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Electromagnetic Flow Meter


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Toshbrocontrols offers Electromagnetic Flow Meter which is useful in the measurement of flow rate of any conducting/non conducting liquid or slurry that is flowing in closed pipes

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

  1. 1. Toshbrocontrols have widespread range of channel partners and offices around India, which that gives surety that we gives sales and full assistance to our valuable customers after sales in an resourceful and caring manner. Our enormous skill in the process control and the Instrumentation field is our strength. We have trained manpower throughout an India for providing our best services leading to earn satisfaction and loyalty of our customers
  2. 2. Electromagnetic Flow Meter The particular electromagnetic circulation meter precisely steps your circulation fee of almost any conducting liquid like water as well as slurry that is certainly streaming through pipes. It really is obstruction a lesser amount of this gives absolutely no force drop in the act. It does not contains any moving parts which makes it maintenance free.
  3. 3. Electromagnetic Flow Meter - APPLICATION EXAMPLES -Liquids: Potable Water, Raw Water, Chilled Water, Beverages, Juices - Corrosive Liquids: Acids, Alkalis, Chemical Solutions -Slurries & Pastes : Coal slurry, Sugar Syrup, Effluents, Sewage, Molasses
  4. 4. Electromagnetic Flow Meter – FEATURES - Available in sizes from 10 NB to 600 NB - IP 68 protection available for sensors. - Built-in diagnostics - Empty Pipe Detection - Usable with corrosive and abrasive liquids and slurries. - Remote Monitoring - Bi-directional flow - Display of flow rate and totalized value in multiple units.
  5. 5. Electromagnetic Flow Meter - Models
  6. 6. CONTACT US Head Office Toshbro Controls Pvt. Ltd. F-68. Solaris 1, Opp L&T Gate no.6 Saki Vihar Road, Powai Mumbai-400072 Maharashtra INDIA Tel : +91.22.28470728 Fax : +91.22.28470763 Email: Follow us on social media: