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Essential Knowledge about Mold spring


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Essential Knowledge about Mold spring

  1. 1. Essential Knowledge about Mold springMold spring classificationMold spring includes: Japanese standard mold springs, German standard mold spring, MQB-type nitrogen spring, MQJ nitrogen spring, MQC-type nitrogen spring, MQH nitrogen springand polyurethane spring. The mold spring usually refers to rectangular mold spring.Mold spring material selectionThe mold spring material generally uses the chromium alloy steel. The chromium alloy springsteel has heat resistance, rigidity and long life characteristics.Characteristics of mould springsRectangular mold spring has small size, good elasticity, large rigidity, high precision,production materials are rectangular, surface is coated (plated) by different colors todistinguish different weight, beautiful looks and other characteristics.Application of mold springis widely used in the stamping die, metal die-casting mold, plastic mold and other elasticmotion precision machinery and equipment, automotive and other fields.Mold spring production standardNow the standardized mold spring production standards include: ISO9001: 2000, JapaneseJIS, ISO10243, NAAMS (North American Automotive Metric Standards), the springs
  2. 2. produced according to the different standards are Intraday standard spring, the Americanstandard spring, ISO10243 German standard Carbon stainless alloy steel automobile, etc.Poor quality spring will have a great impact on mold precision and qualityThe mold spring is the special spring that needs to expose a variety of complex situations.The mold springs are the core components of stamping dies, injection molds and othermanufacturing equipment. Because it work repeatedly at high-speed in a narrow space, italways is required to play the best performance characteristics under the high heat, high-amplitude, high pressure complex conditions. The quality of mould springs begins with thebest choice of materials and its material should use that produced by specializedmanufacturers. Generally, rolling the circular oil tempered wire or other material into the moldspring material by by non-specialized materials manufacturers will generate a fatal problemthe performance of the mold spring, which is deformation or breakage, etc. The quality of thespring 80% depends on the raw material, the use of poor quality spring will have a greatimpact on mold precision and quality.Contemporary mold spring supplier should have sound systemProduct quality largely depends on the state-of-the-art equipment. The contemporary worldbest spring manufacturing equipment can directly make precision machining and strictly usea variety of roller guide. In addition, technical force and strict quality management is also oneof the important factors. Mold springs far reach fatigue test requirements of 300,000, 500,000and one million times. In terms with spring, from the choice of materials to the design andinterpretation of a series of process measurement, the durability and reliability of the productare ensured from a variety of ways in testing, evaluation and automation. Owning the soundsystem to develop and provide spring products is what the contemporary mold springsupplier should is a custom spring manufacturer located in Foshan City, GuangdongProvince, China, providing in custom made spring products like flat spring, mould coil spring,and all sorts of wire spring: compression spring, torsion spring, extension spring, andmanufacturing requirements to all industries, such as electronics, automobile, toys, houseware, electrical appliances and industry.
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