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El spice company profile


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Detail break down of El-spice media structure with investment, opportunities. We are open for partnership and sponsorship.

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El spice company profile

  1. 1. Investment Opportunities I d e a s . . . I d e a l s T.V Film Games Publishing w w w. e l - s p i c e . co m 7 Tafawa Balewa Street, 08036126128,081577775520, 08039666491
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION We are pleased to introduce to you our company, El-spice. Founded and registered as El-spice Productions & Enter-10-ment in 2003 but began operations in March 2009 as El-spice Media Group. This is in an effort to establish meaningful cordial business relations with you. As a corporate communication outfit, we are fast growing into a reliable firm of responsibility and trust.
  3. 3. OUR SERVICES ICT Films And Distribution T.V And Syndication Literacy Network Game Designs & Publishing Media Arts Consultancy
  4. 4. OUR MISSION Is to be reckoned with in the communication industry, through the exploration of ideas and idealizing them. YOU intend, We ideas...We ideals.
  5. 5. OUR LOCATION The company's headquarter is based in Jos, nature's number one footpath. Because of this strategic location, we intend to attract patronage from national and international public. From the foregoing, it will be seen that El-Spice Media Group, is capable of satisfying the needs of its Clientele globally. It is our considered view that someday our Clients will look back with a sense of lively satisfaction to the day on which they decided to co-operate in business with us to a mutual advantage and benefit.
  6. 6. TELEVISION We wrestle data and information from commercialism, political activism, religious wholesale and gender wars, bringing them to a platform for humanity. A platform where data and information is freed from all the meta-interest, to where Morality, Values, Common sense, Justice, Love, Peace and Wisdom will connect to breed a new generation of brotherhood. Why watch everything? Choose your content and customize your influence.
  7. 7. Dissence exposes the MAN as he is and the WOMAN as she will become. An epic with extension to Shaka Zulu of South Africa. A television series like LOST. DISSENCE ...two path journey
  8. 8. FINDING NIGERIA TELEVISION ...Not all Nigerian is Nigeria A 30-minute revelation of the difference between Nigeria as a Nation and Nigerians as a people. The result is enlightenment, an orientation window of cause and effects, consequences, knowledge, experience, networking of ideas, celebrating, and rewarding excellence and above all providing a melting junction for Nigeria and Nigerians.
  9. 9. FILMS Because of the avalanche of artistry in filmmaking, it has become one of the most valuable medium of expression. Recently, the film medium has become the most powerful platform to educate, indoctrinate, confuse, transport and translate ideologies. This is why el-spice has decided to invest in this medium. At El-spice Films, our stories are designed to inspire and expand knowledge of man not as an animal but as nature's most valuable investment. We debase individualism and celebrate humanity and the spirit it unfolds. Our core interest is in Love, Faith, Hope, Forgiveness... El-spice Films unit is divided into various departments which include but is not restricted to: Film Scripting, Production, Production Consultancy, Distribution, Marketing, Awards and Festivals.
  10. 10. The matrix of freedom, liberty and their meanings are somewhat dynamic and deep. It means different things to different people. Freedom For Fred seeks to explore freedom from different perspectives and angles. It broadens our understanding of the connections and what freedom really entails and its many costs, liberty and its different forms. The story cuts across classes, ages and religions. However, its theme is reflective and sobering. FREEDOM LET NOISIVE FOR FRED
  11. 11. REGIVEN ...your past is your future The plan is simple, execution a little difficult. Unemployment, poverty, shame and frustration was the drive. Truth unfolds, simple issues become complex. Money cannot buy what’s not for sale. Three pregnant virgins recreates life: Pam is the first victim. Mary is the death merchant. In REGIVEN, immortality stinks...
  12. 12. Un... is a story of change. The choices we make. The pains and the gains. Life is a game of direction… Direction changes everything! UN... ...Direction changes everything
  13. 13. THE LEGEND OF GUSULU This story is about anger, fear, passion, pride, misconception, but most importantly, lies. The theme and plots of the script excites the M.D of 3Woods Productions and Legend Of Gusulu becomes his weapon to the next Oscars. In line with Nene’s vivid discription, the location had to be real and raw. But unknown to history, the legendary Gusulu yet lives. Nene’s greatest imagination becomes their greatest realities. They were still running when the Oscars ended.
  14. 14. GAMES Nothing enriches the joy of living like fun and play. Unfortunately, fun today has become pleasure without conscience and play has become feeding our animalistic tendencies of blood and violence. For us, this is an aberration to the development of humanity. At El-spice Games, we bring fun and play to meet knowledge and values. This is why our games are the most innovative platform for family bond, communal understanding, self awareness and national progress. The El-spice Games unit covers: Game Design and Development, Marketing and Distribution, Concepting and Consultancy, Game Publishing.
  15. 15. Kommon Sense was initially designed as a card game for value orientation, bonding in relationships and confidence building. However, because of its unique ability to expand knowledge and provide exhilarating fun and laughter, Kommon Sense has grown exponentially into multiple formats of learning, sharing and bonding. These include but are not limited to... MICRO REALITY KOMMON SENSE RADIO KOMMON SENSE MINI-SERIES ON YOU-TUBE KOMMON SENSE ARENA (A T.V Franchise) KOMMON SENSE GLOBAL (A Cultural Exchange Programme) KOMMON SENSE ...Play your life
  16. 16. XPELLOELL ...Test of liquid I.Q In XPELLOELL, Man and Nature are at war. Since the beginning of ages, there have been Fellowships, Fellowship of the Lord of the Rings, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…. But there has never been a fellowship like this; Fellowship of the Xpellowins! A fellowship of intelligence. This is your opportunity to become a fellowship member; Play the Xpelloell game; it is a test of liquid intelligence
