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Real Estate Blogs: How to dominate your market with your blog


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Are you looking to get more leads from your real estate blogs?

This webinar presentation is 100% focused on giving you the tools you need to succeed at blogging in real estate. You can find the full webinar recording here:

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Real Estate Blogs: How to dominate your market with your blog

  1. 1. Why Should You Be Blogging?
  2. 2. 1. SEO
  3. 3. SEO Example
  4. 4. SEO Success
  5. 5. 2.) Networking Potential...
  6. 6. Example
  7. 7. 3.) People Want More Than Just Listings
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. 3 Templates You Can Use Today
  10. 10. Blog Template #1 Social Post Infographic
  11. 11. Social Post EXAMPLE
  12. 12. Social Post Guidelines: 700+ Words For SEO Professional Infographic Valuable Info For Readers Shared On All Networks Possibly BOOST Post On FB
  13. 13. Social Post GOALS: Valuable To Share Designed For Social Media Boosts Traffic Boosts Social Presence
  14. 14. Why Does This Work?
  15. 15. Blog Template #2 SEO Focused Resource
  16. 16. SEO Post Example
  17. 17. SEO Focused Guidelines 1000+ Words For SEO Focus on 1-3 Keywords 1-2% KWD Density Multiple Images 1 Target: Buyers or Sellers
  18. 18. SEO Focused GOALS Start Aging Post For Google Promote On Social = SEO Indicator Long term Focus For Google Traffic Monitor Progress and Revise Article Should be the BEST resource out there
  19. 19. Why Does This Work?
  20. 20. Blog Template #3 Round-Up Promo Post
  21. 21. Round-Up Example
  22. 22. “According To The Corcoran Report Trump Tower Is The Most Expensive Address In The World”
  23. 23. Round-Up Promo Guidelines Target Businesses With Traffic Focus On “Best Of Something” 700+ Words + 1% Density Outreach to other biz for promotion Quality article + Flattering
  24. 24. Round-Up Promo GOALS Make Friends In Your Space Create An Environment Of Helping Get Your Article Promoted FOR You Get Secondary Traffic For Easy Terms
  25. 25. Outreach Example: Hi there! You have the best Chicken Parmesan in ABQ!! I just included Mamma Mia in my new article “ The Best Restaurants In Albuquerque” (LINK) Would love to see what you think! I’m going to be promoting this post to my local traffic this month, would it be Ok if I link to your website and Facebook profile? Best - Realtor John (THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!)
  26. 26. Promoting Your Blogs...
  27. 27. Tips & Tricks Don’t Write FLUFF Always Add Images! 750 words plus (SEO) Check other blogs for examples Video Is King
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Questions?
  29. 29. Questions?
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. Scheduling Posts Sample Monday - Publish Your Blog Post Tuesday - Social Media Posting Wednesday - Boost Your Blog Thursday - Friday - Video?
  33. 33. Why should I schedule posts?
  34. 34. Who should schedule posts?
  35. 35. “Boosting” A Post Demo
  36. 36. Boost a post Sample 24-65 Nike Golf Golfing Clubs Callaway Target Interests
  37. 37. Why should I Boost a post?
  38. 38. Who should Boost a post?
  39. 39. 2 OPTIONS… FREE: Scheduling Posts PAID: Boosting a Post (Just pick one!)