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Open Education Legislative Update (OpenEd Leadership Summit, 6/5/14, Portland, OR)

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Open Education Legislative Update (OpenEd Leadership Summit, 6/5/14, Portland, OR)

  1. 1. @txtbks EXECUTIVE BRIEFING The Open Education Legislative Agenda Nicole Allen (@txtbks) Director of Open Education, SPARC Open Education Leadership Summit Portland, OR | June 5, 2014 | #OpenLS
  2. 2. @txtbks Public Policy Case • Textbook prices are out of control (and legislators are hearing about it) • Government invests heavily in higher education (and therefore textbooks) • Textbook costs are compromising student success (reducing value of government investment) • OER reduce costs, improve student success (and the data show it)
  3. 3. @txtbks
  4. 4. @txtbks Expand availability and discoverability of OER
  5. 5. @txtbks Expand availability and discoverability of OER Expand adoption, adaptation and building of OER
  6. 6. @txtbks Policy Handles • Ensure publicly funded resources are openly licensed • Create programs that directly advance OER • Induce or call for action on OER • Create or change policy frameworks that enable advancement on OER
  7. 7. @txtbks Open licensing for publicly funded resources U.S. Dept. of Labor (2010-2014) TAACCCT conditions funding on open licensing AND free online availability for educational materials. U.S. Congress (introduced 2013) Bipartisan FASTR Act (S. 350/H.R. 708) ensures free online availability of publicly funded research articles for everyone to use and build upon.
  8. 8. @txtbks Open licensing for publicly funded resources • Adoption of agency-wide open licensing policies • Prioritization of OER in grant programs that support educational materials • Blanket legislation requiring open licensing policies
  9. 9. @txtbks Programs that advance OER Washington (2009) State appropriation that enabled SBCTC to launch Open Course Library California (2012) State legislation and (conditional) appropriation to create a library of Open Textbooks and a faculty council to oversee the program
  10. 10. @txtbks Programs that advance OER U.S. Congress (introduced 2013) Affordable College Textbook Act (S. 1704/H.R. 3538) creates a federally funded grant program for open textbook pilot programs
  11. 11. @txtbks Induce or call for advancement of OER North Dakota (2013) Resolutions calling on institutions and faculty to use and create open textbooks, and calling for a study on potential impact and avenues of action. Minnesota (2013) Set OER as one of five funding-dependent performance goals for MnSCU system. mber=0
  12. 12. @txtbks Induce or call for advancement of OER • Leverage federal resources for institutional support for OER • Work with federal officials to elevate the visibility of OER
  13. 13. @txtbks Create or change policy frameworks Canadian Provinces (2014) British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan signed a MOU outlining collaboration on development and use of open textbooks. Texas (2009) Legislation enabled K-12 commissioner to include OER on list of approved materials.
  14. 14. @txtbks Create or change policy frameworks • Inter-state collaboration in the U.S. • Addressing issues with vendor contracts that create barriers to OER • Improve federal textbook price disclosure requirements to level the playingfield
  15. 15. @txtbks Advancing OER in Public Policy
  16. 16. @txtbks Principles • Policy is a solution to a problem, not an end in itself • Passing policy is only half of the battle, implementation is what makes it work • Policy is not the equivalent of changing culture • Be careful what you wish for…
  17. 17. @txtbks Making the Case • Know where stakeholders stand (faculty, bookstore, college, publishers), and partner with students – your best ally • Focus on the local impacts of OER and have data to back it up • Keep explanations of OER simple
  18. 18. @txtbks What You Can Do • Educate legislators (federal and state) on the public policy case for OER • Consider how OER can fit into YOUR legislative agenda • Watch for OER legislation and opportunities (both good and bad) • Let us know if you’re in DC!
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