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Thailand Startup Ecosystem


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Keynote opening in #tiameetup

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Thailand Startup Ecosystem

  1. Thailand    Startup  Ecosystem  
  2. Oranuch  Lerdsuwankij  Co-­‐founder  of  Twi?er:  @mimee  Email  :  Website  :  h?p://  
  3. Who  is ?    1st  Startup  Event  in  Thailand  “Start  it  Up,  Power  it  Up”  TV  Show  Official  Partnership    with  Econsultancy  We  are  the  pioneer  of  Startup  Media  in  Thailand  
  4. What  are  you  thinking  of  Thailand?  Tourism   Agriculture  
  5. How  about  IT  industry?  
  6. Agenda  Thailand  Market  SituaJon   Key  player  in    Startup  Ecosystem  Payment  Infrastructure  Rising  Startups  
  7. Thailand    Market  SituaJon  
  8. Number  of  populaHon  (2012  Est.)  :  67,091,089    Internet  Users  (2000)    :  2,300,000    Internet  Users  (June  2012)  :  20,100,000    PenetraHon  (%  PopulaHon)  :  30%    Source:    hVp://  NaHonal  StaHsHcal  Office  of  Thailand                  Internet  Users  
  9. Facebook Users(Mar 2013) : 18,202,320 UsersFacebook  users  51%  49%  
  10.                Mobile    Users  (Sub.)  Q1/2013   Growth  Rate  Total   87,445,730   4.10%  Prepaid   76,508,667   3.08%  Postpaid   10,937,063   11.8%  Mobile  Market  Share  (Q1  2013)  Source  :  Mobile  Users  41.49%                                  29.54%                                          20.7%  Others  8.27%  
  11. Non  voice  revenue  is  growing  up  (Q3  2012)  Source  :  Mobile  Nonvoice  Revenue  
  12. Smartphone  Forecast  Number  of  Smartphone  sales  in  2013  7.5  million  units    Android  68%  share  iOS  18%  share  then  Windows  Phone  8  and  Blackberry  10%  [GFK]  
  13. The  Thumb  Culture    Chat  More  Talk  Less  
  14. Young  children  are  becoming  addicted  to  tablets  
  15. One  Tablet    Per  Child  hVp://  
  16. Payment  Infrastructure  
  17. No. of Bank Account Amount< 50,000 THB 69,811,220 343,34950,000 - 100,000 THB 3,531,025 251,192100,000 - 200,000 THB 2,800,111 390,017200,000 - 500,000 THB 2,420,937 764,728500,000 - 1,000,000 THB 1,116,753 809,0761,000,000 - 10,000,000 THB 1,101,557 2,804,04310,000,000 - 25,000,000 THB 58,940 893,97025,000,000 - 50,000,000 THB 17,862 637,78950,000,000 - 100,000,000 THB 7,390 522,180100,000,000 - 200,000,000 THB 3,026 424,494200,000,000 - 500,000,000 THB 1,558 487,053> 500,000,000 THB 740 1,123,671Total 80,871,119 9,451,562Source  :  Bank  of  Thailand  (March  2013)  Bank  Accounts  
  18. The  total  number  of  credit  cards (Y2011)  stood  at    15.3  million  cards,  increasing    by  8%  from  14.2  million  cards  in  Y2010.    Credit  Card  Users  
  19. Payment  Gateway/  Ewallet  
  20. h?p://  
  21. Key  Player  in  Startup    Ecosystem  
  22. Venture  Capital  Incubator/Accelerators  Co-­‐working  Space  Training  Knowledge  Hub  Media  Startup  Ecosystem  
  23. hVp://  
  24. •  Makes  early  stage  investments  in  high  potenHal  businesses  focused  on  e-­‐commerce.    •  Strategic   investment   from   Siemer   Ventures   (USA),   Recruit   Strategic   Partners  “RSP”  (Japan)  and  GMO  Venture  Partners  (Japan)  
  25. Incubator/Accelerators  
