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Linked Data for Audiovisual Archives (Guest lecture at NISV)

Guest lecture for the Master programme "Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image" from UvA about "Linked Data for Audiovisual Archives". The guest lecture was part of educational activities at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

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Linked Data for Audiovisual Archives (Guest lecture at NISV)

  1. 1. Linked Open Data (for Audiovisual Archives) Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image Victor de Boer With slides from Johan Oomen, Lotte Belice Baltussen, Maarten Brinkerink, Bouke Huurnink
  2. 2., The Digital Turn
  3. 3. CC-by-nc-nd Moving away from silos
  4. 4. ...TO CONTEXT: MUTUALLY CONNECTED COLLECTIONS... 17-10-2017 Connecting collections: topics, people, genres, etc Catalogue Photos B&GWiki Programmeguides Internal: Video hyperlinking
  5. 5. External: Networked heritage
  6. 6. Linked Data The best way to expose and link your (meta)data? "Linking Open Data cloud diagram 2017, by Andrejs Abele, John P. McCrae, Paul Buitelaar, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak.
  7. 7. Linked Data Machine readable format Standardized Flexibility to connect heterogeneous data Link what can be linked re-use and re-usability OBJECT EVENT PLACE TIME PERSON CONCEPT PROVENANCE
  8. 8. Open Data is about licenses to allow reuse Linked Data is about technology for interoperability Linked Open Data?
  9. 9. Web of Documents (WWW) Linked Documents
  10. 10. Web of Data Linked Data
  11. 11. How does all this work? • Structured data not documents • Graph (networked) data! • W3C Web standards stack – URIs, HTTP, RDF, RDFa, RDFS, OWL, SKOS, SPARQL, etc.
  12. 12. Rules of Linked Data 1. Use HTTP URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) as names for things 2. When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using the standards (RDF) 3. Include links to other URIs. so that they can discover more things. From
  13. 13. Semantic Web standard for writing down data, information (Subject, Relation, Object) <Painting001, has_location, Amsterdam> Resource Description Framework (RDF) Painting001 Amsterdam has_location
  14. 14. Resource Description Format (RDF) Triples form Graphs rijks:Painting001 geo:Haarlem rijks:Frans_Hals 147590 52.38084, 4.63683 geo:Noord-Holland geo:Netherlands rijks:Painting002
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Two examples
  17. 17. Case: Flemish Institute for Archiving (VIAA) and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV)
  18. 18. • Dutch AV heritage • > 1.000.000 hrs of Tv (public broadcasters) • radio, music, docu, film, commercials, etc • Flemish archive, • including Flemish broadcaster (VRT)
  19. 19. SKOS: Simple Knowledge Organization System Represent Knowledge Organization systems (KOS) (thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading systems and taxonomies) as Linked Data
  20. 20. Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven (GTAA) 184,484 terms 19,695 terms in hierarchy 9 conceptSchemes (concepts, persons, geo,…) 90,708 scopeNotes 33,542 relations Published as SKOS Linked Open Data
  21. 21. VRT Thesaurus 102,172 terms 97,744 in hierarchy 4,429 top concepts 212 scopeNotes 6,828 relations Converted to (but not yet published) as SKOS Linked Open Data
  22. 22. Collections Part of the VRT AV collection +/- 35,000 items (out of ~1Million) Annotated with VRT thesaurus Not publicly available +/- 3,000 items out of 800K hrs Mostly news broadcasts Annotated with GTAA Publicly available (CC-by-SA)
  23. 23. VRT Thesaurus GTAA
  24. 24. ALIGNMENTVRT Thesaurus GTAA
  25. 25. ‘Happy alignments are all alike; every unhappy alignment is unhappy in its own way’ Jacco van Ossenbruggen, (with apologies to Tolstoy)
  26. 26. Example alignment strategy: Persons
  27. 27. Four strategies: 21,640 links Type Nr of correspondences Subjects 4,176 Names 2,197 Locations 4,011 Persons 11,265 Total 21,640
  28. 28. Demonstrator
  29. 29. Input for keyword search or thesaurus concepts Search results Collection indicator Thesaurus terms associated with video. Terms may appear in one thesaurus or in both thesauriThesaurus terms associated with retrieval results (grouped by type) Slider used to indicate collection preference/weight Per results, the thumbnail, title, description, identifier and thesaurus terms are shown
  30. 30. The selected video appears in the search field. Thesaurus terms associated with search results and selection. Play screen In this case, the user positioned the slider all the way to the right, indicating that he/she is interested in Open Images videos related to this VRT item. List of OpenImages videos related to this VRT video. Matching terms are highlighted.
  31. 31. Structured vocabularies in RDF / SKOS for connecting collections Interactive alignment produces many useful links Demonstrator shows possibilities of aligned collections
  32. 32. DIVE+ a Digital Humanities application
  33. 33. OPENIMAGES.EU 3,220 news broadcasts Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision GTAA thesaurus DELPHER.NL 197,199 Scans of Radio bulletins 1937 – 1984 AMSTERDAM MUSEUM 73,447 cultural heritage objects AM Thesaurus TROPENMUSEUM 78,270 cultural heritage objects SVNC thesaurus Collections and Vocabularies
  35. 35. Crowdsourcing for Events in Texts & Videos
  36. 36. Linking via SKOS thesauri (common places, people, concepts) Cultural Heritage/ Media Knowledge Graph
  37. 37. DIVE+ UI: INFINITY OF EXPLORATION / Support exploration and serendipity / / Visual inspection of media objects and entities / / Lets user build, save and share Proto-Narratives/ HTTP://DIVEPLUS.BEELDENGELUID.NL
  38. 38. filters results ordering
  39. 39. filter on media objects order media objects by date
  40. 40. filter on events
  41. 41. explore event related entities
  42. 42. explore event event related entities
  43. 43. place entity exploration
  44. 44. narrative
  45. 45. bookmarking
  46. 46. DIVE+ / Access to Integrated Online Multimedia collections / using Linked Open Data to integrate metadata of various heritage collections / Interactive Exploration & Discovery in Context / Linking objects to events and entities / building automatic storylines (narratives)
  47. 47. Take home Connecting archives brings new possibilities for access, analysis of content Linked Data makes connecting content possible using the Web – data, information, knowledge represented as triples (RDF) – reuse other people’s URIs, your URIs are reusable – form knowledge graphs Link your structured metadata through vocabularies Various applications on top of the knowledge graphs
  48. 48. Try! - Demo: search some terms. What type of concepts are in GTAA, what is missing? (password protected) - Which type of concepts are linked, which are not? - Find combinations of search terms and concepts that result in nice mixes of VRT/NISV content DIVE+:
  49. 49. Thank you

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  • lysander07

    Oct. 17, 2017

Guest lecture for the Master programme "Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image" from UvA about "Linked Data for Audiovisual Archives". The guest lecture was part of educational activities at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision


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