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Building Your Mobile Strategy


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With Salesforce and Traction on Demand

Published in: Technology
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Building Your Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. Building Your Mobile Strategy With Salesforce and Traction on Demand
  2. 2. Traction on Demand: Our Experience  150+ Employees, 200+ Certifications  9 years experience implementing/developing the Salesforce platform  Platinum Salesforce Partner  450+ customers, 1700+ projects & 300+ custom apps developed  One of 10 Pardot Preferred Partners in NA  One of seven members of the SFMC Global Partner Advisory Council  Largest group of certified consultants globally  Rich mobile expertise. Close relationships with Heroku team
  3. 3. Building Your Mobile Strategy • Role of Data in Mobile • Choosing your Toolset • App Implementations • Q&A with Phil Calvin, CTO of Salesforce1 David Jenkins VP Data-Driven Initiatives Grant Adamson Director R&D
  4. 4. Role of Data Usability Integration Security Offline Data Enhance Decision Making
  5. 5. Choosing Your Toolset Lightning Communities Hybrid Apps PhoneGap and SDK Heroku
  6. 6. Door to Door
  7. 7. Direct Energy• Real-time view of reps and activity • In-person credit check transforming business
  8. 8. Leverage Offline Data Basic Gov: Disaster Assessment Git’gat: Field Study App
  9. 9. Customer Engagement
  10. 10.  End-to-end team management platform leveraging Communities  Utilized core functionality like Chatter, profiles and security  Built fully custom UI and frontend on  Fully responsive, device agnostic  Payment processing and online league registration (PayPal)  Inclusion of Canlan loyalty program: Puck Bucks  Data/system integration, not migration to reduce duplicate data  Minimal data stored in Salesforce  LeagueStat database integration for player/league stats retrieval The Players Bench
  11. 11. Member Home Screen: League Overview Team Management: League Standings and Statistics
  12. 12. Team Management Functionality: Line Setting Team Management Functionality: Game Attendance
  13. 13. Fee Administration & Collection: PayPal Integration User Management: Setting Profiles
  14. 14. Other Examples Employee Engagement Retail Clienteling Event Registration Customer Loyalty