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Current General CV


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Current General CV

  1. 1. EUROPEANCURRICULUM VITAE FORM AT PERSONAL INFORMATION Name TSVETAN VASILEV FILEV Address liv. q. “Serdica” bl. 22 entr. “G” ap. 92, Sofia, 1303, Bulgaria Telephone +359-2-829-89-17 (home), +359-88-760-9407 (mobile) E-mail Skype tsvetan.filev Linkedin Nationality Bulgarian Date of birth 07. 04. 1979 (DD. MM. YYYY) WORK EXPERIENCE • Name and address of Evolink - 86, Hristo Maksimov Str, Sofia employer 01. 09. 2010 – Currently • Type of business or sector Communication and Information Technologies• Occupation or position held Senior Software engineer • Main activities and Requirements, Design and Construction of Communications responsibilities Platform: Web Components (PHP, MySQL), Mobile Components (C++, Java) • Name and address of eCommera Ltd. - 22 Gotse Deltchev - Bulgaria Blvd employer 01. 07. 2009 – 15.09.2010 • Type of business or sector Information Technologies• Occupation or position held Software engineer • Main activities and Software development of eCommerce sites - JS, XML, XHTML, Web services, responsibilities Java, .NET(C#) • Name and address of PlusServer Bulgarien EOOD, Sofia, ”Tzar Samuil” str. №62 employer 15. 04. 2005 – 01.01.2008 • Type of business or sector Information Technologies• Occupation or position held Software engineer • Main activities and Requirements engineering, design and construction of web intensive systems responsibilities (UML, SQL, PHP, SNMP, SOAP). • Name and address of AbacusTrade Ltd. (Aplus) employer 01. 07. 2004 – 15. 04. 2005 • Type of business or sector Information Technologies• Occupation or position held Web development specialist • Main activities and Construction and maintenance of web intensive systems (SQL, PHP, PERL, responsibilities C/C++); • Name and address of CIT Ltd., Sofia, ”gen. J. Gourko” str. №17 employer 03. 05. 1999 – 30. 11. 2003 • Type of business or sector Communication and Information Technologies• Occupation or position held Technical Assistant, System Administrator, Web Developer • Main activities and Support for clients (users); System support; Development of web-based responsibilities applications (SQL, PERL,C/C++); Networking; Development of applications for network control and billing Page 1 - Curriculum vitae of For more information go to [ Filev, Tsvetan, Vasilev ]
  2. 2. EDUCATION AND TRAINING • Name and type of Technical university – Sofia ( organization providing 20. 10. 2002 – 20. 02. 2004 education and training • Principal Programming in communications, Wireless communications, Satellite subjects/occupational communications, Antennas, Mathematics skills covered • Level in national Master classification Title of qualification awarded: Engineer • Thesis Analysis of MC-CDMA with the use of random pseudoternary sequences • Name and type of Technical university – Sofia organization providing 01. 09. 1998 – 20. 07. 2002 education and training • Principal Mathematics, Programming, Electrical engineering, Semiconductors, DSP, subjects/occupational Networks, Measurements in communications, Physics, Circuits and skills covered electronics, Signals and systems, Management in engineering • Level in national Bachelor classification Title of qualification awarded: Engineer • Thesis Digital Watermarking as communications with side information • Name and type of Professional High School for audio, video and telecommunications organization providing "A.S.Popov" ( education and training 01. 09. 1994 – 20. 05. 1998 • Principal Electrical engineering, Pulse and Digital Engineering, Processes and schemes subjects/occupational in electronics, Informatics skills covered• Title of qualification awarded Technician • Thesis Design of low frequency power amplifier PERSONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES MOTHER TONGUE Bulgarian OTHER LANGUAGES English • Reading / Writing / Verbal excellent / good / good Certificate for translator of scientific technical literature • Soft Skills High efficiency; High adaptability; An inquiring mind that is always learning TECHNICAL SKILLS Main computer languages and techniques: SQL – since 2001 (Mysql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2) AND COMPETENCES Php – since 2005With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc. JavaScript – since 2001 Ajax – since 2008 HTML – since 2000 XHTML – since 2007 DHTML – since 2005 Css – since 2005 .NET (C#) - 1,5 years SVN – 4 years UML – 2 years SysML – 1 year Secondary computer languages and techniques: C, C++ – 4 years Perl – 3 years XML, XSL, XSD – 3 years Shell script – since 2000 ruby < 1 year Asm – 1.5 year Page 2 - Curriculum vitae of For more information go to [ Filev, Tsvetan, Vasilev ]
