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Micro Reality Thinking Academy Brochure: The Leading Human Capital Hub From Africa


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Micro-Reality Thinking Academy is the leading Human Intelligence Hub from Africa. Our Thinking models and tools are organic, solutions driven and knowledge/technology compliant. We are critical, creative, strategic. Contact us for all your Human development and capacity acceleration needs. Our Master class extends from Knowledge Economy to Human Economy. Reach out to us today for all your capacity needs.

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Micro Reality Thinking Academy Brochure: The Leading Human Capital Hub From Africa

  1. 1. The Human Capital Hub Bionics Simulation Automatrix Datafication Human Capital Design Thinking Applied Imagination Organic Business Intelligence (OBI)
  2. 2. Direction is good, Positioning is better but the knowledge of both is the BEST
  3. 3. Micro-Reality Thinking Academy, is the leading Human Capital Hub from Africa with the mandate to build and accelerate capacity for the Knowledge Economy through to the Human Economy. At the Thinking Academy, our target is to attain a critical mass and an innovative tribe. Here we in- vent, create, develop and deploy solution driven tools, models and methods. Our solutions are organic and adaptive to systems and processes and is suitable for application in personal development, business intelligence, institutional manage- ment, systems propagations and national integration. We deploy Simulation, Bionics, Design Thinking, Adaptive Intelligence, Datafication, Automatrix, and other innovation scaling models. Micro-Reality Thinking Academy is listed on w w w . m i c r o r e a l . b l o g s p o t . c o m
  4. 4. Aclear and focused strategy is criti- cally important to the success of your business, and without a well-defined strategy, yours may stall or even fail -Victor Prince Dickson MRT Academy Secretariat (El-spice Media Ltd.) No. 2 Tudun Wada ring road, Opp. Karibajo Off Old Airport Junction, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
  5. 5. Creativity is the mother of value and inven- tions, while innovation is the father of growth and expansion -Victor Prince Dickson 08174505004, 07039836630
  6. 6. Strategic business planning isn't just for large companies. It's also re- quired for small and mid-sized compa- nies competing in markets that have be- come smaller due to technological ad- vances that have increased the intercon- nection of markets -Victor Prince Dickson MRT Academy Secretariat (El-spice Media Ltd.) No. 2 Tudun Wada ring road, Opp. Karibajo Off Old Airport Junction, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
  7. 7. Innovation is not an event; it is a pro- cess that involves different pattern of thinking. From Data to Information, In- formation to knowledge and Knowledge to Innovation -Victor Prince Dickson 08174505004, 07039836630
  8. 8. T
  9. 9. The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, synthesize, sensitize and glean insight that enable him/her make the invisible visible -Hillman Curtis 08174505004, 07039836630
  10. 10. Emotions are the energy that propels ideas, skills and matter. Failure to invest in it is bad business -Victor Prince Dickson
  12. 12. E very problem has a human angle solution: conflict, poverty and self. Hence, the beginning of solving any problem or challenge begins with self development, capacity building, skill-set acceleration and self empowerment. You can order for the customized trainings for your organization and institution or register for our Master Classes. Visit our blog for details or follow us on our Facebook page or call us on 08174505004, 07039836630.
  13. 13. Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the world, Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense, Founder of Micro-Reality Thinking Academy, Author: Thinking Field, Anatomy of Entrepreneurship: The Heptagonic Model (THM), Convener: Nigerian Dream Community and Strategic Jos Group. He is the creator of Five Thinking models, namely: 60 Seconds, Spanis web, ACTs Ribbon, ANTS and GENESIS. The Programme Designer: Dissense, Xpelloel, Face of Genius, Epad, Creator: National Cake, Gallant Soccer. Victor recently premiered a knowledge Economy compass known as The Future Quadrant. A Publisher, Scriptwriter, Film Director and Television Producer, Trainer, Speaker and Media/management consultant. Prince is also the Executive Director, El-spice Media Limited (a company with products, services and interest in Films, Television, Tech, Thinking tools and models, Digital Content, Games, Software, Publishing and Entrepreneurship). Victor Prince Dickson is competent in Creative, Critical, Strategic Thinking and Entrepreneurship as well as Project development, design, implementation, Execution and Supervision. He is most regarded as a solutionist, skilled simulator and a master of the Knowledge Econo- my. His consultancy services spread across related industries. Mr. Dickson has con- sulted for national and international organizations. He is a board member of Christ College of Theology, (CCOT) Langtang and Global Christos Life Ministry, Yingi, Ray- field Road, a.k.a Kingdom Center. Connect with victor@
  14. 14. No. 2 Tudun Wada ring road, Opp. Karibajo Off Old Airport Junction, Jos, Plateau State. 08036126128, 08174505004 Film/T.V Publishing InfoTech Branding Games Knowledge/Innovation Hub