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Soal uas

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Soal uas

  1. 1. contoh dialog Congratulation CongratulationAndy :hello how are you?Yonda :hello, how good are you alone?Andy :both alsoYonda :youre doing in the garden?Andy : I again go for a walk with family, enjoying the end of theholidays again before Yonda :enteringschool next weekAndy :o. .. so good it feels to vacation, where your family?Yonda :It was in the chair right under the tree on the right side weAndy :O.. it, how you walk aloneYonda :hehe ... yes again enjoy the beautiful garden. after all the family aroundthe park insteadpreferring to eat anyway ...Andy :um, then go out with me how?yonda :be. Did you come here with anyone?Andy ;myself, my parents busy all, yes I have enjoyed my own holidayYonda :come on, we go ....?Looking around the park Andy, ask Yonda activity, and vice versaAndy :What aktivitasmu besides school?Yonda :yes still the same as before, I make tutoring for elementary schoolchildren, good results can nambahin allowanceAndy ;Wach .. you are really great, from the beginning until now always been self-Yonda ;yes, I do not want to depend on the parents as wellAndy :because my brother is still need for more costthe more amazed I hear your storyYonda :ach .. ordinary course, the activities of what you own now?Andy :I do not have activity, most schools only melekukan Afterthat return only thing a waste of timeYonda :why do not you try to make tutoring elementary school kids like me?Andy :I do not deserve to be a teacher. o.. yes way way increases your class youget Yonda a pint yesterday how many champions?Andy :alhamdulillah champion oneYonda :waw .. you are smart, good-yesAndy :yes thank youYonda :o.. yes your family seems to have wanted to go homeAndy :yes .. yes yes I have to go homeYonda :yes, byeAndy :bye
  2. 2. contoh dialog Congratulation CongratulationAndy :hello how are you?Yonda :hello, how good are you alone?Andy :both alsoYonda :youre doing in the garden?Andy : I again go for a walk with family, enjoying the end of theholidays again before Yonda :enteringschool next weekAndy :o. .. so good it feels to vacation, where your family?Yonda :It was in the chair right under the tree on the right side weAndy :O.. it, how you walk aloneYonda :hehe ... yes again enjoy the beautiful garden. after all the family aroundthe park insteadpreferring to eat anyway ...Andy :um, then go out with me how?yonda :be. Did you come here with anyone?Andy ;myself, my parents busy all, yes I have enjoyed my own holidayYonda :come on, we go ....?Looking around the park Andy, ask Yonda activity, and vice versaAndy :What aktivitasmu besides school?Yonda :yes still the same as before, I make tutoring for elementary schoolchildren, good results can nambahin allowanceAndy ;Wach .. you are really great, from the beginning until now always been self-Yonda ;yes, I do not want to depend on the parents as wellAndy :because my brother is still need for more costthe more amazed I hear your storyYonda :ach .. ordinary course, the activities of what you own now?Andy :I do not have activity, most schools only melekukan Afterthat return only thing a waste of timeYonda :why do not you try to make tutoring elementary school kids like me?Andy :I do not deserve to be a teacher. o.. yes way way increases your class youget Yonda a pint yesterday how many champions?Andy :alhamdulillah champion oneYonda :waw .. you are smart, good-yesAndy :yes thank youYonda :o.. yes your family seems to have wanted to go homeAndy :yes .. yes yes I have to go homeYonda :yes, byeAndy :bye
  3. 3. SOAL BAHASA INGGRIS UNTUK UAS SMKJAWABLAH PERTANYAAN DIBAWAH INI DENGAN TEPAT !Listening SectionIn this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spokenEnglish. There are 4 parts to this section, with special directions for each part.Part I. PicturesQuestions: 1 to 3Directions:You will hear: A). She wears T-shirt B). The girls hair is curly C). She look in happy D). The girl is holding somethingFor each item, there is a picture in your test book and four short statements about it, on thetape. These statements will be spoken twice but are NOT WRITTEN out in your test book, soyou must listen carefully. You must choose one statement (A), (B), (C), or (D) that bestdescribes the picture. Then , on your answer sheet, mark your choice.Example:Look at the picture and listen to the four sentencesChoice (D) “The girl is holding something” best describes what is seen in the picture,therefore, you should mark (D) on your answer sheet.Now let’s begin with picture number 1132Part IIQuestions 4 to 7Directions:In this part of the test, you will hear several questions spoken in English, followed by threeresponses, also spoken in English. The question and responses will be spoken twice. Theywill not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what thespeakers are saying. You have to choose the best response to each question.Now listen to a sample question:
  4. 4. You will hear : Man : Where can I pick up my tickets? You will also hear : Woman : (A) Thursday morning, if that‟s convenient. (B) At the Overseas Travel desk (C) I think it‟s at nine o‟clock Choice (B) “At the Overseas Travel desk” is the appropriate response to the question “Where can I pick up my tickets?” therefore, you should mark (B) on your answer sheet. Now let’s begin with question number 41. Mark your answer on your answer sheet2. Mark your answer on your answer sheet3. Mark your answer on your answer sheet4. Mark your answer on your answer sheet Part III Questions 8 to 11 Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short conversations. You will hear the conversations twice. The conversations will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. In your test book, you will read a question about each conversation. The question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question, and mark it on your answer sheet. Example: You will hear : Man : Are you a student, here? Woman : Yes, Sir Man : Where is the English class? Woman : Next to the laboratory. You will read : Where does the dialogue probably take place?A. At the hospitalB. At the stationC. At the marketD. In a school Choice (D) “In a school” is the best answer to the question, “Where does the dialogue probably take place?” Therefore, you should mark (D) on your answer sheet.5. What does the woman say about her mother?A. She can cook wellB. She owns a restaurantC. She‟s always in a hurryD. She never has breakfast6. What does the woman think about used bookstores?A. They are available only in the afternoonB. They are hard to find anywhereC. They provide first editionsD. They are less expensive7. Why didn‟t the man get an answer?A. The phone is out of orderB. Nobody was in the officeC. The line was very busyD. It‟s a wrong number
  5. 5. 8. How many books are allowed to be borrowed at one time?A. More than five booksB. Two books onlyC. Thirty booksD. Five books Part IV Questions: 12 to 15 Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short talks. Each will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand and remember what is being said. In your test book, you will read two or more questions about each short talk. Each question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question, and mark it on your answer sheet.9. Who will most likely be listening to this announcement?A. The lecturersB. The sociologistsC. The studentsD. The announcers10. When should the students submit the paper?A. TodayB. By FridayC. This weekD. In two weeks11. What is being advertised?A. A multi vitamin drinking bottleB. A new brand of bottled waterC. The best selling multi vitamin tabletsD. Vitamins needed for human nutrition12. What is the main advantage offered in the advertisement?A. Having the vitamins needed for one dayB. Purchasing for much more moneyC. Getting more than a liter of waterD. Packing some good bottles. This is the end of the listening section13. Jack : What‟s your hobby? Pablo : Well, I have several hobbies …… Jack : How often do you playing basket ball?A. One of them plays basket ballB. One of them is playing basket ballC. One of them always playing basket ballD. One of them likes playing basket ball14. Akbar : Shall we go to see the foot ball match in Agatis stadium? Shinta : Yes, but we have to finish our homework before going out Akbar : …………….. Shinta : Yes, of course.
