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Five great places in hungary to visit outside budapest


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Five great places in hungary to visit outside budapest

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Five great places in hungary to visit outside budapest

  1. 1. Five Great Places in Hungary to Visit Outside Budapest Many of the people who make it to Hungary on holiday do not look far beyond the historic charms of Budapest, the capital, astride on the Danube with Pest on one side and historic Buda on the other. But there is much more to Hungary and plenty of other places that are well worth a visit, especially for travellers who love the feeling that they have made a delightful discovery and are off the beaten tourist track. Here are five places in Hungary, outside of Budapest, that you might like to make it a priority to visit: Szentendre
  2. 2. This charming town was founded by Serbian refugees fleeing the Turks in the 14th Century. After plenty of people from further south in Europe colonised the town in the 18th Century, it developed something of a Mediterranean vibe that it still seems to retain today. It has a number of churches of different faiths, cobblestone streets and cool, contemporary galleries. Just outside the town you will find Hungary's largest open-air museum.
  3. 3. Esztergom
  4. 4. This was Hungary's first capital, holding this honour between the 10th Century and the 13th . It is a particularly sacred city, where the country first converted to Christianity. Here you will find a number of important ecclesiastical buildings, including the biggest basilica in the country. This is one of many historical jewels in the charming old town.
  5. 5. Hollóko
  6. 6. Holloko and the area around it are an UNESCO world heritage site. Here you will find a village with thatched roof houses that is home to 400 residents who are a Palóc ethnic minority group in Hungary. The buildings in the settlement date mostly from the 18th and 19th Centuries. Easter is an important time of year here and the whole village will dress up in traditional Easter dress and enjoy customs like egg painting and folk dancing. Eger
  7. 7. This Baroque town dates back to the middle ages. One of the main attractions in this charmingly historical settlement is a mediaeval complex with all sorts of interesting features including underground tunnels and a ruined Romaneque cathedral dating from the 10th Century. There is also an art gallery to be found here, and a tower that gives some delightful views over the old town. Those with an interest in wine may also be interested to know that not far from Eger you will find the Valley of the Beautiful Women, which is famous for its robust red wine, Egri Bikaver, and has several ancient cellars.
  8. 8. Pécs
  9. 9. Pecs is famous for its well-preserved Turkish sites including the mosque of Pasha Qasim the Victorious and the ruins of Memi Pasa’s Baths, as well as for its laid back, artistic atmosphere. Lovers of the arts are drawn here for the National Theatre, ballet and opera performances and local arts and crafts including the porcelain for which the area is known. The pavement cafes and street's perfect for a gentle stroll give this place an almost Mediterranean vibe. Our Company TraveleZe Can help you find Cheap Holidays to Budapest.