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How to attempt exam paper


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Published in: Education
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How to attempt exam paper

  1. 1. What are examinations ?  Examinations (or exams for short) are tests which aim to determine the ability of a student. Exams are usually written tests, although some may be practical or have practical components, and vary greatly in structure, content and difficulty depending on the subject, the age group of the tested persons and the profession.
  3. 3. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS  Get Ready  Get Set  Get Started with time Management
  4. 4. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS  How to attempt MCQ’s  How to attempt Short Answer Question’s  How to attempt Geometrical Questions
  5. 5. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONSI. GET READY  Find out what kind of test you are getting (MCQ’s , SAQ’s or LAQ’s)  Avoid cramming.  Set up your study schedule to review everything well a day before .  Use planner to keep on track.  Write out likely the test questions and answer them.
  6. 6. Dos Get enough rest a night before Wear comfortable clothing. Have proper breakfast. Take all necessary tools; Pen, pencil, eraser, calculator, markers and geometry box, etc. Get your Roll. No. Slip. Be confident and calm.
  7. 7. Donts  Do not borrow writing items, it creates stress & disturbance.  Do not use scotch tape.  Do not be over confident.  Do not get panic.  Do not start writing as soon as you get the paper.  Tip  When you are well prepared you experience less stress.
  8. 8. II. GET SET When you get the paper; Fill the information required on answer sheet, i.e. Roll. No. ,etc. First read the instructions carefully. Then skim the paper to make sure you have it all. Highlight the key words like, solve, compare, expand, factorize, evaluate , etc.
  9. 9. III.TIME MANAGEMENT1.Understand your exam paper Question Type  Time requirement Sec A- No. MCQ’s 15  20 min (allotted time)  Take 1 min for each Sec B- No. SAQ’s 12  2hrs 40 min=160 min  Take 10-15 min to read paper Sec C- No. LAQ’s 03  12*6=72 min 6 min/q  3*15=45 min 15 min /q T. No. Q’s 30  You have 25-30 min to check and manage time for tough ones.
  10. 10. 2.Use 10-15 min effectively. * Read the paper carefully * Mark the questions into categories a) Easy b) Manageable c) Tough or challenging To make overall idea or rough plan for solving the paper.
  11. 11. 3.Don’t worry about the toughones  The questions appear to be tough ,but when you start working on them you find them easy.  So be calm for the easy ones.  Don’t get unduly worried about the tougher part.
  12. 12. 4. Prioritize your attempt  Always attempt easy questions first  Then move on to manageable ones  This will ensure you that you are not leaving any question & your confidence will grow  Now you will be mentally ready to take on more challenging questions.
  13. 13. 5. Ensure speed andaccuracy  Use quicker methods in calculations  Have command on calculator.  * To avoid wasting time  * To get correct results  Errors of (+/-) often waste time  Therefore avoiding silly mistakes follow tricks we discussed in speed strategies.
  14. 14. 6. Keep an eye on yourwatch  It is not to increase your stress.  It is to see that you are adhering to time allocation discussed in the beginning  Note A minor variation is not a reason to worry.
  15. 15. 7. Avoid thinking too muchabout a question  It is essential to think about the question , but not to such an extent that it waste time on one question.  Avoid to write too lengthy answer just because you know it well.  Just give answer to the point as required.  Note : you must practice the habit of finishing sample papers in 140 – 150 min  This will help you stimulate and exercise examination pressures better
  16. 16. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS1. How to attempt MCQ’s  Read the statement carefully and write the correct option in the box.  Before looking at the answer ,try to form the answer in your mind and then match with the given options.  Draw a column in the last page of booklet for the working if required.  Do not over write .  Do not use pencil.  Try to avoid eraser, whitener ,etc.
  17. 17. 2. How to attempt SAQ’S Draw margin line and column for rough work at the right side of the page with suitable width. Write the numbers of questions and parts , in the margin. Solve the parts simultaneously. Do not write the word problems. For calculations ,show the formula you are using and then plug in the applicable data and solve for the answer to the question. For the solution of word problems do write the headings such as; Given, Required, Plan and Solution, etc. Express the final answer in the units asked for, i.e. cm, kg etc. It is beneficial to highlight, encircle or box the required answers. i.e 34 kg, 29 cm, or 100 lb Draw the horizontal line after finishing the solution.
  18. 18. 3. How to solve GeometricalQuestions  Construct the figures with pencil only.  Do write the headings for the steps of construction explained for the figure.  Give proper reasoning for the theorems.  Do not miss the symbols for the specific geometrical figures, i.e.. m< A etc.
  19. 19.  Points to be noted: Poor handwriting can cost points if the examiner cannot read your response. Brevity and clarity will help both the candidate and the examiner. Fancy work i.e. underlining, highlighting, coloring etc can wait for those last spare moments. Get the paper tied up10 min before the time ends. Do not attempt extra questions.
  21. 21. Presented by ; Mrs. Umber Tariq Army Burn Hall College For Girls, Abbottabad.
  22. 22. GOOD LUCK