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Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Towers for Retail

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Supply Chain Control Tower

  1. 1. Supply Chain Control Tower
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Supply Chain Control Towers• Supply Chain Control Tower Operations• Functions of Supply Chain Control Tower• Benefits of Supply Chain Control Tower• Where Supply Chain Control Tower fits into M&S• Questions
  3. 3. SC Control TowerThe control tower is about bringing together functionality across the enterprise by bringing the rightinformation to the right person at the right time• Provides transparency• Real time exception management across valuechain• Provides tools for operational and financialevaluation• An end-to-end holistic view of the supply chain tostreamline demand and supply equationSCM Control Tower
  4. 4. Control Tower Operations
  5. 5. Benefits of a SC Control Tower• Operational• Single point of contact and integrator of information flow between multi-location, multi-parties• Outsourced Control Towers reduce operational costs• Accurate Demand Planning• Reduction in cycle times and reduced inventory levels• Shipment and Part Number visibility across multiple carriers• Transportation synergies• Inbound• Better shipment planning using load/shipment/route optimization• Optimal inventory levels and reduction in buffer inventory• Increased On Time deliveries• Helps to change sourcing strategies, define supplier allocations• Identify constraints and re-engineer processOutbound• Improved load efficiency in Outbound• Improve transport efficiency and network optimization• Improved predictability of ETA for customers• Continuous order tracking Picking – DeliveredReporting• Early Warning System by monitoring key KPI’s and identifying potential weak links• End to end visibility of stock holding and movement• Management reporting to reflect real time data
  6. 6. Where Control Tower Fits in SCMInboundProcessesDistributionCenterProcessesOutboundProcessesERPWMSTMSPartner SystemsERPWMSPartner SystemsERPWMSTMSPartner SystemsINTEGRATIONCONTROLTOWEROPSProcesses LayerSystems Integration LayerMonitoring and Decision Support SystemSystems LayerCollaboration LayerBenefits• Improved DecisionMaking• End to End BusinessVisibility• KPI driven business• Reduced Inventory• Optimal OperatingModel• Reduced CostOverruns• Greater stockvisibility• ImprovedProductivity• Demand Planning• Increased Networkup time• Efficient routeplanning• Definite ETA forcustomersDecisionSupportSystemSCM Systems Partner SystemsGapsinIntegration,ProcessandSystemslayerscanbeidentifiedthroughdiagnosticsexercisesPresentation LayerDesktops Tablets PDA MobilesERP CRMServiceProcesses
  7. 7. SCM Control Tower FrameworkEVENTS ORDERS INVENTORY LOGISTICSPoS DataE-Commerce DataOn Shelf AvailabilityDemandWarehouse CapacityManagementSpace UtilizationReal Time Order StatusSupplyPurchase Order LifecycleReal Time Tracking PO-Dispatch-Shipping-ReceivingOrder to Delivery TrackingTransportWarehouse ManagementWave ManagementCapacity UtilizationLogisticsDistributionStock status by LocationConsignment/VendorInventoriesAdvance ShipmentNoticesInventoryGeo-political risksSCM MappingStock IntegrityRisks
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