  6. 6. A. Should we go now?B. Can you do me a favorC. Can you help me?D. Do you want me to help you15. Stranger : ……………. the police station? Nina : Just take a taxi, it‟s the easiest wayA. I will tell you how to getB. You wouldn‟t tell me the wayC. Could you tell me how to get toD. Would you describe taxi16. It is warm in this room, shall I …….A. Take a restB. The doorC. Close the windowD. Open the windows17. Rini : How do you feel when you make a speech in front of the audience? Roy : I am really ……… because I have never done itA. SadB. NervousC. HappyD. All right18. I hate you saying bad thing about mine. A B C D19. The new technique calls for heating the mixture before apply it to the wood. A B C D20. The young lady that car is blue is a new buying manager. A B C D21. Oedin : It‟s hot inside the room. A Sigit : I think it will help, if we open the window. B C Oedin : That right. Must you open them, please! D22. Student : Can I use this plug spanner to take out the spark plugs. A Mechanic : Of course you can. You must use the bigger one. B C Student : Is this one suitable? D23. Slamet : What are imagining? A
  7. 7. Mariono : If I am a doctor, I would treat my patients free of charge. B C D24. Misda : What do you do on Sunday morning? A B Indah : I get up at five to pray, and then I do physical exercises. I took a bath at eight. C D25. The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week. A B C D26. She is capable of handling duties of a secretary because of her secretarial education background A B and she is also polite, friendly and temperamental . C D27. Visitors must be accompanied by a employee when they are in the building. A B C D Questions 31 to 33 refer to the following information TOYOTA CITY Toyota, a city in Japan, is on east central Honshu Island, in central Aichi Prefecture on the Yahagi River. Toyota is the head quarter of the Toyota Motor Corporation and is a major automobile manufacturing and assembly center. A classic company town, it has a planned layout for its sprawling assembly plants, office complexes, and housing developments for workers and their families. The city was formerly named Koromo, meaning “clothing” and prospered from the late 19th century until the 1930s as a center of the silk industry. Its development as an automobile manufacturing center began with the opening of the first assembly plant in 1937. The city‟s name was changed to Toyota in 1959 after the second plant, Motomachi, was opened and the population began to grow rapidly. Population (2002): 342, 835.28. What is the main idea of the text?A. The history of the Toyota cityB. The geographical aspects of the Toyota CityC. The production of the Toyota Motor CorporationD. The families and workers of the Toyota Motor Corporation29. What was the old name of the Toyota City?A. YahagiB. HonshuC. Koromo
  8. 8. D. Motomachi30. The word “their” in the sentence “it has a planned layout fot its sprawling assembly plants, office complexes, and housing development for workers and their families” refers to ………A. WorkersB. Head quartersC. Assembly plantsD. Housing development Questions 34 to 36 refer to the following letter November 20, 2009 Marketing Manager Lucky Gold Indonesia Co. Ltd Sudirman St, 87 Tangerang Dear Sir, After learning the catalogue of the LG‟s product sent in October 2009, we decided to purchase some recent types of your products. Here is the list. No Item Type Color Total (unit) 1 Washing machine WM – 2LGB White 4 units Green 2 units 2 LCD – TV LTV – 29 Black 3 units XXD Red 4 units LTX – 32 XDX 3 Integrated DVD DV – 1000Sc Black 2 units DV – 1500SX Grey 4 units 4 Refrigerator Rh – 16 NF Blue 4 units Grey 4 units We had paid the 30% of the total Rp. 420.000.000,- trough NISP Bank. We enclose the note from the bank and please check the account. We‟ll pay the next 20% right after we receive the package. And we‟re sure that not more than January 2010 we had fulfilled our payment. Your truly Hermanto Irawan Director
  9. 9. New York (city), the largest city in the United States, the home of the United Nations, andthe center of global finance, communications, and business. New York City is unusualamong cities because of its high residential density, its extraordinarily diverse population, itshundreds of tall office and apartment buildings, its thriving central business district, itsextensive public transportation system, and its more than 400 distinct neighborhoods. Thecitys concert houses, museums, galleries, and theaters constitute an ensemble of culturalrichness rivaled by few cities. In 2000 the population of the city of New York was 8,008,278;the population of the metropolitan region was 21,199,865. New York City consists of fiveboroughs they are Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Manhattan. There are so many attractive places in the city. One of its most popular landmarks isthe statue of liberty. It is a symbol of freedom for many, was one of the first sights towelcome immigrants arriving in the United States. The statue stands 93 m (305 ft) tall onLiberty Island in New York Harbor. It was designed by French sculptor Frédéric-AugusteBartholdi and is a gift from France commemorating the first centennial of U.S. independencefrom Britain. New Yorks 250 museums cater to every specialty and every taste. It has museumsin such fields as natural history, broadcasting, fire-fighting, crafts, and ethnic cultures. Asthe worlds greatest art center, New York City has more than 400 galleries and is a Meccafor artists, art dealers, and collectors. Madison Avenue between 57th and 86th Streets isthe most important locale for galleries, but dozens of others are located in SoHo (south ofHouston Street) and adjoining neighborhoods. New York also has a famous botanical garden. It is called Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 21-hectare (52-acre) botanic garden, located in the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City. Thegarden includes such attractions as the Childrens Garden, the first of its kind in the world. Taken from: Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2007. 1. What is the text about? Washington D.C. A. The statue of Liberty B. New York boroughs C. The culture of New York D. New York City E. 2. The following is true about New York, except .... It have a botanical garden A. It is the home of the statue of Liberty B. It has 250 museums C. It consists of four boroughs D. It has more than 500 galleries E. 3. Where is the statue of liberty located? Liberty Island
  10. 10. A. Brooklyn B. SoHo C. Manhattan D. Queens E. 4. What does the word commemorating in the second paragraph means? Acknowledgement A. Ignore B. Memorize C. celebration D. Memorializing E. 5. What does the word "it" in the last paragraph refers to? New York A. Brooklyn B. Childrens garden C. Museum D. Botanical garden E. 6. How many galleries are there in New York? 400 A. More than 400 B. Less than 400 C. Not more than 500 D. More less than 350 E. Should Americans be Forced to Use Public Transportation? by Jack Davis First, let me define what the question is and isnt asking. It isnt asking if we should weall abandon cars right now, nor is it asking if we should abandon them completely, nor is itasking if every American should do so. It is asking whether some Americans should have totake public transit some of the time, and I would say yes. Oil use and pollution aside, in some cities like Los Angeles and New York there just
  11. 11. isnt room for any more roads, so in order for large cities to grow, they need more peopleto take public transit or risk permanent traffic jam. One bus can safely hold 40 people, soeven at half capacity thats nearly 20 cars worth of space in traffic cleared up, and nearly20 parking spaces that dont need to be built. There are a lot of people that can take public transit with little inconvenience butsimply dont because they never have in the past. If residents in areas with plenty of transithad to buy transit passes as part of their property taxes then they would have little excusenot to bus occasionally. A number of universities already bundle a U-Pass with their tuitionfees, forcing their students to take the bus. When given the chance the majority of thosestudents have voted to keep these programs. A similar system in apartments where a portion of the tenants are not issued parkingspaces in exchange for a discount on their rent would also be forcing people to use publictransit. This is already being done with the assignment of one community car to severalapartment tenants that arrange a schedule for the car, and this program gets many positivereviews. So yes, I would say that Americans should be forced to use public transit, asAmericans whom are already forced to do so find that it works well for them. Taken from: 7. SoHo is the acronym of .... South of Honolulu A. South of Hillside B. South of Hoboken C. South of Houston D. South of Hackensack E. 8. What does the writer suggest? Americans should learn to use public transportations. A. American should give up their cars. B. Americans should be forced to use public transportations. C. The government should limit the number cars. D. The government should charge extra taxes for those who use cars. E. 9. The following is one of the writers suggestions in forcing people to use public transportations .... Make people buy transit passes as part of their property taxes. A. Banning the use of cars. B. Stop automobiles productions. C. Fine people who do not use public transportations.
