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A Pakistani worker pulls on 2012 Year in pictures- part II


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A Pakistani worker pulls on a wire he will connect to a thick chain that will in turn be used to peel away a slab of the outer structure of a beached vessel in one of the 127 ship-breaking plots in 44 Geddani, some 40Kms west of Karachi on July 10. Geddanis ship-breaking yards employ some 10,000 workers including welders, cleaners, crane operators and worker supervisors. The yards are one of the largest ship- breaking operations in the world rivaling in size those located in India and Bangladesh. It takes 50 workers about three months to break down a midsize average transport sea vessel of about 40,000 tons. The multimillion-dollar ship-breaking industry contributes significantly to the national supply of steel to Pakistani industries. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images) #

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