  26. Want  to  create  our  own    product  or  plagorm  Project-­‐based  Outsourcing  Past  few  years……  
  27. The  rising  of  startup  community    Now  
  28. Thai  Tech  Startup  Early  Stage  VarieHes  
  29. Sample  Success  Stories  Poramet  Minsiri  Web  Portal  (2000)  Ecommerce    Site  (2001)  Business  Area   Founder   Stories  •  Acquired  by  MWEB    •  Now  owned  by  Tencent  Pawoot  Pongvitayapanu   •  Taken  over  by  Rakuten  Online  Hotel  ReservaHon  (1997)  Michael  Kenny (TH  -­‐>  SG)  •  Acquired  by    
  30. Sample  Success  Stories  Paul  Srivorakul  Tom  Srivorakul    Social  Commerce/Deals  (2009)  E-­‐Book  Store  (2010)  Business  Area   Founder   Stories  •  Acquired  by  LivingSocial  Management    of  IT  WORKS  •  Raised  2M  USD  from  Invent  Restaurant    Review  Plagorm  (2010)  Yod  Chinsupakul  PaVrawoot  Suesatayasilp  •  Secured  series  A  funding    from  Recruit  Strategic  Partners  (RSP)  
  31. Rising  Stars  
  32. •  Plagorm-­‐based  business  model  •  The   new   cloud   plagorm   for   Smart   TVs,  VoiP,   healthcare   soluHons,   and   lots  more.  •  Sonware   House,   System   Integrator   (SI)  and   developer   could   make   use   of   it   to  power  advert  screens,  home  automaHon  for   lights   or   electronics,   web   TV,   video-­‐on-­‐demand,  and  video  conferencing.    •  Developed   by   theVCgroup   which   is   the  partner  of  Foxconn.    hVp://  
  33. •  SocialEnable  is  a  powerful  Social  Media  Management  Tools  which  allows  user  to  manage   various   social   media   channels  from   one   applicaHon.   This   applicaHon  c o n t a i n s   i n c i d e n t ,   c a m p a i g n  management   and   measurement  features  to  let  an  enterprise  go  beyond  Social   Media   MarkeHng   with   Social  CRM.  •  Developed   by   Computerlogy   which   is  selected   as   one   of   Facebook   PMD   in  Apps   and   they   are   the   winner   of  Facebook  World  Hack  2012  in  Jakarta  hVp://  
  34. hVp://  •   is   a   professional   social  network   connecHng   construcHon  professionals   through   their   business  acHviHes   e.g.   budgeHng,   job   cosHng,  purchasing,   invoicing   and   site  collaboraHon.   ConstrucHon   companies  work   for   FREE   and   connect   to   their  suppliers,   designers   and   customers  easier.  •  Received   US$400,000   in   investment  from   Project   Planning   Service   PLC   as  strategic  partners.  
  35. •  Digio  has  successfully  implemented  the   first   ever   mobile   EMV-­‐cerHfied  card   payment   plagorm   in   Asia  together   with   Kasikorn   Bank,   the  leading  digital  bank  in  the  region.  hVp://  EMV   stands   for   Europay,   MasterCard   and  Visa,  a  global  standard  for  inter-­‐operaHon  of  integrated  circuit  cards  
  36. Thailand  Market  SituaJon  Improved  internet  access  by  3G  &  4G  LTE  from  Mobile  Operators  •  Increase  number  of  internet  Users  •  Reduce  digital  divide  •  Create  more  business  opportunity    Mobile  operators  try  to  create  compeHHve  differenHaHon    Thai  Tech  Startup  1.  Time  for  educaHon  and  knowledge  sharing    (Turn  technology  into  Business)    2.  Seed  funding  3.  ConnecHon  Summary  
  37. Oranuch  Lerdsuwankij  Co-­‐founder  of  Twi?er:  @mimee  Email  :  Website  :  h?p://