  12. 12. D. Limit the number of gasoline. E.10. What is the purpose of the article? Defining the functions of public transportations. A. Arguing that American should not use public transportations. B. Suggesting American the ways to use public transportation. C. Asking for more public transportations. D. Suggesting that American should be forced to use public transportations. E.11. What is the function of the first paragraph? Repeating the thesis or proposal A. Stating the proposal B. Stating the reasons behind the thesis C. Describing the problem D. Giving arguments E.12. In the article you find the word transit a few times. What does it means? Stop A. Transportation B. Exit C. Entrance D. Bus stop E.13. What is the function of the last paragraph? Describing the problem A. Stating the reasons behind the thesis B. Giving arguments C. Stating the proposal D. Repeating the thesis or proposal E. The Jackal who Saved the Lion Once upon a time, there lived a lion in a forest. One day, when he went to drink water in
  13. 13. a river, one of his feet got stuck into the damp mushy mud of the river. He tried a lot to getout of the mud, but didnt achieve. He had to lie without food for days because he didnt findany help. On one fortunate day, a kind jackal came to drink water from the river. When hesaw the lion, he went closer to the lion and said, "What is the matter? Why are you restinghere?" The lion narrated him the pathetic story. The Jackal instantly made a way out from thesand but the lion was unable to move his feet. As he was set in the same posture for lastseveral days, his body became stiff. The jackal understood the condition of the lion andhelped him to get out of the mud with an extra effort. The Lion was really thankful to jackalfor his kind help. He was very happy to get free after so many days. The Lion appreciated the effort made by the jackal. He offered the jackal to live closeto him and also promised to give food to him whenever he caught food. The jackal acceptedthe offer and started living with the lion. Thus, they lived happily sharing the food. With thepassing time, they expanded their families. The lion had cubs and the jackal had kid jackals.Both, the lion and the jackal were passing their days happily. They didnt have any idea thattheir friendship was not liked by their families. One day after a long time, the lioness, lady of the lions house, told her cubs that shedidnt like the amity between the jackal and her husband. The cubs passed the message tothe kid jackals. The kids complained the matter to the lady jackal. The lady jackal passedthe complaint to her husband. The jackal went to the Lion and asked," I helped you without any thought in return.You had asked me to live with you, so I started living with you. Now, if you dont want me tolive with you, you should have told me yourself. What did you involve your wife and cubs toconvey this? ". The Lion was shocked to hear such words. He said, "My dear friend, what areyou saying? I dont find any problem with you or your friendship". He assured the jackal thathe had no such ill-feelings for the friendship between them. The Lion also assured that he would talk to the lioness and solve the whole matter. Thejackal was intelligent and understood the situation. He said to the lion, "Dear friend, I knowyou are sincere, but our families could not exactly respond the same level of friendship. So,let us stay apart and meet often as friends. We could also hunt together. It would be better,if our families stay apart". The Lion agreed to the proposal with a heavy heart. The two families parted from each other as friends. The Jackal and the Lion continuedto share the friendship. They often met each other and hunt together. Thus, the two friendsshared a healthy friendship throughout their life. Taken from: 14. What is the story about? The friendship between the Lion and the Jackal family. A. The rivalry between the Lion and the Jackal. B. The evilness of the Lioness. C. The friendship between a lion and the jackal. D. The thoughtfulness of the Lion. E. 15. Who are the main characters of the story? The lions family and the Jackals family A.
  14. 14. The Lion and the Jackal B. The Lioness and the Lady Jackal C. The lion cubs and the Jackal kids D. The Lion and the Jackals family E.16. What does the lion do in return of the Jackals help? He told the Jackal to always hunt with him. A. He told the Jackal to live with him in his house. B. He told the Jackal to live near the Lion and give him food. C. He gave him a home. D. He gave him a present. E.17. What did the lioness feels of the lions and the jackals friendship? She was not pleased. A. She was pleased. B. She was delighted. C. She was happy about it. D. She was content about it. E.18. From whom did the jackal heard that the lions family doesnt like the friendship between them? The Lion A. The lion cubs B. The kid Jackals C. The lady Jackal D. The Lioness E.19. The synonym of the word amity in the fourth paragraph is.... rival A. rivalry B. enemy C. opposition
  15. 15. D. friendship E. 20. How did the story end? The Lion and the Jackal lived apart but still be friends. A. The Jackals and the Lions friendship ends. B. The Lion and the Jackal still live together and hunt together. C. The Lion and the Jackal lived apart and doesnt hunt together. D. The Jackal is very angry and cannot accept the Lion as his friend anymore. E.The next questions have nothing to do with the text. 21. Dimas : Would you accompany me to the internet? Bonar : .... Dimas : Thanks. I really appreciate it. Im disappointed A. Im not so sure B. Sure C. Not at all D. I dont know E. 22. Boni : How was your trip to Nias? Yudha : ... with it. I want to go there again next year. Im very pleased A. Im really disappointed B. Im very displeased C. Im very unsatisfied D. Im not happy E. 23. Endang : How was your visit to the museum? Ayu : It was closed when I got there. ... about it. Endang : Im sorry to hear that. Im satisfied A. Im happy B. Im really content C. Im very disappointed
  16. 16. D. Im delighted E.24. Arum : What do you think is the effective way to reduce global warming? Della : ... planting trees is one of the effective ways to reduce global warming. I dont know A. How do you see B. Im not sure C. In my opinion D. Are you certain that E.25. Aspani : ... We help reduce global warming? Rini : I think we can help reduce global warming through saving energy and recycling. What do A. Why should B. How can C. When can D. Where should E.26. Aldo : ... I would stay away from drugs. Tius : Yes, I know. Ill stay away from it. I dont want to say that A. I wouldnt say B. If I were you C. I dont think D. Dont think E.27. Nanis : ... get persuaded by drug peddlers. Matias : OK. Dont worry I wont. Make sure you A. Make sure you dont B. I think you should C. Be sure you D.
  17. 17. Youd better E.28. Elang Look, the library is still open. Endra : ... I thought we cant make it. This is horrible! A. Im very unsatisfied! B. Oh, this is bad! C. Thank goodness! D. This is so disappointing! E.29. Agung : .... Candra : Im sorry. I didnt mean to hit you. Thank goodness! A. What a relief! B. Whew! C. Terrific! D. Ouch! E.30. Bella : What do you think of the book? Ajeng : ... I really love it. Its terrific! A. Its disappointing! B. Its very unsatisfying! C. Its horrible! D. Its displeasing! E.
