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Callpicker by Digitum Technologies


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I have taken on a new and challenging project with a start-up company in Mexico. My task is to help the company infiltrate the U.S. market with their flagship product Callpicker, which won the 2010 ProMéxico Award for Innovation. I\\’m very excited to help out with this task as the creators of the service are genuine and their product provides an amazing business-angled twist on services such as Skype or Google Voice. We are currently working on a marketing plan and are looking for suggestions.

Any thoughts on the best industries for the product? Or even potential businesses that would be interested in the product? Should we focus on mass-email marketing or marketing to targeted businesses? Really any thoughts or suggestions from an outside perspective are welcome.
Thanks in advance! Muchas Gracias.

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Callpicker by Digitum Technologies

  1. 1. globalization- the EASY way<br />The Virtual Office Communications System<br />Designed to Create and Retain<br />DedicatedCustomers<br />Developedby<br />
  2. 2. Created by a group of professional computer engineers, <br />Digitum is a Mexico-based enterprise whose purpose <br />is to offer the technological advantages of the latest <br />generation to ambitious companies across the globe.<br />Mission<br />“To identify opportunities to efficiently and effectively develop and commercialize self-sustaining, value-generating, and highly differentiated technological assets.”<br />
  3. 3. Description<br />Callpicker® is a technologicalcommunicationsdevicedesignedtoassistyourcompany in acquiring and retainingcustomers.<br />Callpicker® willallowyourcompanytovastlyimprovethe<br />quality of attentionitbringstoitsclientele.<br />
  4. 4. Howit Works<br />We’llassignyourbusiness a unique local phonenumberforall of theprimarycities of theworld in whichyourclients are located…<br />Cities in:<br />Russia Hong Kong<br />Argentina Korea<br />Chile France<br />Australia Israel<br />Mexico South Africa<br />And more…<br />In short, whereveryourclients can befound!<br />
  5. 5. Howit Works<br />International clientele dial a domesticnumber<br />1<br />Calls are answered at XYZ Company headquarters/plant locations<br />2<br />Reports + Graphics<br />3<br />International<br />Toll-Free Numbers<br />XYZ Company<br />
  6. 6. HowIt Works<br />1<br />Sales<br />Thankyouforcalling…<br />2<br />CustomerService<br />104<br />John<br />Thecustomercallsyourcustomerservice/sales department as ifitwere a domestic line…<br />…and isgreetedby a digital receptionist<br />Thecustomerchoosesanoption<br />Thereceptionistselectshowtoanswerthecall<br />100% of allansweredcalls are recorded<br />
  7. 7. CallReporting<br />CustomerService Rating<br />CallResults<br />(Answeredv.s.Missed)<br />CallReceptionType<br />(LAN Line, Skype, etc.)<br />Filtering Tools<br />Recordings of allansweredcalls<br />Percentage of missedcalls (bydepartment)<br />DialedNumber<br />Caller ID<br />Date & Hour<br />
  8. 8. ExecutiveSummary of Telecommunications<br />Receivemonthly e-mails summarizingeverycallmadetoyourcompanyduringthemonth:<br /><ul><li>ReceivedCallsv.s.MissedCalls
  9. 9. Statistics of IncomingCallsby City/State
  10. 10. Frequency of MissedCallsbyDay/Hour
  11. 11. CustomerServiceQuality Ratings
  12. 12. Comparisonsto Prior Periods</li></li></ul><li>Benefits<br /><ul><li> No busysignals
  13. 13. Answercallsregardless of yourlocation
  14. 14. Immediatenotification of missedcallsvia e-mail
  15. 15. Monitor thequality of serviceprovidedbyyouroperators
  16. 16. Automatedcustomersatisfactionsurvey</li></ul>Serveyourcustomersbetter<br />
  17. 17. Additionally…<br />$0 Investment in Infrastructure<br /><ul><li> No investing in expensiveequipmentwith a limitedlifespan
  18. 18. No expensivevisitsfrommaintenancetechnicians</li></ul>AvoidLosingClients<br /><ul><li>No solicitation of personal information privacy
  19. 19. Recordings of allreceivedcalls</li></li></ul><li>Nowyou can talktoyouclientsFREEfromyourcomputerormobiledevice! Theircalls are sentdirectlytoyourCallpicker as iftheyweredialingyourcompany’slistednumber.<br />Yourclientssimplyaddyourcompanytotheirlist of contacts and callyou (free of charge!)<br />Calls are registered in yourCallpicker and are answeredhoweveryoulike!<br />
  20. 20. Companiesalreadyusing Callpicker<br />
  21. 21. Eric Carr<br />Director of International Sales, North America<br /><br />Virginia Brown<br />Head of Marketing, North America<br /><br /><br /><br />