  3. 3. Java, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME – 1,5 year Git – 1 year BPx: Model Driven Development – 1 year BPR, BPM – 1 year Design, construction and integration of business information systems for Small and Medium Businesses (SME): Internet Service Provider - Bulgarian - 1 year Knitwear company - Italian/Bulgarian - 1 year Company selling sporting goods - Bulgarian - 1 year Hosting company - German/USA - 1 year Company for prepress and printing (Wide-Format Solvent Printing) - Bulgarian - 1,5 years OS: Linux – since 2000 Windows – since 1997 Windows Mobile – 2 years Android – 1 year Symbian – 1 year Networking: Firewalls, Routing, Mobile Networks (LAN, WLAN, GSM, 3G, CDMA, OSI, TCP, UDP, SNMP) - 3 years Services: Apache, Asterisk, Postfix, Vsftp, Squid, Cron, Samba, Ssh, MySql – since 2000 Audio/Video: JPEG, MPEG, DVB, VoIP, Live Streams Other: Jira, Trac, MathLab, AutoCAD, Eclipse, NetBeans Hardware skills: Control and configuration of modems, routers, antennas; Programming of SmartPhones, Microcontrollers (PIC). ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS I have managed the implementation of several enterprise information systems. I have established a team of 4 students at the university to build a software AND COMPETENCES framework that is used in many complex projects. SOCIAL SKILLS Im a member of professional societies for 5 and more years and constantly updating my knowledge on software engineering. At my university work I have AND COMPETENCES managed to attract partners from USA to work with. At APlus I have worked Living and working with other people, in multicultural with people from USA and India. I have participated in several conferences onenvironments, in positions where Communication and Computer Technologies. When employeed at PlusServer I communication is important and have worked with germans and stayed at the USA office for two months. situations where teamwork is essential (for example culture and sports), etc. OTHER SKILLS Driving licence: A1, B AND COMPETENCES Drawing – skills from school and as individual interests. Free-time occupations – football, cinema, music Page 3 - Curriculum vitae of For more information go to [ Filev, Tsvetan, Vasilev ]
  4. 4. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Memberships: − IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communication Society since 01.2005 Publications: [1] Using mobile devices in systems for management and planning of small and medium manufactories. 2005 [2] Problems in Mobile Technology as Instrument for Data Access. 2005 [3] Convergence of environments. 2006 [4] Costeffective 4g network for small and meduim enterprises. 2006 [5] Gui to web transcoding. 2007 Teaching assistant (T.A., 4 semesters): − Programming languages C/C++/Pascal/AutoLisp − Informatics Main projects: Project: Server Control Center Company: Server4You.NET Description: Web intensive system for monitoring, installing and controlling web hosting servers in a datacenter. Values: Paper work removed. New remote services and reports enabled for employees. Project: Web intensive system for networking control and management Company: CIT LTD Description: The system uses SNMP, QoS, ipfiltering for monitoring and control of the state of the hardware and collects information for traffic, errors and missing lines. Modules for Clients, Payments, Administration, etc. Values: Full controll of hardware: traffic, errors, dropped lines, realtime billing. Project: Web based Enterprise Information System for Etrima J. S. Co – the town of Etropole, Bulgaria Company: CIT LTD Description: The system includes modules for Technological sector, Management and Company control, Labour, Salary and Personnel, Store (long-lasting material assets), Foreign trade sector, Situation, Administrative module. Value: Replaced old MS Access based system with new multiuser, online system. Increased performance and stability with 50%. Project: Web intensive system for BAS -Bulgaria, representatives of Globe Australia and Pollystoev Ltd – producer of hand-made knitware Company: Webot.NET Description: The system includes modules for Clients, Payments, Commodities, Availabilities, Sales, Transfer, Consignments, Administration Value: Increased sales with 50% and more during the winter sales and promotions of sports goods. Project: Work Process Management Company: Becolor Ltd. Description: Software intensive system that handles the company Business Proccesses. Clients, Sales, Manufacturing, Cash desk, Reports Value: Increased performance of current company processes by 30%. Added new online services for customers. Realtime production and sales reports. Project: Company: Evolink AD Description: Communication platform and infrastructure that consists of a set of tools that allows users themselves easy, transparent and ubiquitous to organize data in a manner convenient to them. Mokobi is independent of device and location of the customer. Value: Software for mobile devices Page 4 - Curriculum vitae of For more information go to [ Filev, Tsvetan, Vasilev ]
  5. 5. ANNEXES IEEE Standards: 12207.0 - 1996 - Software life cycle processes, 12207.1 - 1997 - Lifecycle Data, 12207.2 - 1997 - Implementation considerations, 1517 - 1999 Software Life Cycle Processes - Reuse Processes, 1219 - 1998 Software Maintenance, 830 - 1998 - Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications, 1016 - 1998 Recommended Practice For Software Design Descriptions, 1058 - 1998 Standard for Software PM Plans, 1471 – 2000 Recommended practice for software architecture description 1220 - 1998 Application And Management Of The Systems Engineering Process Marks: Master: 5.64 (Thesis: 6.00) Very good (Thesis: excellent) Bachelor: 4.12 (Thesis: 6.00) Fair (Thesis: excellent) Secondary school: 5.52 Excellent (Thesis: excellent) Interests: Software Engineering, Software Architectures, Software Factories, Communication Technologies, Green EnergyPage 5 - Curriculum vitae of For more information go to [ Filev, Tsvetan, Vasilev ]