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What kind of wedding dress by

Such a small world out of all the wedding dresses we would fall in love with the same one! She bought hers in silver and with my alterations no one could tell it was the same dress, but we knew. It just goes to show that when there’s a beautiful dress to start with, you can make it your own or leave it as it

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What kind of wedding dress by

  1. 2. Victoriana was my dream come true as I had imagined myself wearing a Plus Size Wedding Dresses just like this since I was ten years old. Two months before my wedding day I found it online at your website. Since I live in Egypt and we don’t have any Maggie Sottero authorized retailers here, I asked one my friends living in the United States to buy it and ship it for me. Can you believe I guessed my size and choosed the color without trying it on? I just told him the size and the color on the phone and I took the risk just to wear it. Thank God everything was just right when it was delivered. It was the exact color I want and the size was just right and couldn’t have been better. I only added some little details to the Plus Size Wedding Gowns to make it even closer to my dream. Thank you Maggie.
  2. 4. My style is simple. I wanted to find a Prom Gowns that just complimented me without overshadowing the beauty of the day. Finding a simple dress without a lot of sequins or jewels was challenging. When I put on Trina, I just knew it was meant for my big day. I felt perfect, beautiful, and just myself.
  3. 6. I had decided on another Wedding Gowns by Maggie to wear for a huge wedding that we were going to have at a local plantation. I had tried on the Kadence and fell in love with it but it was not going to work for the type of wedding we were going to have. After things got out of hand financially, my fiancé and I decided to have our wedding abroad and I knew exactly the Red Prom Dresses I wanted to buy. The dress was absoulutely perfect and I got a ton of compliments! It was beautiful and made me feel like a million bucks! Thanks Maggie!
  4. 8. I had no idea what kind of wedding dress I wanted when I went looking, other than "not glitzy, not strapless". However, I was encouraged to try on a wide range of styles and when I put on this Cheap Prom Dresses I knew it was right. Everyone (including my husband) really loved it, and I truly felt like a princess for a day!
  5. 10. Shopping for a Beautiful Prom Dresses was hard for me since I live in California and my mom and most of my bridesmaids were living where I grew up, in Massachusetts. On this one particular trip I was browsing through gowns and felt the softness of this dress. Just from the touch I thought, "Okay, I’ll try this on." When I did I wasn’t sold until we added a beautiful silver sash which I later had made and sewn into the dress. It added just a hint of sparkle and brought my whole color scheme together. I also took off the one sleeve and made a little dip in the front. After the alterations it was my perfect dream Simple Prom Dresses . Come to find out my uncle was getting married before me and his wife had the same exact dress but wore it the way it originally made.
  6. 12. Everyone was blown away at how beautiful I looked on my wedding day. The wedding photographer said it was the most elegant Wedding Gloves he had ever seen. My husband was speechless – just the effect I wanted!