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Poster abisamra-fdl-version 1


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Poster abisamra-fdl-version 1

  1. 1. INTEGRATED SKILLS IN ENGLISH Faculté des Langues – TACLA ABI SAMRA CONTEXT OBJECTIVES RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LEARNING OUTCOMESStudents of USJ : 1. Help our students to be not only bilingual but also • 1. Students learn the English language and get to• First yearers trilingual when they graduate. know about the American and British cultures.• Second yearers• Third yearers 2. Prepare our students to use English formally and • 2.Students acquire information and tools they can• Fourth yearers if applicable informally in different contexts. use in their student life and career. 3. Introduce to our students how English is used in • 3. Eventually students acknowledge the importance their field of study and later in their career. of English and are confident to use it. APPROACH AND TOOLS COMMENTS AND EVALUATIONOur program is STUDENT-ORIENTED AND TASK-BASED Students work → They improve • English is mandatory to graduate → Students’ work includes attendance, participation, motivation, and effort in addition to the Mid-term Evaluation students are committed. Project and Final Evaluation Project and all the TPCs related to the four skills. Students work in class • Results of the approach → good in individually, in pairs or in groups. general. There are 5 levels of English • Students need to practice more often → • Level A or ESP: English for Specific Purposes (English related to each field of study) more time should be allocated for • Level B: Upper Intermediate (General English) • Level C: Intermediate (General English) English classes during the week and as a • Level D: Lower Intermediate (General English) whole. • Level E: False Beginner (General English) There are 4 Skills in addition to grammar and vocabulary all integrated and related to different themes • reading comprehension • listening comprehension FOR MORE INFORMATION • writing • speaking Web Address: Tools: 4 English textbooks in addition to extra material prepared by our instructors to fulfill the needs of each level. • Level A : Material and authentic texts prepared by our instructors E-mail: • Level B: Objective Proficiency – Cambridge References: Georgetown University, • Level C: Inside Out Advanced - Macmillan Washington D.C., USA. • Level D: First Certificate – Longman • Level E: Total English - Beginner - Longman Retrouvez ce poster sur L’étudiant au coeur du processus d’apprentissage