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The Definitive Guide to The Startup Scene in Vietnam


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An introduction to Vietnam Startup Community and Ecosystem. Where to go to meet local startups. Where to stay while visiting the community.
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The Definitive Guide to The Startup Scene in Vietnam

  1. 1. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE VIETNAM STARTUP SCENE An adventure into startup world of Vietnam
  2. 2. Startup in technology industry has been hotter since 2010. A lot of startups were founded... and failed after a short period time, however, the desire of invading this intense market still remains.
  3. 3. The top excuses to blame for this short-life circumstance may comes from the budget limitation, economy, intellectual resources, experiences, mislead goal and missions...
  4. 4. WITHIN THIS TOUR: You will have chance to approach the talented, energetic young Vietnamese of many industries: E-commerce, mobile application developing (on iOS, Android, Window Phone), food critique, investment...
  5. 5. Lu Gia Plaza is the place where most startups choose to settle their office:,,,, and venture capital from Japan: CyberAgent Ventures. Lu Gia Plaza - the hottest spot of startups in Vietnam
  6. 6. HOTDEAL.VN The dominant of group purchasing market in Vietnam. The second earliest player in the market. The No.1 player of the market.
  7. 7. TIKI.VN Much alike to Amazon at its beginning, focuses on the online book-selling.
  8. 8. Mr.Son - the founder he build his own kingdom of books Ecommerce with 15,000 orders monthly (compare to 20 orders of 2 years ago).
  9. 9. Many players tried to invade in this market but failed in the end, tiki is the last one standing in this industry. If you ask some young Vietnamese about buying books online, they will definitely say
  10. 10. is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores. BIZWEB.VN
  11. 11. FOODY is a website specific in reviewing foods in Vietnam. You can find information about various good, local restaurants with rating and reviews in details.
  12. 12. YOUNETCO.COM The website was established by students studying abroad in America with hope to develop Vietnamese technology products.
  13. 13. Add subheadingIn 2008, Younet has intention to develop a social network for the youth in Vietnam, but they realized that they don't have enough power to affect the customer behavior and market at that time.
  14. 14. So finally, Younet changed its direction: going international market for a better future. 2009 is the year that social networks followed services such as Social Engine, phpFox... blooms. The more Younet get into the niche market (service for social network about software and hardware), the more they realize that their choice is wise.
  15. 15. CYBERAGENT IN VIETNAM CyberAgent headquarters has invested in a lots of famous companies all over the world such as KakaoTalk, Clever Ads...
  16. 16. FLAMINGTON BUILDING VNG was held in 2004 by 5 people focus in gaming industry of Vietnam.
  17. 17. Now, VNG is the biggest Internet company in Vietnam. VNG story is the inspriration for a lots of start up teams in Vietnam to start on the journey achieving their dream.
  18. 18. You will have chance to meet talented, young and passionate start up teams of Vietnam. "Hey, my name is NGAN and I love traveling around. I amyoung, free, always wanna learn and discover something new everyday. I amtraveler too so I understand your feeling and know exact what you are looking for in triips. Life is all about experience and hope you would have a good experience with me in every single triip. By the way, I amStart-up lover at Twenty which deliver local tech news & entrepreneurship inspiration. Ask me everything about ICT Vietnamand I definitely let you know whatever I know." BOOKNOW
  19. 19. Go to for more #trulylocal #tours #travel #tips #foods #culture