  18. 18. 31. What kind of letter above?A. Letter of confirmationB. Letter of promotionC. Letter complaintD. Letter of order32. How much money was Gunung Semeru Electronics sent through NISP Bank?A. Less than Rp. 100.000.000B. Rp. 140.000.000C. Rp. 210.000.000D. Rp. 420.000.00033. “……. We decided to purchase some recent types ….. the antonym of the underlined word is ….A. Out of dateB. Brand newC. SophisticatedD. Modern Questions 37 to 40 refer to the following memorandum. June 3, 2010 To : All employees Subject : Safety at work We all must share the responsibility for keeping our workplace safe. Hazardous conditions and unsafe work habits can lead to accidents that can result in a loss of work time and income. Please pay attention to the following reminders:1. Prevent falls. Be alert. Watch where you‟re going, especially if you‟re moving equipment or materials. Always store tools and equipment in their proper places.2. Protect your back. Use a back support and correct body positions when lifting heavy loads. See the employee manual for details.3. Protect your eyes. Use safety glasses to protect against eye injury and irritation. Pay attention to the signs that remind you to wear these glasses in certain areas.4. Use adequate ventilation. Pay attention to signs that advice the use of face masks and respirators. In general, avoid inhaling toxic chemicals in closed areas. Thank you for helping make our work environment safe!
  19. 19. 34. What is the purpose of this memorandum?A. To provide instructions on where to store tools and equipmentB. To indicate the equipment needed to move materialsC. To list safety equipment, such as face masks, that should be purchased.D. To point out measures to take to help keep the workplace safe.35. Where can employees find out more information?A. In the Employee manualB. On the outside of their back supportsC. In the storage area for tools and equipmentD. On signs that are posted in certain areas.36. Which reminder has to do with breathing?A. Number 1B. Number 2C. Number 3D. Number 437. What should you do in some work areas to prevent vision problems?A. See an eye doctor regularlyB. Read the Employee manualC. Use safety glassesD. Put on a respirator Answer the following question briefly!38. Write down how to use computer!39. Make a speech about discipline!40. Make a curriculum vitae! GOOD LUCK
  20. 20. Bees are flying insect that are found all over the world. There are over twelve thousanddifferent species of bees, but only two thousand of these are found in North America. Bees can be divided into two groups according to their living styles. Solitary beeslive alone. On the other hand, social bees, like ants, live in groups. Only about sixhundred species are of his social category. Social bees are interesting because in their "society" there different classes of bees.Each class performs a different task. Queen bees lay an egg. Workers, underdevelopedfemales, work in the hive but never produce. Males do not work: their only task is tomate with the queen. Solitary bees occur as males and females. Every female makes a nest after an egg islaid and put in a cell, the female also add some pollen and honey for food. Then sheseals the cell. The females then go else where to build a new nest or die. When the eggshatch, the larvae will feed on the pollen and honey which the female left for them. 1. Bees are flying insect that are found all over the world. The underlined word means … we can see them A. we can buy them B. we can be stung C. we can sing D. we can rise bees E. 2. Bees can be divided into two groups according to their living styles. The underlined word means … can be purchased A. can be classified B. can be fixed C. can be caused D. can create E. 3. Each class performs a different task. The underlined word means … does A. tell B. says C. tells D. asks E.
  21. 21. 4. The females then go else where to build a new nest or die. The words "else where means … to attack A. out B. up C. to any place D. to mate the queen E.5. When the eggs hatch, the larvae will feed on the pollen and honey which the female left for them. The underlined word means … drink A. destroy B. sleep C. destroy D. eat E.
  22. 22. Jumlah Soal : 20 soal Waktu : 40 menit Mulai : 13:24:31 Selesai : 14:04:31 Sisa : 21 Mei 112SEKOLAH MENENGAH ATAS / MADRASAH ALIYAHKelas : X, Bahasa Inggris (TEST/01) The Football Match My brother and I went to a football match yesterday. Our school team was playingagainst another High School team. Our team wore red and white shirts, white shorts, and redstockings. The other team wore orange and black shirts, orange shorts, and black stockings."They look like bees", my brother said, and we laughed. They played like bees too. They ran very fast, attacked very hard, and passed the ballto each other very fast. Soon they scored their first goal. My brother and I shouted andshouted, "Come on, Valley School! Come on, the Valleys!" Our headmaster was near us andhe was shouting too. He seemed very enthusiastic. However, the high school scored anothergoal. We were very sad. Then, one of the "bees" stopped the ball with one of his hands, so our team got thefree kick. Our captain took it and scored a goal. We shouted, "Hooray!" The score was now2:1. That was better. Now our team began to play better-or the "bees" were getting tired. Our team scoredanother goal before half-time. In the second half of the match, both teams tried very hard, butneither scored, so at the end the score was still two all. Adapted from: L.A. Hill, 1963 1. The text tells about … joining a football match A. winning a football match B. attending a football match C. the school football team D. playing football E. 2. What did the writer and his brother do after the rival team scored the first goal? They shouted to support their school team. A. They shouted to the headmaster. B. They laughed at their school team. C.
  23. 23. They ran very fast. D. They played like bees. E.3. Which statement is true according to the text? The writer and his brother will watch a football match. A. The writers school team wore orange and black shirts. B. The writer called his school team the "bees". C. The writers school team scored the first goal. D. The opponent scored the first goal. E.4. A word in the text which has the same meaning as "leader" is … brother A. goal B. captain C. team D. score E.5. "He seemed very enthusiastic." The antonym of the underlined word is … energized A. excited B. eager C. apathetic D. impatient E.
  24. 24. 6. The text tells you about … how to make Pempek Palembang A. how to eat Pempek Palembang B. the soup ingredients to make Pempek Palembang C. how to prepare the ingredients to make Pempek Palembang D. the equipment needed to make Pempek Palembang E.7. The followings are the main ingredients you need to make Pempek Palembang, except … pepper A. sugar B. corn _ our C. soya sauce D.
  25. 25. salt E. 8. What is the use of the food processor? to boil the ingredients A. to measure the ingredients B. to fry the ingredients C. to blend the ingredients D. to heat the ingredients E. 9. Why is oil needed to prepare the dough? to fry the dough A. to clean the dough B. to heat the dough C. to make the dough softer D. to prevent the dough from being sticky E. Queen Aji Bidara Putih Muara Kaman lies along the Mahakam River, in eastern Borneo. In the past the area wasa kingdom ruled by Queen Aji Bidara Putih. She was a typical queen of myths: beautiful,wise, and sensitive. Many princes and kings proposed to her but she always refused thembecause she was more concerned with ruling her country and guarding her people. One day, a Chinese boat came to eastern Borneo. First, the people thought it was amerchant ship but the boat was loaded with trade goods and highly trained soldiers. Theirenvoys brought gold and porcelain to announce the marriage proposal from a prince ofChina. The queen didnt refuse instantly and replied that she had to ponder the proposal first.After the envoys left the palace, the queen called a court officer and ordered him to infiltratethe Chinese boat to gather information on the prince. When night fell the officer sneaked onto the boat, got by all the guards, and finally foundthe princes room. The large door would not open and he couldnt find a peek hole, so theofficer put his ear to the wall, trying to catch sounds from inside. He heard that the princewas having his dinner and the noise of his chewing and slurping surprised the officer. It waslike a boar that he had once heard when he was hunting. He quickly left the boat and returned to the palace. He reported that the prince musthave been a phantom, not a human. He believed that the phantom could be in a humans formonly during the daytime. The queen was so surprised and got angry. On the next day, sherefused his proposal. The enraged prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman. The battle was won by theprinces huge band of troops. As they drew near to the palace, Queen Aji Bidara Putihchewed a leaf of betel vine and sang a mantra while holding it. When she threw it at theChinese troops, it turned to giant centipedes. The Chinese troops started to retreat but threecentipedes chased them and sank the boat. The site of the sunken ship is now known as
  26. 26. Danau Lipan (Lake of Centipedes), with Chinese treasures hidden on the lakes bed. Adapted from: 10. The text tells about … Queen Aji Bidara Putih A. The Mahakam River B. The Princes Proposal C. The Sunken Ship Troops D. The Chinese E. 11. Where did the story take place? in a kingdom in China A. in western Borneo B. in the area that is now called Muara Kaman C. in a sunken ship D. in the Lake of Centipedes E. 12. How was Queen Bidara Putih like? beautiful, sensible, and sensitive A. beautiful, uncaring, and sensitive B. pretty, wise, and indifferent C. pretty, sensible, and indifferent D. beautiful, wise, and unconcerned E. 13. Why did the envoys bring gold and porcelain? to trade them for stocks A. to announce the marriage proposal from a prince of China B. to load their ship C. to share them with the residents D. to sell them to the queen E. 14. How did Queen Aji Bidara Putih respond to the proposal? She agreed with the proposal instantly.