  17. 17. NATIONAL CAKE is a board and dice game that is specifically designed to help Nigerians find their true path to national development. National Cake identifies key challenges in Nigeria and guides Nigerians on how best to achieve systematic progress through attitudes and characters occasioned by the choices we make about important issues in Nigeria. With National Cake you can teach and change orientations without the participants knowing because for them, it is just a game of board and dice with the dynamics of fun and knowledge in one micro pack. National Cake is a fore-runner to another customized board and dice game that will be used to explore Negritude. National Cake leads Nigerians from 2015 to 2050. Expected release is 1st October, 2015. NATIONAL CAKE ...A consequential race
  18. 18. FACE OF GENIUS Modeling intellectuality...Expanding industry For us to rise like china, to grow in human resource, development and technology, we must locate, discover and promote our hidden Geniuses. We must collaborate to create and sustain industries through private all-inclusive partnership with little dependence on government. It is a win-win project that guarantees a bridge of success between Capital and Experience without Innovation and Innovation without Capital. A one stop-shop for innovations, capital, entrepreneurship, intellectuality and national development. A platform for the discovery of our geniuses. In fact, it is a brain gain.
  19. 19. LITERACY NETWORK The 2% myth about the human brain is to say the least most shameful. By undervaluing the billion nerve cells in our brain, we devalue the power of the human mind, especially in the face of our many challenges. This why El-spice Literacy Network is specifically designed to nurture the mind with the solid hope that as our knowledge increases, our understanding will expand and through this process, we shall become gods and trample on all the weaknesses of human frailties. El-spice Literacy Network is a unit of el-spice media group and covers: 1. Publishing 2. Knowledge Hub which includes: i. Nigerian Dream Community (NDC) ii. Positive Employment Network (PEN) iii. Micro-reality Training iv. Corporate Focus Study (CFS)
  20. 20. Knowledge is the prophesy of greatness, Understanding, the whims of deities, Wisdom, thread that binds gods, And Books reveal them all. PUBLISHING OUR PROMISE is to create, make, acquire and converge an array of books, equipped with pen-craft to imprison ignorance and sail the soul. At El-spiceBooks we don't only proof-read, design, print, market and distribute books, we also breathe into them. Our ultimate aim therefore is to bring man into books and books into man, so that both can converse.
  21. 21. KNOWLEDGE HUB The best way to overcome any communal problem or challenge is to apply the principle of collectivity. Under this principle, everyone contributes his/her knowledge or experience; taken together they become a collective brain. In this kind of system, two heads are not only better than one, but all heads are greater than two. This is what the Knowledge Hub seeks to address. At the Knowledge Hub, no one man knows it all: instead all men know it all through each man teaching the other. This model is what applies to all our seminars and workshop.
  22. 22. PEN provides an informal avenue for discovery, training and youth empowerment for Nigerians within the ages of 18-35, who seek to make a career in Film, TV production and documentary. Our core intent is not to teach youths how to make films, but to show them how to employ film and the media as a tool for: Self Employment Media Advocacy Crises Management Cultural Export POSITIVE EMPLOYMENT NETWORK Professionalizing talent...Socializing experience
  23. 23. NIGERIAN DREAM COMMUNITY The goal of the Nigerian Dream Community is to create an avalanche of change, with ripple effect that will galvanize private efforts into national tsunami of positive growth. It is a platform where true Nigerian Dreamers converge to create a multiple stranded cord by joining our dreams, one-to-another. We are a league of Nigerian youths who have channeled their energies and faith into building a nation were honesty and national integrity is no longer a commercial chant with financial and statutory dividends but a country where change is Justice, Peace, Character, Commitment, Faith, Love….. Our intention is such that as we progress, our change so evident and sure we can begin to export our thoughts and perceptions, so that our reality can become other peoples' dreams.
  24. 24. This platform seeks to enshrine the principle of collective brain in such a way that proffered solutions intimidate existing problems. It is a micro-hub for applied knowledge most concerned with positive creativity. This is why our major guiding protocol is to connect the analytical power of the brain and the emotional force of the heart into a resourceful tool for individual and collective development. Micro-reality workshops/trainings are mobile and can accommodate as low as ten participants and our charges are both flexible and friendly. MICRO-REALITY Connecting the brain and the heart for development
  25. 25. DIGITAL That the world has gone global by reason of a digital super-highway is no longer news. However, what is news is the content and their purpose. At El-spice Digital, we are harvesting the power of the internet and digital devices by creating, hosting, distributing and promoting contents that have strong values. All our contents are targeted towards intellectual upliftment and emotional balance. Our ultimate aim is to enrich the soul of humanity and erase all gaps designed by our selfishness and evil desires. El-spice Digital is a unit of El-spice Media Group and under this unit we have: E-POV Ekwe (An African e-griot) El-spice Online T. V
  26. 26. EVENTS Programmes and events are an integral part of our communality. We are aware of this: however, we take much pride on the reality of each event. For us at El-spice Events, each event is a legacy. It is a realm whether simple or grandiose. We are careful in our choice and involvement. The purpose must be true and the style adventurous. At El-spice Events and promotions we create, consult, manage and cover events.
  27. 27. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) At El-spice Media Group, it will be tragic to initiate and drive change without a clear sense of our responsibility to our physical and social environment. Hence, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. However, it is our conviction not to use our CSRs as a marketing platform for products and services. To this effect, we have refused to publicize our CSR activities. Nevertheless, they are documented and ready for submission to the appropriate authorities.
  28. 28. THANK YOU. We look forward to a mutual beneficial relation.