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Bi governance v moulakakis

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Bi governance v moulakakis

  1. 1. BI GovernanceVassilios MoulakakisBI & Performance Management Consultantvmoulakakis@gmail.com
  2. 2. What is BI governance?• Is like any other governance body• Is the responsibility of the executive committee• Is part of the IT governance model and corporategovernance• Ensures information lifecycle* is regulated andauthorized in all stages for decision makingprocesses and strategy execution• Contribute to shareholder value• Make BI a corporate asset
  3. 3. BI Model
  4. 4. IT Governance Model
  5. 5. Six governance processes that govern the entire BI & DW LifecycleData ModelsData QualityData SecurityDataWarehousingData LifecycleMetadataBI Governance mix
  6. 6. Data lifecycleGovernance tools needed for BI data lifecycleChangeManagement(ITIL, COBIT)BusinessRegulatoryCompliance(SOX, IFRS. COBIT)IT Auditing &Security(Cobit , ISO )
  7. 7. Data modelsProjectmanagement(PMO)Requirementsanalysis(ITIL – Servicedesign)IT planning Changemanagement(ISO or ITIL DesignStrategy etc.)Governance tools needed for BI data models
  8. 8. Data QualityGovernance tools needed for BI data QualityCompliance withoperational systems(Single truth onfinancial data)Quality System(ISO or otherQuality assurancepolicies)
  9. 9. Data SecurityGovernance tools needed for BI data securityIT Security(ISO or otherSecurity governancepolicies)Business roles(ISO or Corporate HRsegration of dutiespolicies)
  10. 10. Data warehousingGovernance tools needed for BI data warehousingETL compliance(ITIL, COBIT andDatabasePolicies)TechnicalSpecifications(ISO)
  11. 11. MetadataGovernance tools needed for BI data metadataBusinessDefinitions(ISO )Business-Datarelationships(ISO , ITIL ,DataDictionary)
  12. 12. BI GOVERNANCE MODELPeopleResponsibilitiesRolesAccountabilityAuthorityToolsSupport toolsOperational toolsProject management toolsAudit toolsCompliance toolsProcessesBest governance practicesMethodologiesDocumentationTraining- Coaching
  13. 13. Cost• BI Governance model creates an overhead on IToperations.• Complex projects need special skills.• Needs management commitment and approval.• Change management attitude needed.• CIOs and IT Management need a new mindset.
  14. 14. Benefit• BI Governance model will ensure IT is deliveringthe ‘right’ information.• Management and shareholders trust IT fordelivering decision making critical information.• IT management can guard the information assetsand provide traceability, accountability andjustification on data lifecycles.• Better and relaxed decision making forexecutives
  15. 15. Conclusions• BI is unstructured and needs a governance modelto be corporately structured.• People, Processes and tools need a new mindsetfor maximum efficiency and effectiveness.• BI governance is a complex IT process and needsspecial skills.• Delivery for a BI governance project is varyingbut is not less than 6 months.• BI governance is operational not time framed.
  16. 16. Case Study ΕΠΑ ΑττικηςScope : Develop an IT governance modelfor Requirements analysis and Change management for BIProcess management(Change Management forBI workflow using BPM 2.0Models)People involved(Businessanalyst, Businessuser, IT )Tools used(SAP, ITIL servicedesign , webbasedintranet, Processmanagement tool)
  17. 17. Case Study ΕΠΑ Αττικης- Develop an IT governance modelfor Requirements analysis and Change management for BIRequirementsAnalysis• Intranet forms with approval process (EXCEL – SAPPORTAL)• BI Analysis (Change management SAP Solution Manager )Development lifecycle and Testing• Technical analysis system ( SAP Solution Manager and BW)• Testing case studies and gap analysis (SAP BW and EXCEL)BI Delivery• Prototype and Quality assurance system (SAP BW)• Final delivery approval (SAP Business Explorer)
  18. 18. Thank youVassilios MoulakakisBI & Performance Management Consultantvmoulakakis@gmail.com