  27. 27. A. She approved the proposal right away. B. She did not refuse the proposal immediately. C. She did not reply the proposal. D. She refused the proposal. E.15. Why did the prince raid Muara Kaman? because the queen was spying on the prince A. because the queen did not accept his proposal B. because the queen attacked the princes kingdom C. because the queen returned the princes gifts D. because the queen chased the prince away E.16. Which statement is not true according to the text? The prince wanted to marry the queen. A. The prince had gold and porcelain to announce the marriage proposal. B. The prince ordered his troops to attack Muara Kaman. C. The prince won the battle. D. The prince turned into a giant centipede. E.17. The word "he" (paragraph 3, sentence 3) refers to … the court officer A. the prince B. the envoy C. the phantom D. the giant centipedes E.18. "Their envoys brought gold and porcelain to …" The synonym of "envoy" is … team A. messenger B. troop C.
  28. 28. advocate D. squad E.19. "… prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman." The synonym of "raid" is … establish A. ascertain B. attack C. expand D. enlarge E.20. Based on the picture above complete the dialog. your niece is bad A. Im excited to hear that B. Oh, no. C. Thats great D. Thats a good idea E.
  29. 29. Jumlah Soal : 20 soal Waktu : 40 menit Mulai : 13:26:33 Selesai : 14:06:33 Sisa : 21 Mei 112SEKOLAH MENENGAH ATAS / MADRASAH ALIYAHKelas : X, Bahasa Inggris (TEST/02) The White Butterfly An old man named Takahama lived in a little house behind the cemetery of the templeof Sozanji. He was extremely friendly and generally liked by his neighbors, though most ofthem considered him a little mad. That was because he was very old but he did not want toget married. He did not have the desire for intimate relationship with women. One summer day he became very ill, so ill, in fact, that he sent for his sister-in-law andher son. They both came and did all they could to bring comfort during his last hours. WhileTakahama fell asleep, they watched a large white butterfly flew into the room and rested onthe old mans pillow. The young man tried to drive it away with a fan; but it came back threetimes, as if it was very loath to leave the sufferer. At last Takahamas nephew chased it out into the garden, through the gate, and into thecemetery beyond, where it lingered over a womans tomb, and then mysteriouslydisappeared. On examining the tomb the young man found the name "Akiko" written upon it,together with a description narrating how Akiko died when she was eighteen. Though thetomb was covered with moss and must have been erected fifty years previously, the boy sawthat it was surrounded with flowers, and that the little water tank had been recently filled. When the young man returned to the house he found that Takahama had passed away,and he returned to his mother and told her what he had seen in the cemetery. "Akiko?" murmured his mother. "When your uncle was young he was betrothed toAkiko. She died shortly before her wedding day. When Akiko left this world your uncleresolved never to marry, and to live ever near her grave. For all these years he has remainedfaithful to his vow, and kept in his heart all the sweet memories of his one and only love.Every day Takahama went to the cemetery, whether the air was fragrant with summer breezeor thick with falling snow. Every day he went to her grave and prayed for her happiness,swept the tomb and set flowers there. When Takahama was dying, and he could no longerperform his loving task, Akiko came for him.That white butterfly was her sweet and lovingsoul." Adapted from: 1. The text tells you about … an old man with his faith A.
  30. 30. an old man with his neighbors B. a mad old man C. a crazy old man D. dying old man E.2. How was Takahamas character? He was a humorous person. A. He was an indolent person. B. He was a pathetic person. C. He was a sociable person. D. He was a hilarious person. E.3. Who was Akiko? She was Takahamas fi ancé. A. She was Takahamas niece. B. She was Takahamas sister I law. C. She was Takahamas sister. D. She was Takahamas mother. E.4. Which statement is not true according to the text? Takahama went every day to Akikos grave and prayed for her happiness. A. Takahama lived near Akikos grave. B. Takahama resolved not to marry after Akikos death. C. Takahama became very ill on summer day. D. Takahama chased the white butterfly out into the garden. E.5. The word "It" (paragraph 3, sentence 2) refers to … the garden A. the cemetery B. the tomb C. the white butterfly D.
  31. 31. the gate E. 6. Which of the following words is the antonym of resolved? undecided A. resolute B. unyielding C. determined D. unbendable E. 7. Which of the following words is the synonym of betrothed? alienated A. divided B. separated C. estranged D. engaged E. My Very Best Friends I believe that a friend is an angel who lifts us off our feet when our wings have troubleremembering how to fl y. It means that our friends are people who will always be there for usany time we need them. Im so lucky because I have three best friends. They are Firsty, Ronald and Jonathan.We have known each other since we were four years old. We met in the kindergarten. Sincethen, we always go to the same school. Moreover, our houses are still in the same block. Wedo everything together. Our motto is "United we stand, divided we fall". It means "togetherwe are stronger". Now, let me introduce my friends one by one. Firsty is the youngest among us because she was born in December. We call her "TheSweety Firsty". Her father is French. She is tall and slim. Shes about 171 cm. She has longstraight hair. Actually the color of her hair is blonde. However, she dyed her hair black sincelast year. She has beautiful blue eyes, an oval face and pointed nose. "The Sweety Firsty" is acheerful, confident, and determined girl. However, she is a little bit careless and stubborn.She has many cats in her house. There are about nine cats. She loves them all. One of herfavorite is a little orange cat. She calls her Shinny. Firsty loves to dance and sing.Nevertheless, she wants to be a model. Ronalds nickname is Ron. Most of girls in our school love and adore him. Theresno doubt about his good looking. We call him "The Charming Ron". His height is 176 cm.Ron has straight hair and perfect face. He is an intelligent and introvert person. Above all, heis humble. He was crowned as The Best Student this year. He won so many prizes on Math,Chemistry and Physic competition. However, his favorite subject is Chemistry. He wants tobe a chemist someday. Jonathan is a funny person. He can always find a way to make the people around
  32. 32. him laugh. I wonder what it is in his head for he can create jokes spontaneously. Jonathansnick name is Jo. He is plump. Hes about 168 cm tall. His weight is 80 kg. Thats why we callhim "The Big Jo". He has a round face with brown eyes. His spiky hairstyle makes himeasily recognized. Jo is a humorous, friendly and an easy going person. He is a movie freak.He would never miss any new movie in the cinema. He dreams of becoming a famous actorone day. About me? Well, my name is Hana. Im the shortest one among them. Im about 160 cmtall. I have long wavy hair with round face. My friends call me "The Chubby Hana" because Ialso have a chubby check. Most people, even my parents say that Im a careful, generous anddiligent person. They also say that Im a bit sensitive. I love painting. I spend much time inmy small studio just painting. Thats all about me and friends of mine. Even though we are quite different, we loveeach other and will keep this relationship for good. 8. The purpose of the text is … to describe persons and characters A. to tell a sequence of events B. to entertain the readers C. to persuade the readers to have many friends D. to teach the readers how to make friends E. 9. The followings are Firstys characters, except … cheerful, humorous, and sensitive A. cheerful, confident, and strong-minded B. determined, sensitive, and funny C. determined, humorous, sensitive D. sensitive, confident, serious 23. What is Jonathan like? E. 10. What is Jonathan like? He is fat, easy going, and funny. A. He is fat, stubborn, and funny. B. He is chubby, diligent, and sensitive. C. He is plump, humble, and sensitive. D. He is friendly, easy going, and slim. E. 11. What is Hanas favorite? She loves Chemistry.
