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Social Media Content Creation Case Study


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Upreports Infotech shared another video case study to help entrepreneurs and business owners discover how social media content creation and growth happens at the leading social media marketing agencies of the world.

In this social media content creation case study video, we share our work approach and content strategy deployed for a shoe startup based in London. The startup wished to build their Instagram & Facebook presence while focusing on relevant content and partnered with Upreports Infotech for the same. Our team conducted industry analysis and created relevant social media posts to generate social media mileage for the business.

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Over the past decade, we have gained a deep understanding of social media marketing and use the same to create huge value for our clients.

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Social Media Content Creation Case Study

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATION A case study by Upreports Infotech
  3. 3. CLIENT INTRODUCTION Heels and Feels (London) is a custom shoe startup driven by the vision to revolutionize the shoe industry with custom vegan shoes & heels. The startup wished to build their Instagram & Facebook presence while focusing on relevant content. This case study PPT documents our work approach and content strategy for the shoe startup on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. 4. PROJECT DELIVERABLES While the project majorly focusedon content creation for Heels & Feels’ social presence, we also assisted the startup in understanding different aspects of content creation.
  5. 5. WORK APPROACH Competitor analysis Social media strategy of leading shoe startups and vegan brands were thoroughly studied. Audience analysis Research to gain insights on women buying habits, latest fashion trends, and popular culture. Team discussions Community discussions and team sessions were organized for first- hand insights. Heels & Feels’ audience is primarily women and hence the first goal was to understand the audience through:
  6. 6. CONTENT DIVERSITY To grow initial base of followers and generate maximum engagement, Team Upreports decided to plan diverse posts focused on different sub- audience groups. Below are the major content ideas we worked upon: Planning posts around vegan celebrities, designers and influential personalities. Women empowerment was blended with latest footwear trends opposing cruelty towards animals. Vegan lifestyle was made part of content social content narrative.
  7. 7. FOCUSED AREAS 1 Psychological triggers Our team used psychological triggers and planned emotional content to generate desired response from audience. 3 Hashtag strategy We made over 5 groups of hashtags based on fashion, footwear, veganism, love, and women. 2 Caption planning Our team of copywriters planned captivating captions for Heels and Feels. 4 Tagging & shoutouts We targeted vegan fashion influencers and expanded our content reach.
  8. 8. RESULTS Within a short span of 3 months, Heels and Feels experienced 400% hike in theInstagram followers. Facebook showed similar increase in its post and page likes. 400 300 200 100 0 Learn about Amazon seller account management services India
  9. 9. 150% growth in post likes Increase in engagement through comments Product inquiries through Direct Messages. Well-curated Instagram feed INSTAGRAM GROWTH
  10. 10. FACEBOOK GROWTH 500% growth in page Likes. 200% increase in post Shares. Informative and active Facebook page feed Further reading: Learn how to get software projects from abroad
  11. 11. CONCLUSION Within a short span of time, Upreports established Heels and Feels as a strong vegan voice and custom shoe brand on Instagram. Our team is also assisting the startup with content of its upcoming website. Discuss your social media goals with us by sending us an email at Start growing now with top team of brand specialists, SEO experts, and digital marketers. Further reading: Read how much online reputation management costs
  12. 12. CONTACT US Phone Number +91 7837 263 602 Email Address Website