffer needlessly call TPH 416-392-0520. A lot of healing needs to happen. TPH stop lying to yourselves and everyone else, perpetuating the war on humanity. Please reply Best Wishes Gary Thompson 718-77 Finch Ave East Toronto Ontario M2N 6H8 Phone: 647-864-6609 Full details, all medical evidence etc. etc. Don’t have a LinkedIn account user name: Password CPRCPRCPR "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting." - Buddha