  33. 33. A. She loves cats. B. She loves watching TV. C. She loves painting. D. She loves singing. E. 12. Which statement is true according to the text? Firsty has a round face. A. Jonathan wants to be a chemist. B. Ron wants to be an artist. C. Hana has long straight hair. D. Jonathan is plump. E. 13. A word in the text that has the same meaning as "strong-minded" is … sensitive A. friendly B. determined C. confident D. cheerful E. Inul aims to drill after haj JAKARTA: Dangdut singer Inul Daratista says she will not stop performing her raunchyhip-gyrating dance, "the drill" after recently completing a spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca. "Uztad (cleric) advised me to run my business as usual after the haj. He only told me tostop if I was too tired. How am I supposed to feed my family if I dont sing and dance?" saidthe singer whose dancing was once the source of a major controversy here. Inul said she wouldnt be changing her typically-tight stage outfits like many otheractresses and female singers who start wearing headscarves after coming back from the haj. " ….. (the costume) depends on the songs: If I was ordered to sing qasyidah (Arabicsongs). Id have to adjust. "Inul said quoted by Detikcom.183Inul who travelled to Mecca with her husband, Adam Suseno, said they had beenimpressed by the beauty of the city and were planning to make a return trip within the nextfour months. "Next year, four months from now, well take the umroh (minor haj program), " she said. Adapted from: The Jakarta Post, December 27, 2007 14. With whom did Inul take haj? alone
  34. 34. A. her friend B. Ustad C. her husband D. her parents E. 15. What is Inuls decision after haj? She will stop her raunchy dance. A. She will run her business as usual. B. She will sing Arabic songs. C. She will start wearing headscarves. D. She will take a break for four months. E. 16. What Inul planned four months ahead? She will take the umroh. A. She will travel to Mecca. B. She will sing qasyidah. C. She will start wearing headscarves. D. She will stop performing her raunchy dance. E. 17. A word in the text that has the same meaning as "vulgar" is … usual A. spiritual B. minor C. major D. raunchy E.The next quesrions have nothing to do with teh redaing text. 18. Ayu : Thanks a million for your help. Arnys : ______________. Dont mention it. A. Id love to. B.
  35. 35. Really? C. Thats wonderful. D. Terrific! E.19. Adib : Thats a very cute sweater. Retno : ______________. Its no trouble at all. A. Thank you for saying so. B. With my pleasure. C. Very well, thanks. D. That would be nice. E.20. Marcell : __________________. Virga : Really? Thats wonderful! My lovely kitten died last night. A. My little sister killed my hamster. B. My horse has been sick for three days, C. My dog won a swimming contest yesterday. D. My rabbit was hit by a car this morning. E.
  36. 36. Soal-Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas XII. INCOMPLETE DIALOGUE1. May : Dwi, would you like to come to my school party?Dwi : …., But I am afraid I can‟t.My friend, Dias has asked me to join her for a party too.a. Yes, I like it c. No I can‟t comeb. I would really love too d. Of course I like too2. Buyer : I like this car. It‟s so beautiful. How much you will sell it?Seller : I can only give it to you at Rp. 50 millionsBuyer : Hmm. That‟s expensive.Seller : Well, …..? I‟ll give you Rp. 45 millions.That‟s the lowest price that I give to youBuyer : Great! Nice to do a business with you. Here is the money.a. How about this? c. It‟s deal now.b. How much money do you have? d. I think it‟s not expensive3. Man : What is your hobby?Woman : Oh, …. Stamps. What about you?Man : I don‟t have really any hobbies.Woman : Well, what do you do in your spare time?Man : I like playing chessa. Collect c. Collectedb. Collecting d. Collects4. Bayu : My hobby is sport. What‟s your hobby?Sonny : ….Bayu : Have you ever traveled around the world.a. I like to travel c. I like travelingb. I like travel d. I like traveled5. Sam : Are you sure I can pass the test?Frank : … Since you have studied hard for it these couple of weeksa. Up to you c. I‟m not certain about itb. I don‟t know d. I‟m sure about it6. Mona : What do you suggest if always being exhausted arriving at home?Vera : …. It helps mucha. Catch some sleep on your way home on the busb. Go to sleep after finishing your work in the officec. Go to the shopping malls, do the sight seeingd. Take some drinks and eat delicious food7. Receptionist : The Emerald office. Good morningAyu : Good morning. Can I speak to Mr. Johan, please?Receptionist : …. Can I take a message?a. Yes, just a moment c. Would you like to leave a message?b. I‟m sorry. He is not here at the moment d. I‟ll call back later
  37. 37. 8. Receptionist : King of Ticket, can I help youCustomer : Yes, I‟d like to book three VIP tickets for ‟Teater Koma‟ performance next FridayReceptionist : Okay. … cash or credit card?a. Can I pay the installment? c. Where is the cashier counter?b. Can I bargain for the tickets? d. How would you like to pay?9. Nabilah : Dad, that‟s …. Position you‟ve ever reach. Congratulation!Nabilah‟s father : Thank youa. A dreadful c. A disappointedb. A fantastic d. A shameful10. Ms. Nina : What do you think about this product?Have we received our selling target?Arum : I think, …Ms. Nina : I agree with your opinion.a. We should increase our promotion c. I have no ideab. We do not need to promote it d. Your idea is not good11. Elen : You know, I heard that several employees in our division are planning to resignfrom thiscompany?Jenny : Is there something wrong?Elen : Yeah, the management always ask them to work overtime without giving anyincentives.Jenny : ……………….a. I agree with you c. I refuse your ideab. I disagree with you d. I completely disagree with you12. Nina : How do you like this chocolate cake?Nana : I think ….a. It is pretty c. It‟s deliciousb. They are too boring d. I‟m fine13. Lita : Maybe we need to try the new seafood restaurant down the street next week.Beni : That will be great, but I am not free on Wednesday or FridayLita : ….a. Why don‟t we try the new recipeb. What about going there on Mondayc. Let‟s go find out what we can eat this afternoond. How about going fishing on Friday afternoon after work14. Rian : I‟ve got a toothacheDini : You … go to the dentista. Had better c. Would notb. Will not d. Shouldn‟t15. A : Be carefull, we are almost near the traffic lightB : We … stop when the traffic light is red
