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How To Play Kommon Sense ... A strategic Communication Tool.(pdf)


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Kommon Sense is a multipurpose and multi layer communication tool kit that provides functional education in communication skills across different segments of the society. It is an effort to entrench and expose the mind to strategic thinking and creative communication. The tool kit comprises of a pack of cards, a diary and an anthology.

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How To Play Kommon Sense ... A strategic Communication Tool.(pdf)

  1. 1. … f i n d y o u r c o n n e c t i o n
  2. 2. Kommon Sense is a strategic communication tool whose mechanics is predicated on principles and skills such as; Communication, Strategic Thinking, Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Negotiation Skills, Commerce, Personality Profiling, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Values, Ethics and Morality. Kommon Sense was invented by Victor Prince Dickson in 2012 and published by El-spice Media Group in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria In 2013. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m INTRODUCTION:
  3. 3. Maze w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m The overall objective of Kommon Sense is to simplify the complex learning process of strategic communications into a fulfilled experience that can be domesticated and applied in different sectors and at multiple levels.
  4. 4. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m • Navigating your way through this maze of principles in one sitting is what makes Kommon Sense the best learning tool for strategic communication in the world.
  5. 5. • Inside a pack of Kommon Sense there are 72 Cards of different values. Each of these cards represents, captures and symbolizes major issues that have direct relevance and consequence in our modern day life, issues such as Justice, Truth, Love, Marriage, Freedom, Religion, Sex, Money, Power, Life and Death. Etc. • To play Kommon Sense you must understand two key things; the key words/ elements and the rules. And this you will find in every pack of Kommon Sense. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  6. 6. STAKE HOLDERS: • These are the preferred name for those who will participate in this strategic communication duel. This can be as few as two persons or as much as ten, irrespective of expertise, social status, profession and age. However, it is important to note that even numbers makes the voting process easier to count whenever the need for voting arises. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  7. 7. FIELD OF CONTEXT: • Because Kommon Sense is a tool to be applied in and at different levels and on multiple subject matters, there is the need to always define the context of the play and this must be a collective agreement by all the stake holders. For instance, Entrepreneurship can be a field of play, in which case before any connection is made; this will serve as the contextual reference. Either that or you can decide to go universal and open the connections to a universal context. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  8. 8. CONNECTION: • In Kommon Sense, connection means you must find the value and the meanings of how one card relates to another. This means that you must establish these relationships with adequate explanation based on the agreed field of context because it is your context that qualifies your connections. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  9. 9. TIME ZONE: • In Kommon Sense moderation is key. In other to moderate the connections by stakeholders, there is need to decide on a time limit for connections. • This can be 1, 2 or 3 minutes. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  10. 10. VOTING: • Kommon Sense also is predicated on democratic principles. Therefore when there is a conflict of agreement over connections among stakeholders, a vote is called for by the simple raise up of hands in support or against. The simple majority carries the day, meaning that that connection has been accepted by the house even if a few disagree. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  11. 11. GO TO SCHOOL: • In Kommon Sense, ‘go to school’ is a call to action when a stakeholder fails to make an accepted connection. It is like a consequence, at this point the stakeholder retrieves the card he/she played and pick one from the deck of cards at the centre. Symbolizing the need to learn and improve. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  12. 12. • From your share of cards connect a card to the one at the centre. • Explain this connection in clear terms. • Allow stakeholders to respond to your connections: this response may come in form of acceptance or call for further clarification or outright rejection. IF your connection is accepted, the process continues to the next person, if not, you have only two more opportunities to re-explain your connection and if on your third attempt you fail to connect, then you retrieve your card and go to school. In the event that some agree and others don’t you take a vote. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  13. 13. KOMMON SENSE: • In a pack of Kommon Sense, there are 5 master cards, called Kommon Sense. • If you are lucky to have any of these, when you play it, the next stakeholder by you must go to school twice (pick 2 cards from the deck) but if the stakeholder has the Kommon Sense master card, they are at liberty to use it to cancel yours. • At that point we say Kommon Sense cancels Kommon Sense. KEY CARDS IN KOMMON SENSE: w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  14. 14. LIFE AND DEATH; • In a pack of Kommon Sense there are two cards, Life and Death. • If a stakeholder has Death among his/her share of cards, you can decide to play and that ends the game abruptly without any winner, • but if any of the other stakeholders has Life, they are at liberty to use it to resurrect the process by placing it on the Death card. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  15. 15. MONEY: • In a pack of Kommon Sense there are only two Money cards, if you are lucky to draw any, you must apply it wisely. • To play money you buy any card of your choice preferably a card among your cards, since there is only one card for every issue, this will force everyone to go to school before you play your requested card. • It is a subtle way of forcing all the stakeholders to go to school at the same time and still get to play another card of yours. • However, before they embark on the school, you must explain to them how money can buy what you are demanding for, failure to do so takes you to school and you lose the opportunity to play. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  16. 16. KOMMON SENSE DIARY MODULE: • Experience has shown that during this strategic duel in communication, meanings, values, convictions and intents, that there is a great release of critical depth and profound connections, so much that every time Kommon Sense is applied stakeholders are always thrilled by the depth and scope of their wisdom. In other to capture this deep thoughts and reflections, we have introduced a process where each of your connections or others can be documented for further reference, study, and development and also for a possible inclusion in our publication, Kommon Sense Anthologies… a collection of the sixth sense.
  17. 17. • FINALLY, you must note that connections goes beyond just verbal expressions, so for you to connect successfully you must be attuned to the stakeholders, their sensibilities, their convictions, value systems, personality, culture and tradition, their dreams and future. The ability to coordinate these key sensibilities is the learning process where you begin to gather relevant knowledge and connection skills and from then onward grow in the ART OF STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  18. 18. YOU CAN ALSO ENJOY KOMMON SENSE OR IMPROVE YOUR CONNECTIONS SKILLS ON THIS KOMMON SENSE EXTENDED FORMATS. ….. • Kommon Sense Radio… a radio drama • Kommon Sense Arena… a television reality show • Kommon Sense Inter-College… competition for secondary schools • Kommon Sense Exclusive… an interactive and networking session • Kommon Sense DMC… a master class workshop on understanding and building communication strategies • Kommon Sense in Prisons… an inmates’ rehabilitation program • Kommon Sense Anthologies… a collection of Kommon Sense connections • Kommon Sense Global …. a cultural Exchange programme for cultural integration. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  19. 19. • Kommon Sense has gone beyond a product and a brand to becoming a movement for critical, strategic and creative thinking. It has been applied at various platforms for different purposes. • Do not be a spectator, join the kommon Sense surge and build a connection to the future of meanings, values and definitions. • You can pick a copy of Kommon Sense at any up to date book or media store or follow us to any exhibition around you but must importantly you can reach out to us for shipment. • We are also looking for National , Regional and global distributors. • Kommon Sense will soon be available in a variety of languages across the world. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  20. 20. Kommon Sense Secretariat: El-spice media complex 7 Tafawa Balewa Street, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. w w w . k o m m o n s e n s e c a r d s . b l o g s p o t . c o m +234 803 6126128, 803 9666491, © copyright El-spice 2013