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6 things that you should not say

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6 things that you should not say

  2. 2. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN GOOD PARENTING THAT’S RIDICULOUS! STOP BEHAVING LIKE A CHILD. • Children are sensitive and putting down their emotions and feelings is the last thing that you can do. At their level, they give importance to things that may not seem important to you. But try to understand what they are going through.
  3. 3. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN GOOD PARENTING • This is totally unfair as individuals are different. Also by comparison between siblings, you are giving rise to rivalry and causing a rift between them. Even comparing with peers is not fair to the child and should not be done. WHY CAN’Y YOU BE MORE LIKE YOUR BROTHER?
  4. 4. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN GOOD PARENTING • The message that you send out here is that the child is worthless and incapable. This may actually make your child feel so and lead to underperformance. It humiliates your child but does not lead to any positive change. YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER! YOU DO EVERYTHIG WRONG.
  5. 5. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN GOOD PARENTING • Although you may be hurt because of your child’s actions, do not say things that will cut him off. The child depends on the parents and cutting him off will lead to insecurity. Also he will feel that he can do anything now as he is outside your jurisdiction. I DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU ANYMORE!
  6. 6. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN GOOD PARENTING • Sometimes you may feel totally defeated and resort to such kind of statements. This sends out a negative message and makes the child feel unwanted. Resolve the issue but do not make it more volatile. I WISH YOU HADN’T BEEN BORN!
  7. 7. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN GOOD PARENTING • Saying things to this effect will have a very negative effect on your child. You are not his peer but his parent and this will make him believe that he is repulsive as he holds his parents to be the harbinger of truth. Don’t lose your maturity. I HATE YOU!
  8. 8. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN RESOLVE ISSUES • Take a deep breath and pause from saying something hurtful. • Refocus and get things done instead of giving vent to anger. • Leave the situation by saying ‘We will talk about this later’. • If you are very angry simply leave the room. • Arguing with your child will make him or her lose respect. • Say things only once and do not yell as this shows your desperation. • Cut out privileges like television or pocket money instead of answering back when your child is very rude to you. • Never ignore your child. Show that you care. Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054 Phone:07926850339 Gujarat , India 99251 53153