  38. 38. a. Can c. Shouldb. Must d. MayII. ERROR RECOGNITION16. Nania : What do you usually do in your leisure time?ABShila : I love read novels. It makes me happy.CD17. Danny : What did you do when you were a child in your village?ABJane : Well, I used to swimming on the river near my houseCD18. Ani : Do you have any money for the victims of Tsunami in Aceh?AAndi : If I have a lot of money, I would donate it to the children in Aceh.BCD19. A : There is some interesting books in that new bookstore.ABB : Really? I think I‟ll go there.CD20. Nadila : Have you done your work on time?ABJack : What did she ask you?CYou : She asked me that I had done my work on time.D21. Anna : Why didn‟t you come to my house last night?ABBecky : I didn‟t come due to the rain is heavy.CD22. Dafasya : What will you tell her?ABNayshila : I am going to ask her to bring the dictionary of mine tomorrow.CD23. X : What is your suggestion for my overweight?ABY : If I was you, I would do an exercise every morningCD24. There are many kinds of notebook in Indonesia. Toshiba is one of my favorite and Acer istheABCother one. The Toshiba is much more expensive than Acer, but it‟s better.D25. Anita : I hope your marriage will be happy forever.ABYeni : Although my husband gave much money but I never feel happy.CDIII. READING COMPREHENSION
  39. 39. Question no. 26 – 28 refer to the following description26. What is the first paragraph about?a. Florence had a rich and responsible family.b. Florence lived in Italy with her wealthy father.c. Florence earned a living by herself for her studyd. Florence behaved and treated her father strongly.27. What made Florence different in her character?a. She wanted to get married soonb. She liked to do many household things.c. She always dreamt of having a wealthy husbandd. She‟s more interested in helping others in her life.28. “…. whose intelligence, determination, and bravery .…”(last sentence, 2nd paragraph)The underlined word has a close meaning to ….a. anxiety c. weaknessb. willpower d. doubtfulness.Question no. 29 – 31 refer to the following text29. What is the notice about?
  40. 40. a. Office announcement c. How to repair a telephoneb. Guide to telephone behavior d. Public telephone30. The successful man ……. We met at the party last week is the general manager ofJombang Company ?a. Who c. Whoseb. Whom d. Which31. What should we do if an incoming call is inconvenient?a. Take the caller‟s name and address.b. Show in your voicec. Don‟t attempt to do two things at the same timed. Start each call.Question no 32 – 34 refer to the following letter32. Whar was the aim of Mr. Axel wrote the letter above ?a. To ask some information c. To ask an apologizeb. To ask an opinion d. To apply for a job33. Thank you for your letter of March 20th concerning your visit to Fly-By-Night Travel lastMonday. What is the synonym of the bold onea. Regarding c. Measuringb. Regulating d. Rewarding34. The good attitude that showed by Mr Axel is………a. Gave Ms essien a letter c. Gave Ms Essien a cheque
  41. 41. b. Gave Ms Essien a bucket of flower d. Gave Ms Essien a supplementQuestion 35 – 37 refer to the following memo35. What kind of memo is this?a. A notice about new policy c. A personnel memob. A safety warning d. A reception invitation36. What is the purpose of the fire doors?a. To keep smoke away from people c. To keep fire from spreadingb. To provide escape routes d. To contain heat37. Why were employees probably keeping the fire doors open?a. To get to a higher floor c. To go from office to officeb. To look at the view d. To let in cool airThis dialogue to answer the question no. 38 - 40Shopkeeper : Can I help you?Rendy : Yes, I‟m looking for a jacket. Can you shou me the cointer?Shopkeeper : Of course, come this way, please.Rendy : OkayShopkeeper : Here it is. Anything else?Rendy : Yes, I‟m looking for a Blue jacketShopkeeper : What size do you want?Rendy : I think M, PleaseShopkeeper : All right, here you are.Rendy : Hmm, I think I don‟t like this blue color. It‟s too dark. I‟d like to have one withbrighter blue colorShopkeeper : Do you mean light blue like this one. Miss?Rendy : Hmm. I think it is. It‟s good enough to mutch with my blue trousers. May I try thisShopkeeper : Yes, of course38. What did he want to buy?a. jacket c. trousersb. sweater d. T-shirt39. Did he directly find the counter he locked fora. yes, he does c. no, he does not
  42. 42. b. yes, he did d. no, he did not40. What color did he want?a. Black c. Bright Blueb. Dark Blue d. RedIV. ESSAY41. Student 1 : Can you tell me, how to operate a computer ?Student 2 : ….42. Make the expression of invitationKries : …. ?Wulan : I will come to your birthday party if I have time43. Ani : What will you do after you graduate from vocational school?Andi : …..44. Make an exclamation using what and how based on the sentence!„The man is very generous”What ….How ….45. Combine the sentence using cause effect relation given!The journey was very long. We felt so tired last night.(Because of) ….***Good Luck***KUNCI JAWABANBAHASA INGGRISKELAS XIPILIHAN GANDA1. A 11. A 21. D 31. C2. D 12. C 22. C 32. C3. B 13. B 23. C 33. A4. C 14. A 24. D 34. C5. D 15. B 25. C 35. B6. B 16. C 26. B 36. A7. B 17. C 27. D 37. D8. D 18. C 28. B 38. A9. B 19. A 29. B 39. B10. A 20. D 30. B 40. C
  43. 43. ESSAY41. First, push the on button / start in the monitor and CPU42. Would you like to come to my birthday party?43. a. I will continue my study to the universityb. I am going to look for a job(pilih salah satu jawaban yang sesuai)44. What generous is the manHow generous is the man45. We felt so tires last night because of the journey was very long.
  44. 44. Soal-Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas XI. Incomplete Dialogue1. X: Excuse me, could you direct me to star cinema?Y: ……. (can not help)a. Star cinema? Can I help you? c. I‟ m sorry. I‟m new in this townb. That quite all right d. Just a few minutes2. X : Hi Andrew,Y : Hi Rose, How are things with you?X : …. , And you?Y : Not too bada. it‟s just so so c. sure I willb. bye bye d. so long3. X : Hello Jack how‟s life?Y : ….a. how do you do c. see youb. Hi thanks d. fine, what about you?4. X : How is the ball?Y : It is ….a. square c. roundb. triangular d. cubic5. X : Hi jack, what day was two days ago?Y : It is Sunday. So two days ago was….a. Saturday c. Tuesdayb. Friday d. Monday.6. Doni is holding a ball and Dino is sitting on the bench. The bench is five meters from doni.Dino : …. Ball is very great. Where do you buy it?Doni : I buy …. At „sport one‟ata. That – that c. This - Thatb. That – those d. That – this7. A : I ……help him because that was just a simple thing for me, but he didn`t ask. I …helphim if he` asked.B : Come on, you… kind to him even though he doesn‟t ask your help.a. could – would – would c. should – would - couldb. could – would – should d. should – should – would8. X. : … you think Mirna had waited here yesterday?Y : I think she had waited here for about two hours?a. How many c. How farb. How much d. How long9. Guest : Can I pay the bill using credit card?Waiter : Sure, wait a minute,……
  45. 45. a. I need your signature here c. Can you give me a tip?b. I need cash d. Here is my credit card10. Driver : Do you need me to carry the bags for you?Woman : No Thanks……a. I will carry them myself c. I will ask the bellboyb. They are not really, just put them here. d. Just go away11. X : …..I lost my temper last night.Y : Never mind. I understanda. I`m glad c. Please forgive meb. I don`t care d. I dare say12. A : What is your plan for tomorrow?B : I want to visit my uncle. May I use your car?C : ….a. Sure, use it anytime you want c. Send my regard to himb. No, thank you d. Take a good care13. Dona : Have you heard the bad news about Edi?Eki : What happened to him?Dona : He got an accident yesterday, he broke his legs.Eki : ……a. I`m really sad c. I`m sorry to hear thatb. I`m happy to hear that d. I`m terrible sorry for you.14. A : Cindi is hospitalized because of food poisening.B : …..Let`s visit her.A :That`s a good idea.a. Poor you c. poor herb. Pity on you d. I`m sorry to hear it from you.15. Guest : Excuse me, please?Receptionist : …..?Guest : I want to send my dress to the hotel laundry, but I forgot to tell you about it.Receptionist : It is okay. We‟ll ask the room boy to come to your room.a. What do you do Sir? c. Do you need me, Sir/b. What can I do for you? d. Can you help me, Sir?II. Error RecognitionEach sentence below has four underlined words which are mark (A), (B), (C), and (D).Identify the one that should be corrected.16. Nina : Mr Johnson, I would like you meet Mr. Bakri.ABMR. Johnson : How do you do Mr. Bakri?CMr. Bakri : How do you do?D
  46. 46. 17. A Guest checks out and pays his bill.Receptionist : Thank you. for visit. Please visit us again next time.ABCGuest : Yes, I will. See youDReceptionist : See you next time18. Rozak : Have you heard about new boss?ABRahman : Yes. People say that he is handsome. He have a pointed nose.CD19. Budi : Excuse me . I need to went to the supermarket. Can you tell me how to get there,ABCplease?Rani : Sure. Go straight and turn left.D20. Father prefer a cup of coffee to tea in the morningABCD21. Everyone likes talking better than listenABCD22. You will stay energetic and fit if you got enough breakfast before you go to workABCD23. When you arrived at the office, your staffs will be busy preparing a party for your successABCD24. There is a lot of information you can get from the newspapers and magazinesABCD25. When you want to bought or sell things, you can put on advertisement in a newspaperABCDIII. Reading ComprehensionNumber 26 to 30 refer to the following the text!THE TIMEA clock measures the time. We look at the clock and we know what time it is. On the clockthere are numbers from one to twelve. These numbers tells us that there are twelve hoursfrom midnight to noon. They also say that there are twelve hours from noon to midnight.This clock has two hands; a long hand and a short hand. The long hand shows us the minutes.It is called the minute hand. The short hand shows us the hours. It is known as the hour hand.There are sixty minutes in an hour. There are sixty seconds in a minute. Fifteen minutes makea quarter of an hour. Thirty minutes make half of an hour.Look at the clock above. The long hand is pointing to six. The short hand is pointing betweentwo and three. Do you know what time is it? It is half past two. Several clocks shows us theday, date, month and even year, but this clock doesn‟t.
  47. 47. Noon is the middle of the day. Midnight is the middle of the night. When it is the middle ofthe night we say it is twelve midnight or 12 A.M. When it is the middle of the day, we say itis twelve noon or 12 P.M. A.M and P.M. are for the Latin words. A.M. stand for ante-meridiem. It means before noon. P.M. stands for post-meridiem. It means after noon. So wesay for 7 A.M. seven o‟clock in the morning; 3 P.M three o‟clock in the afternoon: 9 P>Mnine o‟clock in the evening and so on.26. What for do we use a clock?a. to fulfill the daily needb. to complete our homec. to know the timed. to collect antique thing27. The numbers from one to twelve on the clock mean…a. there are noon and nightb. there are six minutes in an hourc. the time has twelve hours.d. there are twelve hours from midnight to noon.28. It is called the minute hand. The word “it” refers to…a. long hand. c. short handb. o clock d. time29. There are two hands in the clock. It is in paragraph……a. one c. threeb. two d. four30. The short hand shows us the hours. The underlined word means…a. knows. c. giveb. points. d. getsNumber 31 to 32 refer to the following the text!Tips for going palm on palmNational Handshake Day provides a changes to examine one of the most overlooked aspectsof business. Here is how to improve your move. Studies show that the mere act of shakinghands make people twice as likely to remember you and with just a few quick pumps, youcan a lot about yourself: too muchoomph, and you appear dominating. Come on too soft, and exude in competence. Fret toomuch, and you are headed for a clammy clasp that will send you fellow shaker into instantrecoil. But the right shake, on the other hand, can convey openness, respect, confidence andvitality. “ It says „I‟m a person of substance, I‟m to be taken seriously, “says Marjorie Brody,author of several books on business etiquette and professionalism, including the recentlyreleased help! was that a career limiting move?31. What is the most overlooked aspect of business based on the text?a. Presentation c. Shake hand
  48. 48. b. Performance d. Confidence32. The followings will be conveyed by a right shake, excepta. Openness c. Confidenceb. Performance d. ProfitNumber 33 to 35 refer to the following memo!33. What will be covered by the balance?a. Library Materials c. Purchase requisitionb. Equipment repairs d. Prioritization Process34. What does the writer thank for?a. The fund c. The participationb. The balance d. The Approval35. What is the Memo about?a. Fund allocation c. Dean reelectionb. Process Participation d. Purchase requisitionNumber 36 to 38 refer to the following the text!
  49. 49. 36. Where exactly does Taylor House lay?a. Ponside c. Monument squareb. Boston d. Jamaica37. What does Taylor do?a. Merchant c. businessmanb. historian d. architect38. How is the cupola described?a. octagonal c. Greekb. beautiful d. DistinctiveNumber 39 to 40 refer to the following the text!39. What are not presented by Hotel Mulia for Celebrating Chinese New Year?a. Lion Dances c. Cookiesb. Samudra Shark‟s Fin d. Salmon40. What does “You” in last line of the text refer to?a. The Chinese c. The guest to beb. The Hotel owner d. The menuIV. Essay1. Rewrite the verb in the bracket by using correct verb of present.Simple tenseThe vegetables (not taste) fresh to me, but the wine (taste) sweet.2. He works in a plane. He has to operate the flying control of an aircraft. What is he?3. Fill in the blank with correct word!There…….pictures of the president and vice president……the wall.4.What does this sign mean?5. Complete this short dialogue!A : ….B : it‟s on Sudirman Street, between the post office and petrol station.
  50. 50. ****Good Luck****Answer Key for Class X English Testl. Incomplete Dialogue1. C2. A3. D4. C5. B6. D7. A8. D9. A10. A11. C12. A13. C14. C15. B2. Error Recognition16. B17. B18. D19. A20. A21. D22. B23. A24. B25. C3. Reading Comprehension26. C27. D28. A29. B30. B31. A32. D33. B34. C35. A36. A37. D38. A39. B40. C4. Essay
  51. 51. 1. do not taste ; tastes2. A pilot3. are ; on4. Cell phone inactivated / do not use handphone5. Where is the nearest Bank ( Other Places )?